Sunday, May 23, 2010

Synchronizing Spirituality With The Hijab

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the beauty of the hijab
spiritually designed
a cloth that covers
the body heals
the mind a garment
of modesty
one of its kind
but for reasons
the wildest
for those who
dont wear it
they find
ban the hijab
burn the hijab
with racist attitude
their soul gone blind
the hijab is not a
garment of oppression
says the sane Muslim
woman determined
whether you wear it
or dont wear it
depends on your
state of mind
the hijab
a second skin
of a woman
both combined

Buying Tadgolas

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This is Bandra street life and I shot it for its sheer simplicity.

I could have avoided the guy in the extreme corner but he adds to the life of my picture as this picture is nothing but a drama of life that you wont ever see on the streets of Paris or Amsterdam.

On the left is the Bhaiyya seng chanawala , he sells peanuts gram all in a cloth bag, both the tadgolawala and the sengwala are my friends .

The tadgolawala has become pucca Maharashtrian in his mannerisms and his street outlook, he speaks fluent Marathi wears the Marathi Manoos cap.

And shooting these three ladies buying tadgolas was reading a street poem ..

I try not to crop my pictures but I did crop the next one.

Marziya and her Grand Father

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two street
via the camera
genetically bound
shooting poetry
without a sound
where pain
on the street lives
grovels abounds
both these
street photographers
could be found
if they are around
man a stump
of despair
growing on
a mound
is nothing
but sharing
lost illusions
lost moments
on the rebound
a picture worth a penny
weighs a pound
graveyard of
human misery
as seen on the ground
a decisive moment
poetic profound
spectral silence
that comes around
life through a picture
as a poem expound
a circle of confusion
the holy ground

Beyond Fashion Fundas and Photography

I am not a fashion photographer , I was once interested in setting up a small studio at Bandra Bazar Road simply to shoot beggars the whippers of Ma Ambe , the Hijras and this is much before I became a blogger and the idea died a swift death.

I dont have the temperament for studio photography I am gunslinger trigger happy photographer I shoot impulsively there is no method to my photography , my photography is a moment in madness that continues till I stop shooting and I shoot single frame not Khat a Khat like a media photographer on continuous mode.

I dont envy other peoples photography equipment it may be longer than mine , they might be better endowed with the latest body but I get pictures too, I shoot and now that I have a disciple I share my moments with her , she thinks like me , she is not one to get intimidated provided you dont ask her to shoot cockroaches.

She is Marziya Shakir my two and a half year old grand daughter.

With all her love for adventure , her love for life , her love for life is highly animated it begins and ends with Tom and Jerry.

Photo Blogging made me a cosmic poet and a writer of sorts.. I can convey my thoughts and another mans pain through a picture.

A picture the evidence and testimony of the drama of life on the street.

And I am happy my photographer friends from Flickr come to my house whenever they hit the Mumbai Trail, now some from Facebook have joined Flickr too.

I dont have much inter action with my friends on Flickr as I have strangulated my comment box for good.Till Flickr introduces comment moderation and removes the option of one sided friends I have blocked such friends over 400 for unsavory photo streams , masturbatory favorites and kinkiness and hardcore porn.

I dont mind whatever your genre of photography or your sexual preference but I would not want-my profile picture on your page as a poster boy and your friend.

Every cross dresser , transgenders hijra homosexual lesbian wants to add me as a friend , I have no issue but if your stream is full of body parts hairy genitalia please dont add me , but this is water on a ducks ass.

People watch porn , thats fine by me but I dont want to see your porn pictures spare me .

In cases such as these censorship is a must..and if an account gets deleted than it is for a just cause.

Or moderate your pictures restrict them from public view., keeps everyone happy.

And all my pictures taken of me are shot by my shop help , and he shoots fairly well.. he knows zilch about photography.

All cameras are point and shoot provided you shoot what you point at..

And I hope my Guru invites Marziya Shakir to the Rani Bagh when he is with his students and he can than see a 2 year old child shoot eternity with a Nikon D 80.. held in a firm grip with the camera strap around her neck.

The Camera Bridges a Generation Gap

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age has nothing to do with it
even a two year old child
wears a thinking cap
she shoots humanity
round her neck
my camera strapped
she takes pictures
i shoot snaps
the camera bridges
a generation gap
her teacher
her grand father
a 57 year old chap
through images
our world
we unwrap
is inborn
the rest is crap

The Camera Bridges a Generation Gap

126,005 items / 918,347 views

age has nothing to do with it
even a two year old child
wears a thinking cap
she shoots humanity
round her neck
my camera strapped
she takes pictures
i shoot snaps
the camera bridges
a generation gap
her teacher
her grand father
a 57 year old chap
through images
our world
we unwrap
is inborn
the rest is crap

The Hijab is a Garment Of Dignity and Grace

for the muslim women

its her spirituality
on the surface
covers the body
covers the face
adding to her
her grace
the hijab
a muslim woman's
mind space
heritage of her race
to piety to modesty
its ancestry trace
but for the western mind
its a garment of oppression
slavery and disgrace
their thoughts on the hijab
anti muslim as their base
it is not the hijab
but islam
they want
to replace
a collusion of
vested interests
in the wrong place

Dada Shot By Marziya Shakir On Nikon D 80

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When I reached home after getting bald my two and a half year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir kept on telling me Dada where has your hair gone.

Than I gave her my camera and this is what she saw and shot..and after she shot she looked back to see her shot.

Marziya is a photographer I am creating to demystify the soul of photography.

Luckily I dont show her pictures in the Times of India or Mumbai Mirror as I am sure it would corrupt her child's creative mind by seeing such crap that is published as garnish but makes you lose your appetite for breakfast too.

This Is My 126,002 Photo Blog At Flickr

For me Flickr is not just a photo gallery it is the treasury of my photo blogs , all my stuff originates at Flickr and than a few of these I post to Facebook Twitter and my other websites at Word Press Blogspot.

I mostly post links to Facebook..I have till date posted 12207 links there.
All pimping my Flickr blogs ..

I have posted till date 11074 tweets all pimping my Flickr blogs too.

I am ranked 11 as a Twitter micro blogger in Mumbai.

And here I am getting a cosmic head massage as words, clusters of them that generate my street poems needed a holistic touch and rejuvenation.

My mind as a blogger is the only thing that works overtime

I dont drink smoke or fornicate..
My only companion all the time on the streets is my camera the only instrument of mass elucidation and harbinger of Peace through Pain.

I shoot Pain as it shoots me too.

Seeking Peace

she has deleted me from my
fucked consciousness
its not her that i seek
my flesh was willing
my spirit was weak
on my facebook moments
she stalked she squeaked
through her absence
it was another women
my love peaked
her vision
through my
poetic metaphoric
as silence
i tweaked

A Child's Anguish

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a sexual assault
without love just
pure lust bought
her into the world
of despair
if she had a choice
if she could refuse
her birth by god
i swear
she would have not
come says her stare
living on the streets
fuck they care
her cheating mother
her drunk father
the rotten pair
her child's future
dark dim hopeless
her thought
she bares
to a cosmic poet
she declares
through her
the common
of our lives
we both share

You Are Much Closer To Life In Your Dreams Than in Reality

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you are not fucked
by a nagging wife
it seems
asleep your
serene soul
you redeem
away from her
domestic insanity
thunderous shouts
her sarcastic screams
part of her fucked
lifes theme
why are you
on the internet
morning to night
she harps
she schemes
to escape from her
you seek shelter
in your dreams

you the collective
ethos of pain
street photography
my flickr photo stream
the hijras
blood shedding
pain extreme
pain the common
beyond caste
color or creed
pain supreme of
man who has fallen '
from gods esteem

Making Fun of Jesus is Not Our Way

mocking our
holy prophet
by making
is an insult
to humanity
in every way
at the expense
of freedom
of expression
our religious
is not in
good taste
we say
with our
we wont
allow you to play
world opinion
we will silence
your evil way
our spiritual
we will display
our beloved
holy prophet
in any form
you cannot
our collective
hurt we convey
that you see reason
come to your senses
we sincerely pray