Wednesday, December 28, 2011

KB Style

Deleted Dreams Of a Dead Poet

main ne chaand aur sitaaron ki tamanna ki thi
mujhako raaton ki siyaahi ke siva kuchh na mila) - 2
main ne chaand sitaaron

main vo nagama huun jise pyaar ki mahafil na mili
vo musaafir huun jise koi bhi manzil na mili
zakhm paaein hain bahaaron ki tamanna ki thi
main ne chaand sitaaron

kisi gesu kisi aanchal ka sahaara bhi nahin
raaste mein koi dhundhala sa sitaara bhi nahin
meri nazaron ne nazaaron ki tamanna ki thi
main ne chaand sitaaron

meri raahon se juda ho gai raahein unaki
aaj badali nazar aati hain nigaahein unaki
jisase is dil ne sahaaron ki tamanna ki thi
main ne chaand sitaaron

pyaar maanga to sisakate hue aramaan mile
chain chaaha to umadate hue tuufaan mile
duubate dil ne kinaaron ki tamanna ki thi
main ne chaand sitaaron

dil mein naakaam ummidon ke basere paaye
roshani lene ko nikala to andhere paaye
rang aur nuur ke dhaaron ki tamanna ki thi
main ne chaand aur sitaaron

Jesus Was Never a Criminal We Still Treat Him Like One..

Happy Birthday Jesus .. Live Long ..Always Stay Blessed

Street Photographers Shoot What You Dont Want To See

It Was Christ Who Taught Me To Speak English

My Lord and My God .. The Heritage of the Lost Tribe of East Indians

Christ Hangs Even on Xmas Day

Deleted Dreams of a Drug Addict Bawa of Waterfield Road

Without Beggars There Would Only Be Rich Men..But Because of Beggars There are Rich Men

Even Life Moves on Two Wheels

I am a Highly Paid Fashion Whore

I began shooting the beggar hijras on this road and I shot them for five or six years as I had my workspace at Water field Road Bandra .. and I befriended Lakshmi the beggar hijra guru Archana and others , I know them by face only , I would time and again meet them after moving out from here , I met them while going to Juhu in my ricksha ..

But now life travels a circle and after many years I am back on this side of the road and I meet the Turner Road beggar hijras , they are shocked to see me in my corporate clothes ,but they seem , confused as they all know I am a Malang and and for them a Malang is a man with a turban , long hair beads rings and barefeet , like I was before I sold the poetry of my soul to my new boss..
I was a boss myself and the transition from a boss to a slave has been dynamically seamless without any conflict , I need the job to pay back those who helped me financially in my time of need and when things were bad for me at one time .. and it was a very long depressing time making me suicidal but still keeping me alive..

'I shall overcome is what I said to myself and it is very tough path I have decided to walk with manacles on my feet now in fucked shoes ..

I blog at odd hours .. I have my dinner at 2 am as I crash the moment I reach home but not before I take my grand children in my arms ..Nerjis Asif Shakir a malang too 5 month old sustains the austerity of my barren soul trying to help me grow wings , she encourages me to fly..she nurtures my enslaved poetry of life..

I am changing and changing a wheel within a cosmic wheel and I shoot the streets , dressed as a corporate beggar poet..

I had a few lines of poetry but I did not want to insult the kindness of my new boss so I hardly use the name of the establishment where I work..

i am a expensive whore
i work at a high end fashion store
at bandra if you are intuitively
like me you know the score
manacled i walk through
'life's revolving doors
my period of penance
figuratively weeping at the core
i wear shoes my feet bleed more
diabetic dilemma dreamless i snore
buried above six feet i grow
from the floor sprouting doubting
blood sweat tears and gore
a new world a better tomorrow
i seek i explore my new changeover
my new corporate avatar
to the beggar hijras an eyesore
in the marketplace of life i beg and whore
my fucked destiny kisses another mans shores
i am a boat no sails but god leads
me to my new home without oars
as i bend my back I tell god
I am all yours ..

Only Monogamy Can Save Muslims in India

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Living in India , one must think of the cultural good , having lesser number of kids giving both one wife and two kids a better quality of life is what should be stressed as the need of the hour by our leaders ..

I am sick and tired shooting Muslim beggars , their wives kids and the guy hale and hearty outside hotels begging from Arabs .. begging is easy no hard work .. and the lazy Muslim with no drive has made this his profession in some cases ..

The Silhouette of the Hijab

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Three Street Photographers of Bandra

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