Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“"But I don't want to go among mad people," said Alice. "Oh, you can't help that," said the cat. "We're all mad here."”

"When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree." George Bernard Shaw

Between The Madman And The Sane Man There Is A Very Thin Demarcation Line

the sane man
uses his head
the madman is
a curve on a
crooked line
one is human
the other divine
the madman
is blissfully happy
the sane man
is never fine
the sane man
on facebook
the madman
a page that cant
be displayed online
both flesh one soulless
the other for a soul pines

The Mad Man of Kalina

bheja aur
hati jaisa
hai maut
hai beta
tujhe aur
hai jeena
tujhe kahan
kam karke
bahana hai
pasina ..
log kehte
hain tujhe
tu mera

"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you." Carl Gustav Jung

is a state
of bliss
on the illusory
nature of sanity
you piss
the world
as is where
is you dont
miss ...a madman
is happy living
like this ...
his breath
his last wish

If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane." Jimmy Buffett,

Knick-Knack Paddywhack..Give a Dog A Bone This Mad Man Came Rolling Home

"Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world." R. D. Lang

the madman of bandra before he completely lost it
a manic though that seeped out of the refrigerator
of his mind i shot defrost it..on the soul
of my blog embossed it,,,criss crossed it
madness demystified so as not to exhaust it

This Mad Man He Played One He Played Knick Knack On My Thumb

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage." Ray Bradbury

"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher." Ambrose Bierce

"Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane."

Mad Lady of Bandra

The World Is A Mental Hospital

"Earth is an insane asylum, to which the other planets deport their lunatics."
Voltaire, in Memnon the Philosopher

what is bad
you cull
in every
color hue
a moment
dull..if you
pause void
swish and swirl
a madman
for a madgirl

"Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone's crazy." Charles Manson

The madman of Bandra , he sits out his pipedream..
a cup of tea from the nagori tea seller is what sustains him..

One Mad Man Recognizes Another Mad Man

"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free."
Nikos Kazantzakis

I have met a lot of mad people , and my quest for mad people took me far and wide, mostly at Sufi shrines in India..madness has many forms the highly intense one , where all medication psychiatry has failed go to Dargahs expecting God to cure their loved ones , and so here it is called possession in Dargah parlance Hazri .

I went to Hussain Tekri Jaorah , difficult to shoot but I did and than to The Holy Shrine of Syed Meera Datar Unjha .. the most famous spiritual healing center for mad people .. I shot here but in a few hours ..

As a street photographer I shoot pain , visible invisible ... as a Malang I saw a lot of holistic healing at Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur...

I have seen weird cases out of respect I tried not to shoot some images as it would hurt the girls marriage proposals ,..

And strangely we have a saying Dil To Pagal Hai.. the Heart is Sheer Madness.

And this new series is actually old pictures I am bringig forward from the treasure chest at Flickr , tweaking via Aviary and re posting as new blog..

There was a guy where I stayed he was madness personified I shot him a lot , he was hung on booze and drugs he has finally been sent to a Mental Institution, he was a born actor.. life wasted completely..

I am thus compiling all the mad people I shot over the years ... in my street photography set...a new dimension to old blogs.. besides there is nothing to shoot .. I love the monsoon I hate shooting it watching people getting wet orgiastically is nothing short of Rain Porn..

Mad Lady of Bandra Hill Road

"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe."
Johann von Goethe

why are people
mad why are
people sane
some born free
some bound
to chains
some with
free thinking
some with
empty brains
oh sweet
give me
your life
is full of
i have
every thing
i have nothing
to gain ..
they call
me mad

The Mad Boy of Haji Malang

he had
lost his
so innocent
very young
locks on
his tongue
unlike other
mad people
high strung
to hope
at haji
he clung

The Mad Man of Bandra Hill Road

"When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane."
Hermann Hesse (1877 - 1962)

seeing the way
i was clad
rings turban
he assumed
i too was mad
so he connected
with my camera
eye ..welcome
comrade ..
the mind is
a computer
with broken
down keypad
we both
with varying
degrees of
both nomad
both failed
with kicks
on the gonad
i looked
he was
he took
an oath
next year
he would
meet at
the sufi
in baghdad


Mad Lady of Bandra Hill Road

who is she
from where
did she come
what is her name
is she hindu
muslim or what
a fish out of
water in the
net of my
she got
she is Mad
her madness
is a divine religion
humanity in a spot
she is merely a
speck a dot
mothers day
womans day
on her soul
a blot
mentally ill
on the face
of society
she rots

she is
a broken
tea pot
a wedge
for a slot

An Ode To The Mad Lady of Chapel Road

the soul of madness
mad peoples pictures
i tweak upload .
are mad people human
do mad people have a code
an ethnicity found in ever abode
mad lady of chapel road
running from the demon
in rural bandra its winding road
a rare blissful state of mindlessness
with which she was bestowed
can her earlier avatar be restored
i am not sure .. but becoming mad
is a reverse transformation prince
becoming a toad or a sane woman
becoming mad in a vortex of nothingness
getting swallowed ...much worse than
getting widowed ..a poetic thought
re echoed more will she be
pillowed ..once and for all
hitting the end of the road ..

About This Mad Man of Bandra- Living On The Edge

I passed him yesterday , he was out there in the rains , under the house on a road where he stays .. I have been shooting him since 2011 .. and every time he is given a new pair of clothes they become like what you see in the picture , he never bathes , never washes himself.. and is dirty filthy,..

I also see him near the Irani restaurant in my area he gets a cup of tea on the road , he is barred from entering within understandably so..

I have never talked to him all these years sometimes I wanted to give him money , but he gives me a stern look and I am sure he would throw the money on my face .

Yesterday I asked the Nagori tea man near the house where he sits about him , he said he knew nothing.. we dont have a social police department that could take him to a home for the destitute .. nobody is interested .. unless he becomes a nuisance or harms somebody till than he is human living on the edge..

He sleeps in a lane close to where he sits , and sleeps like a child under an ice cream cart.. I could do an entire picture story on him , but of late I have stopped shooting him or shooting pictures.
Once I shot the rains now no more I wont ever take my grand kids to shoot the waves at Worli or Chowpatty , that is not the genre of our photography.

Marziya I dont take to shoot pictures anymore , she is busy with her studies .. and the camera is not an important element at this stage.

Nerjis 23 month likes the camera , can handle it but I have not taken her out in the rains with the camera.

She comes out with me in the mornings , to buy kotmir and sprouts for the birds , she loves sprouts herself.

She knows the names of all the fishes at our house aquarium..denisoni, molly, clown loach, suckers , black ghost, guppy..and a single albino frog her favorite.

So primarily because I am not shooting the rains , not shooting pictures or events , I am now tweaking my older stuff through Aviary, and re positioning them , as blogs adding a poem, words come easily , pictures invoke words ...and I have shot so much that if I work on the few older ones they become as fresh and new.

Sometimes I wish we could post more pictures on a single page at Flickr like Blogspot to add a series on one page .. but now the New Flickr is fine with me ..I have got used to it.. I am not grumbling or complaining ..I wont go to Ipernity I was there once they dont take kindly to colored people .. and I found some French can be xenophobic at the point of being racists.
I dont like 500x I am crossblogging to Tumblr .. who knows Flickr might get merged into Tumblr than I am making it easier for myself.. and I type with one finger I am not complaining about that too.

Friends want me to come back to Facebook but I am holding back its been 6 months now since I moved out from that mad house.

I am on Twitter ...but not addicted to it..

Flickr is my homepage .. the beginning of my end ..

There is a lot to shoot in Mumbai.. besides the usual shit people shoot ..

A lot of architectural students are shooting Bandra Bazar Road .. and that is nice rural Bandra .

I hardly use my Canon EOS 7D ...

I am doing a cameo in a Bollywood film I went to dub for it recently.. they told me not to post the pictures till the film is released all in all I am a lousy actor ,..I would rather shoot pictures than put paint on my face .. no regrets .. I need money but not as a actor or as a photographer .

I do freelance and enjoying my 60 years as a grand father .. I miss my Malang brothers .. but now because of the Marziyas fishes and birds I take care of I dont think I could leave Mumbai.

One thing is final wont ever be shooting Moharam in Mumbai .. will go to Hyderabad will Glenn .. for Ashura and Chehlum in some other city.

Shooting pictures does not add or subtract to my Shiasm..I am a recluse I stay away from people and congregational religion..

And I am actually blogging after a very long time .. there is a difference between shooting pictures and photo blogging.

Mad Woman of Mumbai

no name
no identification
from where she
comes is a
question mark
crazy people
of noahs ark
sinister stark
deleted doomed
lost their spark
life dreary dark
madness is human
a new benchmark

Error Processing Photo Please Try Again... Aviary You Can Drive Any Flickr Member Crazy And Insane

you are such a pain
out on a picnic
for a wrongful gain
bad bargain

you are flickr
you aviary
are such
a boring pain

i cant edit
my pictures
you refuse
to use your

the madwoman god created and forgot

soliloquy silence
of a mad woman
of bandra i shot
was this hope
that in her mothers
womb as new born
child she bought
in a cosmic net
of illusory miasma
she got caught
under the great
tree of knowledge
she rots ..a particle
in a karmic plot
sometimes cold
sometimes hot

The Mad Man Of Bandra Bazar Gaothan

is a unique one
he lost the way
to his house
so he was
asking someone
utterly confused
perplexed this mad
one ..madmen
too are human
created differently
that people shun
mock make fun
kids throw stones
at him away they

The Child Gives Birth To A Camera ..Vision

23 month old
a camera vision
within her cosmic
mind she holds
intelligent smart
street savvy
a photographer
brave and bold
obedient devoted
she does what
she is told
nerjis asif shakir
in total control

blessed by an american photographer .. as his student she enrolled the losackian mold

Mad Lady of Alibagh Sat On A Wall

mad lady of alibagh
sat on a wall
mad lady of alibagh
had a great fall
all the mind doctors
all her kind friends
could not put
the mind of
the mad lady
of alibagh
together again

Some pictures are embedded on my poetic consciousness much before I shot them..furtively waiting for me ..and only I would have shot it .. the pathos pain of mad people is the genre of my photography.

Many years back heavy into alcoholism I was only a whisker away from being locked up in the loony bin.. I literally flew over the cuckoos tribute to mad people of India.