Monday, March 23, 2015

Even Our Beggars Use Mobile Phone ,,

And TISS Study says their words ,,,," if you own a mobile phone
you appear to be enjoying an economic consumption premium over those who do not have one "

Hindustan Times Mumbai dated 23 March 2015

God Saved The Cow ,,,

god ruminatively
did save the cow
he went a step
ahead saved
bull oxen
left them to
till the earth
friends of
the plough
its the butchers
that are jobless
now ..praying
to god more
fervently than
the holy cow
to save them
somehow tears
on the sweat
of their brow

I Will Show You A Mumbai That Does Not Exist In Travel Brochures

Mere Pas Kachra Hai

Vijay: Aaj mere paas paisa hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai, naukar hai, bank balance hai, aur tumhare paas kya hai?
Ravi: Mere paas Kachra  hai!

The Only Thing We Make In India And Dont Export Is Our Garbage

God Is In The Mosque And The Beggars Are Waiting For Him Outside

a few coins he will
drop when he passes
by ..god is so very busy
on wings of hope he flies
god is a silhouette always
in human disguise in
oxymoron haste he leaves
the skies for him it is earth
that  he considers his only
true paradise that man is
bent on destroying god often
wonders why bewildered
unborn child in  a mothers
womb lets out a terrifying
 cry no he does not want
to leave the prison of
his mothers cramped
womb.. and end up
as a ruthless bad guy
he could have come as
a holy saint but times
for holy saints too
has actually gone by

I Went To The MET Grounds For My Walk This Evening ,

For last two days I have not gone for my walks because of my friend Linda Schaefer , I have been taking her around town and around Bandra , my legs are in bad shape .. yesterday we were at Murud Janjira and so this evening I thought of walking and the MET Grounds is absolutely chaotic with kids running across the running track while they play cricket and football.

This evening there was clash between two unruly Muslim kids , both the groups using abusive language and it was really bad I complained to the MET Security guard he said it was not his problem , if he tried to stop or intervene they would beat him instead and this is the true story of Muslim kids from slums and other poor pockets , they are ruthlessly uncouth and think they own the ground .. and even the walkers kept quiet ,, and I told another MET Security guy , he said that part near the Badminton Courts outside was not his area of surveillance , so I told him if a woman is molested would he still watch and not action,, and I think they should make the Met Cricket Ground a Pay Park to get rid of this Goonda Element get better security ,,, there is no accountability , nobody wants to take responsibility ..

Luckily I dont walk here in the evenings , I walk in the mornings where there is some semblance of discipline ,,
And on a Sunday Bandra Police must send plain cops and end this eave teasing and macho kids who let lose their steam on other kids bully fight and give a bad name to this ground ,,And it is sad it is mostly the Muslim kids that pick on the weaker kids as their punching bags .

Despite all this chaos I walked about 4 km and returned home through the now defunct Bandra Bazar Beef Market with the butchers staring at me like zombies from Elms Street ,, jobless hopeless future less and a few almost suicidal ...and it is sad and depressing and some action must be taken to rehabilitate them ..this is certainly not Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas .

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