Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Muslim Beggar From MaldaW Bengal

Anarkali Madhubala Lives In Bandra Now

This Open Gutter Has Been Covered But There Are Many Such Open Gutters In Bandra

This is an open gutter  near my house it has been covered  after several tweets pictures and videos ..after tagging our erstwhile local representative ..

The open gutter at Bandra Hill Road opp VR Jewelers , the boss had made several complaints to the BMC but nothing happened I posted a picture and this morning it has been covered too.

There is another one I saw at Bandra Bazar Road Hanuman Temple but I have no inclination to shoot it  and why should I fight for Bandra residents with smart kids o Facebook Twitter who are not interested even if a neighbors house comes crashing down or burns down.. We Mumbaikars are selflessly selfish.. as long as nothing happens to our house .. that is why the Bandra Municipality does not give a shit ,,

At a back lane in Bandra Bazar Road Gulati Building there is no water for weeks they take drinking water from street taps and the adjacent buildings but our Congress Corrporator has no time for such exigencies .,,

I feel Mumbai Municipality should be privatized and there will be some accountability responsibility , better roads and better garbage management ,, people who will love Mumbai and not destroy Mumbai wantonly by bribes , allowing slums to come up all over Bandra  Reclamation beneath the flyover too ,, new shanties new hutments ,, money goes a long way in making a few corrupt officials look the other way including our cops ,,

I say build statues in the sea build memorials for our stalwart leaders they deserve it but please also build good roads , good Municipal hospitals markets parks schools ,, dont rip us please ,, Luckily we dont belong to Muslim parties as such and we certainly dont live in a polarized Aurangabad .. In my case my parents are buried in Mumbai soil , and from this very Mumbai soil my children grandchildren were born.

So it hurts me a lot I dont belong to any political party , I have no evil agenda , I am not an activist nor do  I belong to any activist group as a senior citizen  62 years old I shoot pictures and show you the crass , the neglect of our beloved city ..

Hardly those who helm Mumbai are from Mumbai .. so we have a better Latur a better Nanded a better Nagpur , a better Pune Nagpur better Nasik but a fucked Mumbai from asshole to eternity .