Monday, January 28, 2013

The Famous Dhobi Ghats of Mahalaxmi

The Famous Dhobi Ghats of Mahalaxmi

home tweet home

This Bunny Needs A Honey .. Love-able Cuddly Cute And Funny

indians love ...their nose more than anything

The Famous Dhobi Ghats of Mahalaxmi

The Famous Dhobi Ghats of Mahalaxmi

The Famous Dhobi Ghats of Mahalaxmi

i stop at mahalaxmi dhobi ghats ..mumbais only genuine tourist spot after gateway of india

we remember king george v more than the british

peace got shop soiled

mumbai has more cars ..than roads

mumbai is a crossword puzzle

the rich man and the dead poor man

mumbai will become shanghai but dadar will always remain dadar

oh god call me home .. cant take it anymore

i shoot with your eyes

our destiny will change in 2014.. that is what the astrologer told me

god is deaf man is mute

ma lets go to big bazar today.. they are cheaper than our baniya

cosa nostra family first

ram balram

i shoot dreams hanging on a wall

the weeping wall of humanity

home is only a street away

the poor mans winter quilt .. wont wither wont wilt

Indian Auto Rickshas Are Not Tuk Tuk.. For Us Mumbaikars They Are Dukh Sukh..

jab rukaya
kabhi nahi ruk
driver nahi
leta chota
deta hai
bad look
some are
good kind
most are
bad crooks
they wont
ever change
as many
they are
one mr hakim
has given
them the best
a thought
you cant
meter jammed
fish line hook

weaving a love story is an arduous task

dil mange more ...

the pavements keep hope alive

the wall of hope ..

hungry for masti.. come to my basti..

the walls of peace ..

i want to document this art before it gets lost in time

can we change.. no not possible for another 100 years

mother india bad roads bad traffic and too many cars

the white dog my cosmic friend ..

street life .. is a pause .. searching for a cause

life is incomplete sorrow born today fucked tomorrow

dhoop chhaon.. tera rasta mera gaon

getting wet ..on the internet

gully cricket

poems are born through pain .. a link in a cosmic chain

no further updates on this wall .. i love you an emotionless scrawl

no i dont love you at all

you are
a distorted
on my
cosmic wall
you are
the last
in this world
i would ever call
a lost chapter
all in all
a memory
revisited pain
looming dark
deathly tall
ghastly pall

fatal attraction

in love with
you was
my only
i thought
you were
a painting
on the cosmic
wall of my
you turned
out to be fake
lady of the lake
with cold like
emotions of
a snake
one sided
love my
eternal thirst
could not slake
a beggar poets
sufferings hardships
ache no give and take
somnolent half asleep
half awake ..deleted
doomed burnt on a stake
poignant pause a street car
of desire faulty gears no breaks