Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sculpted Veil of Pain

sculpted soul
of a beggar
muslim woman
sculpted soul in a veil
her sorrow
her tale
slaughtering bakras
year after year
year after year
her pain prevails
her soul wails
treated like
bonded labor
her agony in
poetic detail
I shoot
them every Friday
hope crucified
to a nail
forever and ever
by macho man
the quintessential
Muslim male
Muslim society
with blinkers
on its eyes
watches all this
after all she is nothing
just a commodity
The Muslim female

To Nabila Hashmi and Spogmay Khan my Facebook friends my pictures incomplete without their likes and comments.. Peace

If You Only Loved Me

if you only loved me
the way I love you
you wold know what I feel
my love made of flesh and blood
caressing your heart of
carbonized steel
haughty woman
you trample emotions
under your stiletto heel
what you are you conceal
love for you is no big deal
a hurt only you can heal
if you can relive my pain
my ordeal
you give a beggar alms
back from his beggars
bowl you steal
be human for once
my love my ideal

brick on a
facebook wall
your name
I cannot reveal
layers and layers
of poetic pain
I unpeel

Metaphoric Mysticism

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seeing pain
suffering remorse
on a clothesline
like fish kept
to be dried
no one but self
to confide
in the shell of her
sorrow she
loves to hide
stolen humility
at the feet of
her pride
on facebook
out of mind
out of sight
of her flight
the light
at the end
of her tunnel
the other side
of midnight

Searching For Her In The Maze of My Mind

she sees me
she sees me not
she has gone blind
searching for her
in the maze of my mind
only her shadows
her footsteps
nothing else I find
pain passion
poetry of life
all entwined
a chapter
of my life
on the sands
of destiny
I leave behind

Thank You Kakaji..

Mr Rajesh Khanna and Me

God is a Photographer Too

god is a photographer too
pictures of happiness
pictures of gloom for you
from the old
he digitally brings
out the new
where there is despair
he brings out hope
out of the blue
yes I shoot beggars
god shoots me too
I show his world
without distorting truth
a road side view
perhaps you living
in glass houses
throwing stones
at others
luckily a stone
did not hit you
of my world
the underbelly of pain
fuck you have no clue
remorse as tears
on the soul of Humanity
as it grew and grew and grew

Mohabat Tere Nam Par Rona Aya

main unko chahta hoon
was kisi aur ko chahti hain
main apna hale dil sunana
chahta hoon
woh uska hale dil sunati hain
aur beech bhaavar main
aakar mere dil ki dastan
adhuri reh jati hai
ek tinke ke sahare par
zindagi yoonhi
guzar jati hai

Ghulam e Ali

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Ghulam e Ali

Baghair Hubb-E-Ali Mud'daa-A Nahi Milta
Ibadaton Ka Bhi Hargiz Sila Nahi Milta
Khuda Ke Bando Suno Ghour Say Khuda Ki Qasam
Jisay Ali Nahi Miltay Usay Khuda Nahi Milta

Yes my black sartorial silhouette is a thing of the past, two months eight days I strictly wore black or tiger prints , no other color at all.

Yesterday we celebrated Eid e Zehra at home and wife hails fom Lucknow so it was Gul Gule.. and yo must try out this happy Shia time delicacy..

I was busy at work with a very important film shoot , and this picture was shot by my shop help ..he shoots me better than anyone else no he does not know the ABC of photography.

Shah E Mardaan E Ali
La Fata Illa Ali
Shair E Yazdaan Ali Ali
Haq Ali Ali Maula Ali Ali..

The Hijra Romance

give her
another chance
on the soul
of humanity
a deathly dance
you just
missed it
by a glance

The Best of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Any one can shoot Laxmi Narayan Tripathi , they maybe ace photographers no doubt as shooting Laxmi is an experience of life time, but I shoot Laxmi better than all of them , I say this without professional conceit I shoot her from the inner depth of my soul, I shoot Laxmi as a goddess and need I say more.. she knows it and my God knows it too..

With all the pictures I have shot of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi I could have a gallery full of her various moods and emotions.

And Laxmi keeps me at arms length , people who have access to her as photographers Anita Khemka or Marc de Clercq are much luckier than me as they live and breathe Laxmi I dont get that kind of access but I manage and I am manacled to my tailoring work and its my free time that gets me all this and more.

The Headless Blogger of Mumbai

I had given my camera to a studio guy who was shooting this part of the event but he did not know how to use a digital SLR and this was the biggest studio at Haji Malang.

He shot what he saw ..the headless blogger of Mumbai and it is first time I dont have any pictures with Laxmi of Haji Malang Urus 2010.

the headless blogger of mumbai
to shoot him completely the
photographer was shy
fragmented poetic genius
his detractors love to bheja fry
on the wings of a blog
he learns to fly
religiosity on the river sigh
eyes that cry..seeking love
in a pigsty beneath his feet
a bare sole lies
cuts wounds bruises
kiss his feet goodbye