Friday, December 2, 2011

The Bhaiyya From Uttar Pradesh The Land Of Lofty Elephants and Colossal Dreams

As Salam Wale Kum Bhai..

The Muslim Beggar Woman Society's Gift to Islam..

The Story Of The Muslim Womans Fall From Grace

now she really covers her soul along with her face

our schooldays ...

The Barefeet Blogger Has Evolved

Dead Tears on the Soul of Motherhood -Muslim Beggar

Deen e Mohammad ki baqa Ya Hussain Bus woh tera aakhri sajda Hussain!


Alvida Alvida Ay Hussain

Alvida Alvida Ay Hussain

The Moharam in Mumbai -9 Moharam

9 th Moharam at Moghul Masjid

Na Poochiye Ke Kya Hussain Hai Lyrics

What Marziya Shoots Is What God Shoots Through Her Camera

The Only Thing We Are Not Scared Of Is Death -Ya Hussain

Age Has Noting To Do With Photography

God Wanted The Branches of My Camera To Grow..4 Month Old Nerjis Asif Shakir You All Know

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I dont share my number at all . I dont wish to socialize with people I dont know Thank you for your comments ,, Blessings I am 68 yea...