Saturday, December 29, 2012

this is where god lives...kaun banega crorepathi .. chapad phadke he gives

wasting water .. could be used in the slums

i gave him rs 10,,, he needs a drink more than the drink needs him

he is the k9 don in my area ,, his bark is worse than his bite

garbage dump is a holy temple of humanity

my world is populated with the silence of other peoples story

this cat is bored ..she has had too many pussycats in her lifetime

two cats fighting over the same pussy cat at bandra

after xmas life is back to normal...jesus looks forward to his next birthday

without cocks there would have been no eggs .. hens were accidentally laid

every man woman child i shoot has a story and i am bad with words forgive me

the unsung unseen parcel makers outside bandra post office ..

he is waiting for someone to die so he can get a bed .. outside bhabha hospital bandra

he is in need of medical help badly , but there is no space in municipal hospitals in mumbai and this time the politicians wont send him to singapore

she is waiting for a young poet to change her world in mumbai

The Cobbler ..Has Made Most Of His Leaders Ostentatiously Rich

with his prayers
his dalit vote
all gone in
a swish
he is happy
in his corner
cobbling shoes
dandy stylish
a peaceful death
his only death wish
he is where he was
his pain his anguish


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sad greetings
from Singapore
fate first welcomed
her than suddenly
shut the doors
one more rape
as a dead statistic
adds to the score
the netas will
rush to receive
her body from
the airport
the political will
another protest
another protest
women in india
are treated no
better than ******
once called
now crawling
for safety
on all fours
the spirit
was willing
the flesh
filled with
iron ore
to the core

garbage porn .. every day a new one is born

the trembling door ..

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