Monday, April 9, 2018

The Last Temptation of a 65 plus You Tuber

I began posting videos at You Tube very recently though I joined You Tube in 2008 :

I was not very crazy about video's at all my genre was still photography. 

But today within a few years I have 3860 videos shot as is where is mostly on my mobile phone with snazzy editing or glitz.

My videos are my textbooks of education divided into many categories Shiasm Sufism Hinduism subdivided into other categories.

I have crossed over15. Million views.

As the oldest You Tuber attended a few You Tuber meets met young passionate You Tubers chose one aim is to have a million subscribers.. I am not into such subscribers I hardly add subscribers.

I am confused about You Tube though I abide by You Tube rules regulations.

I don't shoot porn at all nor do I shoot videos to hurt other communities but than I can in no way stop people from reporting my videos as they consider Shiasm and Sufism as heresy.. The Ratib rituals Moharam Shia bloodletting that are part of my documentation.

People report my Naga Sadhu rituals that I shoot Ling Kriya penile yoga my account was penalized twice for a Naga Sadhu ritual and a slide show on Hijras that had no nudity or sexual explicit stuff .

My account was marked and I was banned from uploading for 2 weeks.

So now I moderate what I shoot.. And it is tough .
All my videos are of educational creating awareness of people's faith beliefs culture ritual plus I shoot photo journalism events that touch or mold my city bomb blasts Farmers March Protest Dalit March Maratha Morcha other such events.

I don't shoot prank videos I don't encourage hate animosity I preach promote Peace and Brotherhood.
I shoot the Eid Namaz I shoot the Latin Mass I shoot Arti of Shri Shridi Saibaba.

I shoot every faith and yet I have to tread the fine line..

The Siddis of Gujarat and Baba Gor is the continuation of my Siddi documentation that I started 20 years back in the backlanrs of Mahim Dargah.

My videos are shot from the heart I am not video editing savvy.. But I hope to lean one day.

I promote Tennis through my videos the first and perhaps the last sport of my life I have been playing tennis for 5 years under Coach Surendra Pawar Bandra.

I shoot Hijras I shoot barbers street performers..
And I shoot the pain agony of the much neglected Municipal Conservancy staff foot soldiers of Modijis much touted Swacch Bharat..

Last year I shot the walk of the Malangs Rafaee Qalandaris from Ma Sahiba Mehrauli till Ajmer Sharif a walk in 13 days I shot over 100 videos ,

Makanpur The Spiritual Seat of the Dam Madar Malangs I shoot every year but I look forward to shooting Khamakhya Assam to my documentation of Tantrics Hijra Shamans Naga Sadhus and Ahoris.

This post is an after thought..