Monday, June 11, 2012

the indian muslim man gets killed in prison by a drawstring ..

prison walls
lies deaths
deathly sting
a mans
neck they wring
his soul free on
bloodied wings
law justice
his life from the
other end
wont bring
in the prison
a bleeding
chess board
a voice
wont sing
the jailer
eyes blindfolded
master of the ring
the system sucks
a kingdom
a headless king

god you stumped me badly..for no fault of mine

The Polish Connection at Ajmer

he shoots prose i shoot poetry

goat reciting fatiah to the dead

the coin changers and the beggars

the lady sells coins to people who want to do charity ,she deducts a certain amount for her service , she gets the coins back from the beggars she gives them a an extra cut buys the coins back from them and the game of chance and survival goes on..

Abdul Wahood Who Was Once a Hindu Now a Sufi

Walking Barefeet in Ajmer ..a poetic feat bitter and sweet