Monday, August 8, 2016

Bandra Bazar Gaothan

Gaothan is portion of the land of the village which is ordinarily used for settlement. “Gaothan “or” village site"

once living in the gaothan was fun
sitting in the verandah having rum
coca cola ,,chatting gossiping about
lynnet the butchers daughter who
ran away with Savio the pork butchers
son..last heard they were at uttan..still
on the run..than uncle ollie who shot
pesky crows who ate of all his bombay
ducks put to dry with his air
was blissful under the sun..hilda was
spurned by her shippy boyfriend  so
poor girl decided to become a nun ..
uncle joe playing his trumpet every
morning after all his domestic chores
were done ,,and aunty betty who sold
jeera jambul country water pickle stories
she spun..coming to blows at cooperage
grounds Nunes and Alvin if Mohomedan
Sporting beat Mohun Bagan the Rovers
Cup won ,, on New Years eve leaving Bandra
going to Byculla Mechanic Shindig ,,Sherly
with her new one ,,changing boyfriends ,,
was the best remedy instead of one ..
Good Old Bandra Gaothan has gone to the
Dogs Thank you Builder politician mafia for
destroying the East Indian ambiance ethos
all the good work in a single stroke undone

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