Friday, September 25, 2009

Khar Ram Krishna Mission Sarbojnin Durgotsab 2009

"God cannot be known by reasoning.
By faith alone one attains everything – knowledge and super-knowledge.
By faith alone one sees God and becomes intimate with Him"

- Sri Ramakrishna -

Mothers Pride Maraisa

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I might be wrong about her name , as I was quite tired and she reminded me of my grand daughter Marziya , there was this sense of curiosity in her eyes , she was wary and a bit confused .

The were from town, and the Goddess had bought them here to Bandra at this pandal, her mother is a writer , I had hastily introduced myself as a blogger and a pedestrian poet of sorts.

From here I went to Ramkrishna Mission Pandal and finally to the Mukerjee Pandal at Juhu ..The photo journos here were waiting for Kajol and Rani.

I am not into glitz and glamor , Ma Durge I wanted to shoot and Ma Durge I shot..

If I can manage I will also shoot the Bengal Club Durga at Shivaji Park one of these days.

Notunpalli Sarbojnin Durgotsab 2009 Bandra

Notunpalli Sarbojnin Durgotsab 2009 Bandra

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Google Searching For God

Google searching
for god
street and corners
I comb
the wilderness
of my blog
I try to find
my way home
wave after wave
on Google chrome
caught in the bind
strangulating my soul
this poetry syndrome
recklessly on cyberspace
like a a hermit I roam
unpublished poet
writing a tome

Poetic Pause Without a Cause

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no mental block
just barefeet walk
no future shock
words as goods
need no lock
words of a feather
together blog
on a parched
web log
rights of admission
reserved for a blogger
a multi colored dog
a poet posing as a hog
racism impaling
the soul of a golliwog

A True Muslim

a spiritual exercise
needs no gym
tenets of peace
love brotherhood
make you a true muslim
allah always at hand
when the situation
was grim
through tempestuous
stormy waters he
helped us swim
what we are
what we hope to be
we owe to him
to save Islam
one gave his head
the other gave his limb
hussain is humanity
a thought as a hymn
keeps our soul fit and trim

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Thanks to all my friends foes and relatives.