Thursday, August 2, 2012

There Is Political Power Failure in Our Beloved Country ..

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from scams corruption
embedded deep in our
soul we can never be free
tears on the soul
of my country
those that rule us
have destroyed us
turning a blind eye
to all machinations
death of democracy
fast unto death
even death bleeds
humiliated beyond
its funereal slavery
those who pocketed
the common wealth
of the nation out
on bail judicial travesty
gouged out eyes 'of
the lady with scales
bleeding tears rolling
down luckily
she will never see
the tamasha
the tyranny
says the
unborn child
to be or
not to be

Deleted Dreams of a Beggar Poet

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Zubeida's Durga Pandal Vakola

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I shot this on Chand Rat I was at the domestic airport and from their after finishing my work took a rickshah to a 29 year old Durga Pandal at Vakola Market.

This pandal has been founded by a Muslim ladty Zubeida and Taher her husband .

It was close to midnight so I could not meet them but I took a few shots.

I had shot this at Khatus Chinchpokli workshop.

Zubeida's Durga Pandal Vakola

Marriamman Feast

Magic Of India .. Is Mindblowing

India ..No Spiritual Power Failure Ever

Bless Me Dad

7 Moharam Chennai- Ghame Hussain

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The Shias of Chennai are very closely knit and devoted community lovers of Ahle Bayt and followers of Hussain and Humanity.

Their hospitality even during a mourning time like Moharam is memorable , going out of their way to make their guest comfortable , and the guest was yours truly the barefeet blogger who had come to Chennai to document Ashura and also shot the 7 Moharam Juloos and Ag Ka Matam In Jigedevi a town in Tamilnadu thanks to my host Dr Abbas ..son of late Prof Ali Master a neminent Shia scholar and humanitarian.

The 1000 lights mosque and other places in Chennai are of great interest and Moharam is a moment of introspection a moment that is eternity the Shias call it Ghame Hussain.

And my pictures of Ashura in Chennai are restricted because of child kama matam , so if you register as Flickr member free with either your Yahoo or Gmail account you can see all of them an entire set.

I have the most beautiful memories of my stay in Chennai and Mir Meesaq and his friends helped me a lot to document the story of my Faith..

The Chennai Shias are very cool, peaceful highly educated lot, and even the other communities come out to support their cause and participate in their mourning for Hazrat Imam Hussain..

Shooting The Good Friday And 14 Stations of the Cross ..The Barefeet Blogger of Bandra

A Muslim Beggar ..Hides Her Face ...Allah Be Praised

his bounty
his grace
his will
his way
who fast
those who
pray those
who beg
as always
a complicated
on the streets
in almost
every place
a few coins
wont change
their destiny
their fate
cant erase
by the community
by the government
is what the mind says
charity piety in the
long run a short term
solution a path
gone astray

Street Astrologer and Muslim Lady

The Worlds Youngest Canon EOS 60D User 1 Year Old Nerjis Asif Shakir

The Worlds Youngest Canon EOS 60D User 1 Year Old Nerjis Asif Shakir

Bird Cage Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 1 Year Old on Canon EOS 60D

Raksha Bandhan -Krish and Khushi

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khushi ties rakhi on the wrist of her brother krish

Rakhi Song Title: Behna Ne Bhai Ki Kalai Se
Movie: Resham Ki Dori
Singer: Suman Kalyanpur

(Behna ne bhai ki kalaai se
behna ne bhaai ki kalaai se pyaar baandha hai
pyaar ke do taar se, sansaar baandha hai
resham ki dori se -2
resham ki dori se sansaar baandha hai) -2

Sundarta mein jo kanhaiya hai
mamta mein yashoda maiyya hai
vo aur nahi dooja koi
vo to mera raaja bhaiya hai
Behna ne bhai ....

Mera phool hai tu, talvaar hai tu
meri laaj ka pehredaar hai tu
main akeli kahaan is duniya mein
mera saara sansaar hai tu
behna ne bhai ....

Hamein duur bhale kismat kar de
apne man se na juda karna
saavan ke paavan din bhaiya
behna ko yaad kiya karna
behna ne bhai ...

Rakhi Song Title: Bhaiyya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan
Movie: Chhoti Behan
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Bhaiyya mere, raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana
bhaiyya mere, choti behan ko na bhulana
dekho ye nata nibhana, nibhana
bhaiyaa mere...

Ye din ye tyohaar khushi ka, paavan jaise neer nadi ka
bhai ke ujle maathe pe, behan lagaaye mangal tika
jhume ye saavan suhana, suhana
bhaiyya mere ...

Baandh ke hamne resham dori, tum se vo ummeed hai jodi
naazuk hai jo kaanch ke jaisi, par jeevan bhar jaaye na todi
jaane ye sara zamana, zamana
bhaiyaa mere ...

Shaayad vo saavan bhi aaye, jo behna ka rang na laaye
behan paraye desh basi ho, agar vo tum tak pahunch na paaye
yaad ka deepak jalana, jalana
bhaiyaa mere ...

Rakhi Song Title: Yeh Raakhi Bandhan Hai Aisa
Movie: Beimaan
Singers: Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar

(Ye raakhi bandhan hai aisa -3
jaise chanda aur kiran ka
jaisa badari aur pavan ka
jaise dharati aur gagan kaa) -2
ye raakhi bandhan hai aisa -3

Duniya ki jitani bahanen hain
un sabaki shraddha hai isamein
hai dharam karam bhaiya ka ye
bahana ki raksha isamein hai
jaise subhadra aur kishan ka
jaise badari aur pavan ka
jaise dharati aur gagan ka
ye raakhi bandhan ...

m: aaj khushi ke din bhaai ke
bhar-bhar aaye naina -2
kadar bahan ki unase poochho
jinaki nahi hai bahana
mol nahi koi is bandhan ka
jaise badari aur pavan ka v jaise dharati aur gagan ka

ye raakhi bandhan hai aisa -3


Rakhi Song Title: Rang Birangi Raakhi
Movie: Anpadh
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Rang-birangi raakhi leke aayi bahana
o raakhi bandhava le mere veer - 2

Chorus: Rang-birangi raakhi ... mere veer

Main na chaandi, na sone ke naar maangu -2
apne bhaiya ka thoda sa pyaar maangu
thoda sa pyaar maangu
is raakhi mein pyaar chupa le laayi bahana

Chorus: raakhi bandhwaale mere veer

Neele ambar se taare utaar laau-2
ya main chanda ki kiranon ke haar laau
kiranon ke haar laau
pyaar ke badle ban le leharaai behna

Chorus: raakhi bandhawaale mere veer

Kabhi bhaiya ye behna na paas hogi -2
kahi pardes baithi udaas hogi, behna udaas hogi
milne ki aas hogi
jaane kab bichhad jaayen bhai-behna

Chorus: raakhi bandhawaale mere veer


Rakhi Song Title: Mere Bhaiyya Mere Chanda
Movie: Kajal
Singer: Asha Bhosle


(Mere bhaiya mere chanda
mere anamol ratan
tere badale main zamaane ki
koi cheez na lu) 2

Teri saanson ki kasam khaake, hava chalti hai
tere chehare ki khalak paake, bahaar aati hai
ek pal bhi meri nazaron se tu jo ojhal ho
har taraf meri nazar tujhko pukaar aati hai

(Chorus) 2

Tere chehare ki mehakti hui ladiyon ke liye
anaginat phool ummeedo ke chune hain maine
vo bhi din aayen ki un khwaabo ke taabeer milen
tere kaatir jo haseen khwaab bune hain mainne

(Chorus) 2


Rakhi Song Title: Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka
Movie: Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Singer: Kishore Kumar

Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai
ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
sari umar hame sang rehna hai

Ye na jaana duniya ne tu hai kyon udaas
teri pyaari aankhon mein pyar ki hai pyaas
aa mere paas aa keh jo kehna hai
ek hazaron mein ...

Jabse meri aankhon se ho gayi tu door
tabse sare jeevan ke sapne hain choor
aankhon mein neend na dil mein chaina hai
ek hazaron mein ...

Dekho hum tum dono hain ek dali ke phool
maein na bhoola tu kaise mujhko gai bhool
aa mere paas aa keh jo kehna hai
ek hazaron mein ...


Rakhi Song Title: Chanda Re Mere Bhaiyya Se Kehna
Movie: Chambal Ki Kasam
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

(Chanda re, mere bhaiyya se kehna,
o mere bhaiyya se kehna, behna yaad kare) -2
o chanda re ...

Kya batalaau kaisa hai vo
bilkul tere jaisa hai vo
tu usko pehchaan hi lega
dekhega to jaan hi lega
tu saare sansaar mein chamke
har basti har gaanv mein damke
kehna ab ghar vaapas aa ja -2
tu hai ghar ka gehna
behna yaad kare

O chanda re...

Raakhi ke dhaage sab laaye
kehna ab na raah dikhaaye
maan ke naam ki kasmein dena
bhent meri ke rasamein dena
poochhana us roothe bhai se
bhool hui kya maan-jaai se
behan paraaya dhan hai kehna
usne sada nahi rehna
bahana yaad kare

O chanda re ...

Marziya Shakir Shoots Better Than Me Sometimes ..

At 4 year old Marziya Shakir took this shot of the bhutawala and Iftartime .. and she shoots using her inner mind and and she shoots what I dare not shoot.. elusive time .. mind over matter..

So if someone with attitude considers Marziya Shakirs picture taking Silly than I think he needs a brain check.. to check if he has a brain or not.. Take care JJ

Bhutas And Sadly No Rains In Mumbai

The Muslim Beggar Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old On Canon EOS 60D

The Artist shot by Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

The Guru Shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Ganesha Workshops Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Canon 60 D

Street Photography By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Canon 60 D

Ganesha Workshops Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Canon 60 D

Pratap Sarnaiks Dahi Handi Utsav Vartak Nagar Thane

Marziya Shakir Shoots Hope And Hindutva As Message of Peace and Humanity

Ganesha Workshops Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Canon 60 D