Friday, September 3, 2010

Falling From a Great Height

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This is the Shiv Mandir pyramid that rose to break the Dadar Ranade road Dahi Handi and when they had almost reached the top they fell badly two guys with serious injuries rushed to the hospital and three or four guys given instant first Aid by the attending doctors of the BJP pandal.

The Hand That Holds The Camea Is The Hand That Rocks

Best Crowd Management Dadar Ranade Road

Timeless Tales of a Blogger

Women Power At The Fore

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where men fall
break their bones
they score
the women
of maharashtra
the pride
of our folk lore
in the land where
shri balasaheb thacekray
shri udhavji thackeray
the lions roar
in the land of peace
hope and humanity
with open doors
our hospitality
our humility
a land a sea shore
jai maharashtra
vande matram
touching us all
the maker
we implore
with his blessings
on our heads
hope harmony
some more

dedicated to a poet from a poet
to aditya thackeray with his humility
had me floored

Life is Only a Bubble Full of Trouble

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Among Veteran Photographers The Street Photo Blogger

Har Koie Chahta Hai Muthi Bhar Asman

Achievement is Never Possible Without Prayer

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Fuck You World

Street Attitude of the Homeless

Being a Midget in a World of Giants is the Mantra of Survival Yes I am a Midget too

All Photographers Meet At Dadar During Dahi Handi Even Those That Have Passed Away

My late Guru BW Jatkar used to bring me here and than give me tips on shooting the Dahi Handi and it was the film era , he with his girth and his firmness and Salvador Dali mustache waxed to the ending points.

Every year after his passig away I remember him and every frame I shot t Dadar yesterday in the morning is my Shraddanjali to him , in a way I think he is alive and lives within the soul of the disciple.

I know I too will go away luckily my disciple is only a two and a year old gifted child because I could not bring her here I shot with her eyes too my grand daughter Marziya Shakir.

At Dadar you see all the war veterans old photographers and the newbie taking ainm to shoot the greatest event of Mumbai after Lalbagh Cha Raja the Dahi Handi.

Media photographers bloggers like me and the new breed of mobile photographers a very vibrant documenting authority..without being bothered by the decisive moment of Cartier Bresson.

I must however confess I did not shoot Dadar in the trigger happy way and as this is not a large segment I shal post this at Flickr and take you to my next upload either today or tomorrow Mr Pratap Sarnaiks Vartak Nagar Dahi Handi 2010 .

I was invited by his son Purvesh Sarnaik.

My Dadar Dahi Handi set 2010 is dedicated to the eternal photographic soul of late Prof BW Jatkar who was quintessentially referred as Black and White Jatkar

Racing Against Time Through Images and Rhyme

Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji Shooting Dahi Handi as Hope and Hindutva.

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I dedicate my new Dahi Handii set to the war cry of the Marathi Manoos in Mumbai and Thane where Gokulashtami is celebrated with great fervor and the spirit of peace and humanity ..

This new set is part of my pictorial documentation of Hope and Hindutva a message of Universal Peace.

I will be creating two sets on Flickr keeping my old on hold..These are pictures of the Dahi Handi I shot barefeet and in my fasting state

It began from Ranade Road and after I had shot this I took a train to Thane in the afternoon and reached Vartak Nagar and shot the grand and spectacular Dahi Handi of Mr Pratap Sarnaik the a grand affair of Thane neighbors envy owners pride..

This is my Introduction to his Dahi Handi a very long series , this was a power packed show and the celebrity list is far too long..and this was Mr Pratap Sarnaiks show all the way no actor could compete with his energy level his love for this awesome event and he was ably supported by his wife and his two sons Purvesh and Vihang and their friends relatives volunteers and the Shiv Sena cadre the part to which Mr Sarnaik belongs.

He made Prachi Desai and Aftab Shivdasani break the handi hung on the stage , out in the ground the various groups came and tried their luck..

There was Shreyas Talpade Vinod Kambli Narvekar and other top notch Marathi film and stage artistes ,,

But the jewel in the crown was the charming humble and the Rahul Gandhi of the Thackeray family Aditya U Thackeray son of Mr Udhav Thackeray,

The crowds loved him and cheered for this future leader of Maharashtra.

I was introduced to him by Purvesh and I mentioned that his father Udhavji and I shared the same Guru late Prof BW Jatkar and he immediately took me besides him and told the photographers to shoot us both ..

Such was his respect for me through his magnanimity , I am not good at reporting but I shall show yo this event through pictures the Russian dance laser show and the works..

The event was being recorded live to USA by CNN and an American network was shooting this on 3D cameras.

I broke my fast on the stage and met Mr Bal Nandgaonkar and Mr Jadhav , their Talwadi Pandal hasd broken the World record in Dahi Handi in 2008 that I had shot , and Mr Pratap Sarnaik introduced me to the crowd and told them the same.

So I will keep text brief and I must thank a young photographer Sangram Musale who was a great help he he shoots with a D300 and has been shooting fro the 8 standard he told me ..
He was shooting this event too we traveled back together as he stays in Dadar from Dadar I proceeded to Bandra.

So this set is Dahi Handi of Mr Pratap Sarnaik at Vartak Nagar Thane .

The other set is Dahi Handi at Ranade Road Dadar.

The sculpture of Chattrapati Maharaj was part of Mr Pratap Sarnaiks stage decor.

Huge cut outs of Shree Balasaheb Thackeray and Mr Udhav Thackeray adorned the grounds.

Hope and Hindutva Dahi Handi at Ranade Road Dadar

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This is my other set on Dahi Handi shot this morning at Ranade Road Dadar barefeet and in my Ramzan fast..this includes a lot of street photography and it was great bonding with old and new photographers but the most fascinating was meeting three guys Jignesh Jigar Hitesh recording the event on home made 3 D Camera and in a few minutes I will undertake my next fast of Ramzan.