Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Come Lets Play Tennis ,,, MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation

If you guys are staying close to Bandra I highly recommend Coach Surendra Pawars Tennis classes ,, never in my life could I ever imagine I would play tennis .. I thought with blinkers most of the time I thought tennis was for rich people and I walked 6 km round the tennis courts watching guys working out .and than one day I met Coach Surendra Pawar and he invited me in to try out a few shots I am 63 I tried and I have a permanently damaged right hand shaped like a serpents hood ,, I am unable to close my fist completely so forehand is still a big problem .. and I have completed 4 months of tennis ,,I walk less now play tennis for 45 minutes every day except Sunday ..
I have made some great friends , I get a lot of encouragement and respect my dear friend Fabian Namory joined the classes too though he is a member of Bandra Gym and Fabian plays marvelous tennis ,, but the person to watch is this young prodigy Diyanash Chedda .. he is pro he plays tennis nit missing a single ball among adults ,,
I was for many years a couch potato .. I was glued to my computer screen but than in Feb this year I decided to get off my ass and I did ,,,
I did it solely because of my blood sugar and diabetes but it has helped I have regained my stamina ,, though I am not very good at tennis like the others around me but I wont give up.. my sweet sister Farzana Suri gifted me a racket .. that is a great help... Coach Surendra Pawar supplies the racket and his monthly fees are very reasonable ,, I dont think any club teaches tennis at his rates .. but he is doing it for the love of tennis , he has taught Amir Khan and many Bollywood stars directors producers but he is low profile .. very courteous patient and dedicated this humble Marathi Manoos ..
My grandkids love him...they have not gone to the courts since a long time .
His instructors are super kids , highly motivated leading from the front encouraging you all the time ...
So this is a post to my friends here on Facebook.. do give it a try.. you can DM me for his number ,, come lets kick a storm play tennis instead of breaking our balls on Beef Ban and hitting each other for being a Muslim Hindu Congi Bhakt ..
I recommend Tennis ,,, Twitter trolls should play tennis it improves the reflexes ,,, lol
Happy Morning

Pitru Paksha 2015 Banganga

Pitru Paksha Banganga 2015

Posted at Facebook

I have decided to unfriend people that love to post stuff that divides two communities ,, simply because I think differently I also dont add people and delete almost all requests from Jamatis Tablikis simply as to not hurt them with my Shia origins my rituals ,, I am not here to change you to my beliefs and honestly I have removed a large number of people from my feeds I type with one finger I dont LIKE posts ,, and I cant comment on your pictures that in your eyes and the beholders eyes are beautiful.. if you only love shooting snapshots ,, tagging me to your Congress posts does not make me love Congress I dont ,, I respect Modiji as my PM .I hope he brings in the changes he has promised but I will still vote for BJP instead of Congress and their cronies ,, I have not forgotten and will never forget the Mumbai 93 riots and I fully blame the Congress in power they were worse than emasculated eunuchs ,,
I am not into politics or your social service programs please dont tag me at all dont even tag me even if you are a Shia keep your beliefs to yourself.. .I dont need your post to strengthen my belief .. I bleed enough for it ,,
You want to bash any community with your bias I will block and unfriend you period ...
Add me if you love photography and joinng hearts of people as Indians ,