Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photographers Are Born Not Made -Marziya Shakir

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photographers are born not made
not manufactured run of the mill
a spade is a spade is a spade
from the mothers womb they
carry the essence of life
capturing eternity high grade
a talent that no money or glory
can trade holistically healing
the camera an instrument of peace
man made pictures long after
the photographer is dead and gone
wont fade remembered as memories
a future generation of new born
photographers they will aid
incidentally this is a picture story
of marziya shakir 2 year 11 months old
youngest photographer in the world
on parade in a world of pain she wades
shooting the soul of humanity
through the nikon d 80 unafraid
through your love affection
blessings a novice well placed
her pictures on redbubble cluster .com
on sale life on the streets essayed


We Bow To Allah Lord God Of All

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that connects
us to him
a prime thought
above all
the muezzins call
allah ho akbar
in the soul
of his wall
grand and tall
he is there
our provider
our guardian
each time we fall
all in all
of all
good things
big and small
the core essence
of a reality that
makes you tall
a power of hope
sees nothing
evil befalls
from a tiny
speck of dust
beauty evolves
all your problems
instantly solves

we bow to allah
lord god of all
showing you the path
marziya the doll