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Pitru Paksha 3 Banganga

Pitru Paksha 3 Banganga

Pitru Paksha Banganga 2 Religious Tonsure

Religious Tonsure Street Barbers And Pitru Paksha Banganga

Haji Malang Finale

Traveling with the beggar Hijras of Badlapur ..

Three of them
A beggar poet
They lured .
Touching my
Feet calling me
Baba dainty
Demure. .
They asked
Me if I wanted
Money they
Thought I was
A beggar too
I am sure ..
Thoughts from
Charming road
To Dadar I coolly
Endured ..
They left me
Feeling cured Spiritually sinecure
their guru is a tamil hijra  hema malini