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Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
happiness beneath the layers
of slime and sweat
you were born to live
no rest
hard times hardships
in a human nest
smiles that live with you
in poverty
god blest
every breath of his reminder
at his behest
crossing all lifes hurdles
passing the test
the almighty
you can never forget
your worries your problems
as much as you detest
you are here on transit
only a transient guest


Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
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Yazidiyat .com
An evil domain
Abu Sufiyan
Caliph Yazid
His followers
And scum
Came from
Wanting to have
The Holy Prophets family
Under their thumb
Massacred Imam Hussain
Who gave his head but not his hand
A Martyr become
To the pressures of a political power play
He did not succumb
Fought valiantly
To keep Islam alive
As the rest of the Muslim world
Cowardly kept mum
A few eunuchs among
Deaf and dumb
Hussain thy name is humanity
A hymn that we hum
Karbala the Land of Sorrow
A path to Allah
Our Kingdom come

Eid e Mubhaila

Eid e Mubhaila
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Today the Shias celebrate Idd e Mubhaila and important event during the life time of the Holy Prophet.

Letter of invitation to Christians of Najran:

The Prophet of Islam (S.A.W) wrote a letter to Abdul Haris Ibne Alqama, the Grand Bishop of Najran, who was the official representative of the Roman Church in the Hijaz. And invited the people of that area to embrace Islam. The text of the said letter runs as under:

In the name the Lord of Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya'qub

This is a letter from Muhammad, the Prophet and Messenger of Allah to the Bishop of Najran: I Praise and glorify the Lord of Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya'qub, and invite you all to worship Allah instead of worshipping His creatures, so that you may come out of the guardianship of the creatures of Allah and take place under the guardianship of Allah Himself. And in case you do not accept my invitation you must (at least) pay Jizyah (tribute) to the Islamic Governmen…

Allah Ho Akbar

Allah Ho Akbar
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God is great
cybernetic missionaries
allah ho akbar
the world of Allah
with sectarian rumblings
his abode desecrate
a hell on earth they create

Muslim poor blind man
no time for hate
a hunger in the stomach
an empty food plate
no time to contemplate
an endless wait
in the corridor of cosmic
a dying hope
a flickering candle
lighting a path
of a trembling
godless gate
yet the spirit invigorate
some cry because they have no eye glasses
some without eyes
in dire strait
a living death
as soul mate
neither a sunni nor a shia
a poor muslim man
no need to differenciate
allah is one
whether you live in
India or Kuwait
peace is an orphan child
its war that man procreates

Shehnai Recital at the Shrine

Shehnai Recital at the Shrine
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

The shehnai is an aerophonic instrument which is thought to bring good luck, and as a result, is widely used in North India for marriages and processions.

This tube-like instrument gradually widens towards the lower end. It usually has between six and nine holes. It employs two sets of double reeds, making it a quadruple reed woodwind. By controlling the breath, various tunes can be played on it.

Ustad (Master) Bismillah Khan was a well-known shehnai player. Another player of the shehnai is the Ahmadi Black American jazz musician, Yusef Lateef. Dave Mason played shehnai on the Rolling Stones 1968 hit song Street Fighting Man.

[edit] Origin of the shehnai
The shehnai is thought to originate in the Kashmir Valley, where people use the instrument in band-i-pather. The shehnai was created by improving upon the pungi. There are varying legends of its origin.

In one legend, a Shah initia…

Sufism Global Peace to Mankind

Sufism Global Peace to Mankind
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Here the Rafaee heads have honored me and Sakib the Florist with the scarves of the Holy Saint Makhdoom Shah Baba of Mahim.
The Sufis are peace loving human bonding messiahs of a mystical spirtuality that believes in mutual coexistence.
All are welcome , whether Hindu Muslim Christian or Jew.
The Sufi unlike the Jehaddi needs not fight for superiority of his Faith.
Sufis do not have Rogue Mullahs..Sufis do not teach Hate only Love .. pure and humanly simplified.
They are considered heretics like the Shias , by the radical elements of the majority community.It was Sufism that bought people towards Islam in the very beginning.
The Khwajah Moinuddin Chisty of Ajmer did single handedly for Islam what hordes of Islamic marauders could not do at the point of the sword..
Islam in India is a mixture of the local dialect of cultural civilization.
I am not a Sufi but respect its seamless fluid vitality and its inherent es…