Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hum Naya Sal Manate Hain Tere Matam Se

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Apni Taqdeer Jagate hain Tere Matam se
Khoon ki Rah Bichate hain Tere Matam se
Apne Izhare Aqidat ka Salika yeh hai
Hum Naya Sal Manate hain Tere Matam se

This was sent as a SMS message to me by Munna Kama of Kaisar Bagh..

Karavan Lut Gaya Karavan Lut Gaya Ek Gharibul Watan Ka Jahan Lut Gaya

Phir Saal bhar ke baad Gam-e- Shah Ayega, Zinda jo Rahega wohi ye Gam Manayega

"Rahe to Agle Baras Hum hai aur ye gam Phir Hai,
Jo Chal base to ye Apna Salaame Akhir Hai."

Phir Saal bhar ke baad Gam-e- Shah Ayega,
Zinda jo Rahega wohi ye Gam Manayega

Peeto Saro ko saiyade wala chale gaye
Hum bekaso ke gham ka sahara chale gaye
Veeran har makaa huwa maula Chale Gaye.

Alvida Ya Hussain Aye Hussain Alvida

Saal bhar Apni Aakeh bhigoege hum
Dekh kar Behte Pani ko Roege hum
Aye Garibul Watan Aye Hussain Alvida

*Karbobal ke Payase Mehmaan Khuda Hafiz*
*Aye Jaane Nabi Dee ke Sultan Khuda Hafiz*
*Ainda Saal phir hum zinda agar Rahege*
* Mazlumiyat pe Hoge Kurbaan Khuda Hafiz*
*Har bhool har Khata ko maula Moaaf Karna*
* Mushkil humari karna Asaan Khuda Hafiz*
*Jee bhar ke rona paye hum hai Shahe Dee Par*
* Pura huwa na dilka armaan Khuda Hafiz*
*Veeran ho rahe hai ab hai Azaa Khane*
* Jaate hai karabala ke mehmaan khuda Hafiz*
*Yeh Majlise ye Maatam Aeyge yaad jab bhi*
* Dil me Uthega Ghamka tufan Khuda Hafiz*

courtesy nasir jahan..

Ghame Hussain Se Badkar Koie Gham Nahi

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naye saal main ap
khushiya manate hain
khuda ap ko salamat rakhe
ham naye sal main
apne imam ko apne
ghar ke imambade main
bulate hain ansu bahate hain
ghame hussain se badkar
koie ghama nahi
hum apne ghame ko
yunhi bhool jate hain
apne khoon ko seench kar
hum apna gham bahate hain

Ashura 2009 Bargah Hyderabad

Ya Sayyedi Ya Abbas Ya Abul Fazlil Abbas

The Sleepers

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These are young men , kids that lie on the path of the Alam , and the Alambardar or the carrier of the Alam will gently pass over them , this is a unique emotion , and signifies that the person lying on the floor will be under the protection of Hazrat Abbas ..

I shot more of this within the Bargah..

Hamara Gham Tum Kya Janoge

hamare ansoo
onse tum hame
hamara gham
ghame hussain
tum kya janoge

Blade Matam at Bargah

Blade Matam at Bargah

Blade Matam at Bargah

Aye Sher e Nayastane Haidar Abbas

Blade Matam at Bargah

Ya Sakina Ya Abbas

The Quintessential Blade Matam of Hyderabad

The Shia Kid Father of Man

The Shia Kids of Hyderabad

bold brave
iron clad
every child
every lad
the shia kids
of hyderabad
bought into
the arena
of pain
by his dad
the razor blade
his launch pad
a poetic pause
ya hussain
on my keypad

Allah Humma Lanat Qatalatal Husain

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our curses on the killers
of imam hussain
will never end
we drink water
curses to yazid
we send
is humanity
a thought
we befriend
we neither bow
we dont bend
we bleed
the skies
with the chant of
Allah Humma
Qatalatal Husain
we rend
with the last drop
of our blood
we defend
to the lovers
of imam hussain
our hand of friendship
we extend

The Rose Water Sprinkler Guy

He is a brave kid moving into the area of the matamdars who cut themselves with a frenzy, he sprinkles the rose water the only cooling ointments no anti tetanus shots ..the daggers are merely washed in water and everyone uses it, I too used the same dagger after a person had cut himself..

Shooting the Bargah is an experience of a life time, in the back ground the nohas of Anjumane Parwane Shabbir continue.. and in reply the chest beatings with the blades begin..women sit at two ends of the Bargah and on the hot terrace roof top.. a lady looked like a foreigner head covered silently shot the rituals below..

The covered Alam of Hazrat Abbas has taken the shape of a human can check the pictures I shot..they say the elephant that carries the Bibika Alam cries too, I shot a lot of pictures to captures a tear..yes photography is capturing pain suspended in a drop as it rolls down the cheek...

Yes laughter clubs tout laughter as a good tonic , I found crying more powerful and holistically healing the wounds within...our faith has a drop of tear as a bedrock of our struggle against Yazidiyat..
Yazidaiyat is like a sequel of a horror movie it continues to live and bomb mourners in Ashura processions , using coward as suicide bombers , face covered like a woman in a hijab..if Islam is threatened - it is the Rogue Mullah to blame ..he instigates the crazy minded kids brain washes them for his own vested interests..he hardly cares for the Holy Koran kept in Shia mosques , he cares for nothing only the virgins in the designer mind of his heaven..this is the flip side of Misplaced Martyrdom..

And eunuch silence in the community prevails as it was when he gave his head ..and his familys lives to the wanton lust of Yazid..even his head cut refused to bow before the Son of Satan.. Lanatullah Yazid..

Shah Ast Hussain, Badshah Ast Hussain ,
Deen Ast Hussain, Deen Panah Ast Hussain ,
Sar Dad, Na Dad Dast, Dar Dast-E-Yazeed ,
Haqaa Key Binaey La Ila Ast Hussain


Blade, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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cutting open
their chests
with a blade
in puddles of blood
as they wade
ya maulah
of pain
flesh flayed
time ages
but ghame hussain
will never jade
from the tears
of princess fatima
the shias were made