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The Fall of a Warrior Race The Siddis of Junagadh

The Fall of a Warrior Race The Siddis of Junagadh, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 104,567 items / 678,488 views

This is the ignominy, this is a shame , which hurts me the most, kids love to see the acrobatic side of the Siddis, when they fish for money from the ground thrown by rich patrons..

But than this is the flip side of our culture , we are a very critical hypocritical race, we dont like others abusing us, our norms but the Siddis who are an integral part of our nationalism are treated worse than street dogs - a photographer shoots pictures a photo blogger shoots pain provided you are literate enough to read the wordless chimera of pain as a poem..

I have never stalked for pictures , they come as Gods gift in my beggars bowl..this time I thought of documenting the Siddi was poetic spur of the moment decision.

Perhaps you may not believe it I have had no time to talk to them, they have Muslim names and come from the genealogy of Hazrat Bilal the Azan g…

Preparing the Sandal Paste

Preparing the Sandal Paste, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. This is a very auspicious moment of preparing the sandal paste , this will be covered in white muslin, the bowls all duly packed in silver foil.
All this will finally be placed in the flower bedecked palki to be offered on the Tomb of the Holy Saint Baba Makhdoom Shah al Mahimi..

It is while placing it in the palki that Sakibs brother went into a trance weeping..these are very private moments I shot to share the world of Sufi ritualism as practiced in India.
Along side this the dhamal players went about praising Hazrat Ali ...

Ali Imam Manasto Manam Ghulam E Ali
Hazaar Jaan E Girami Fida E Naam E Ali

Haiderium Qalndaram Mastam
Banda-E-Murtaza Ali Haastam
Paishwa-E-Tamaam Rinda Nam
Ke Sagay Koo E Shair E Yazdanam

Kabhi Deewar Hilti Hai, Kabhi Dar Kaanp Jata Hai
Ali Ka Naam Sun Ker Ub Bhi Khaiber Kaanp Jata Hai

Shah E Mardaan E Ali
Ali Ali, Ali Ali, Ali Ali, Aliii Aliii
Ali Ali Ali Ali, Ali Ali, Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali..…

Sakibs Sandal Mahim 2009

Sakibs Sandal Mahim 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Sakib is a very dear friend, he has a number of florists shops in Mumbai and at Haji Malang.I began shooting the sandals , dargahs rafaees through Sakib and Firoze Rafaee , but it was Fahad Khalil Pathan the son of the late Peshimam of the Makhdoom Shah Baba mosque who introduced me to them.

Incidentally I met Fahad Khalil Pathan during my weekly trips to Chor Bazar and the Kamatipura flea market.We both wear Kerba or amber, and Fahad has a very old and impressive necklace, so we became friends .

Fahad was the person who took me behind the Makhdoom Shah Baba dargah and introduced me to the Chancawalli Rafaees ..and thus began my tryst with the fakirs mendicants body piercers.

I thought this introduction was necessary especially for my friends at Facebook where I post most of my stuff too, I have posted 50001 links at Facebook..and samplers of my Flickr sets..

It was at Sakibs sandal I met Nazim Bhai brother of…

Two Sadhus in Search of Peace

Two Sadhus in Search of Peace, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 104,432 items / 678,088 views

one walks the path
of hope and hindutva
the other hussainiyat seeks
two sadhus in search of peace
two sides of a single coin
such as these
ayodhya in the heart of one
karbala in the other freeze
mazhab many doors
but a single dahleez
one says jai shri krishna
the other says allah hafeez

Badnasib Aurat Chasmudin Gawah

Badnasib Aurat Chasmudin Gawah, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. zindagi main
marad bankar sab
jee lete hain
ko shabab aur sharab
ki tarah
pee lete hain
lekin ek aurat
ek badnasib ma
raste pe jeena
bhi kya jeena hai
khoon ki siskiyan
ansu aur pasina hai
badalta waqt bhi
kamina hai
chera to wohi hai
kambakht toota
hua aieena hai

the board at the back says thank you sarcastically ,for not parking in front of the gate...

Destiny Fucked To Sleep

Destiny Fucked To Sleep, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. life a commodity
very cheap
a path cobbled
but steep
what you sow
another man reaps
suicidal hope
from your life's
balcony leaps
as you snore
your destiny
fucked to sleep
man born in a cradle
of a dust heap
when the end comes
buried six feet deep

Sardard Ka Full Stop

Sardard Ka Full Stop, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. outside a closed shop
a pregnant pause of a drop
sardard ka full stop
pain of living non stop
his woman ran away
with the guy who
worked at the sweet meat shop
a bitter pill he had to pop
fiddling away life's
from the roof top
his family jewels
hawked at the pawnshop
his misery
now infecting
the screen
of your lap top