Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Muslim Mother Begging With Her Physically Mentally Challenged Daughter

She was mentally challenged too , a grown up , but with the mind of a little girl , she kept smiling at me as her mother carried her and begged from door to door and they are Muslim beggars .the untouchables of Muslim society .

They are a Zakat and Charity bank you give alms to them and build a nice long term credit account to reclaim Jannat ,,

Muslims need beggars though Muslim beggars need everyone to pull them through and I dont stalk beggars but they come my way and I shoot their pain their angst as I know press photographers social network photographer the Instagram type wont shoot them..

I shoot beggars simply to show our laidback Muslim society that spends crores to slaughter goats on Eid Al Adha a thought should be kept aside to these destitute , I dont know if there is a Muslim NGO that comes forward to help them rehabilitate them the Muslim beggar is hapless,  marginalized in Indian society ,,for reasons unknown to me .

I shall keep on shooting Muslim Beggars ,, they will never disappear ,, their heritage lives in the beggars bowl..revisited by my incorrigible camera ,, it tells stories better than me ..

Was this text necessary I dont know ..

This Lady Could Not Read Your Brochures They Were Meant For The Upper Classes Of Bandra

so this muslim lady decided to vote for progress development  and did not vote for you this time ,,,for the poor downtrodden you had no time you got swept away this time ,,dont take the poor muslim voter to be a fool every time ,,you neglected them time and again your apathy , your overconfidence your ghastly crime ,,your paver tiles , your repairing broken down slum toilets was just not enough a thought sublime .. think neta think ,,let this be a lesson in your humility one last time . the hand broke down the clock failed to chime ,,

The World of Advocate Ashish Shelar - A Set On My Flickr Photostream

Advocate Ashish Shelar 

Muslim Woman Pray Tell Me Why She Is Begging On The Streets With Her Children

where is her husband
her provider ..I dont
know I shoot pictures
move on but a thought
lingers although the
pain of begging
hits me hard blows
the muslim woman
her worldly woes
what is the future
of her children
will they become
hardcore criminals
even god wont know
as the rich pass
them by a few coins
throw ,,muslim society
on these untouchables
of their community
has shut all doors

The Muslim Vote Ran Away From The Congress This Time

15 long years
it was taken
for a ride
a pain it
could not
hide .first
the MP
than the MLA
lost out
aborted flight
out of mind
out of sight
where there
is darkness
enter light
you could fool
a few but not
all at the same
time end of fight
congress free
bandra some
much needed
respite progress
is the need
of the hour
sounds right

half truths maybe colorful but all truth black and white
even the greatest when they mock mortality fall from a height

The Muslims And The Christians Decided Enough Is Enough And Voted For The BJP

Fancy brochures
proclaiming dengue
free Bandra elections
do not win .empty
hyperbolic statements
failed promises let
you down they dumped
you in the garbage bin
proliferation of slums
ghettos that served as
your vote bank this time
did not vote for you dont
you think. pressing the
lotus or the bow an arrow
when they went to get inked
instead of your shaky hand
a broken link ...you can fool
a few brochure readers
not all those poor uneducated
who dont even read newspapers
a thought that failed to clink
down you go under the weight
of your ego , your blinkers
as you sink.. think netaji think
poor governance bad law
order situation rising prices
burdening the common man
you are out they are in ..
congress free bandra ..
on a new spin ..cheers says
uncle joe offers me a cup of
tea while he takes a shot
of lime n gin..

In India The Only Sad Part We Dont Treat Our Women Like Goddesses

we rape them
throw acid on
their faces
brutalize them
mutilate them
hang them
from trees
force them
into prostitution
the sad tragedy
we burn them
if they dont
bring a dowry
being born a
a girl child
we strangulate
them in their
mothers womb

yet we revere goddesses and destroy those made of flesh blood sweat and tears ..make in India break in India the destiny of an Indian doll.

Congress Free Bandra ..Beginning Of A New Dawn

poor muslims living
pathetically on the edge
mushrooming of slums
proliferation of ghettos
edge to edge ,,this time
their vote as a bet they
hedged ..out of a choking
wedge ,, no more falling
of the ledge ..to collectively
save bandra they took a
solemn pledge ..taken for
a ride for 15 long years
they allege ..