Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shivas Third Eye On My Fingers

These are natural agate or Akeek ,,I bought them many years at Ajmer from Kapil Aggarwal , a great devotee of Kwajah Garib Nawaz and a jeweller from Jaipur , he would set up his gemstone stall at Sola Khamba and we became friends ,I bought almost every size of this natural eye stone ,, for  both my hands and made a huge heavy pendant of eyes too that because of the weight I wear  sometimes only ..

I did not meet Kapil this year , but he visits Mumbai and supplies gemstones the the dealers at Bhendi Bazar ..he has come home too .. he wanted to set up a stall in Mumbai but it did not materialize .

This stone in the shape of the eye is highly holistic both to Hindus and Muslims , its very difficult to get this in good shape and form.

I bought a huge Tibetan Turquoise after Kapil mediated with another gemstone dealer to give it to me at a fair price .

I also got a Topaz colored Quartz 3800 carat its like a huge weight round my neck , it was on a silver chain , most of my silver jewelry I had to sell when bad times hit me a few years back..but I still have a very rare exotic collection of Sufi chunky jewelry.. each with a back story.

My wife miraculously goes to Karbala and Iran for Ashura Moharam  every year but till date I never asked her to get me a gemstone ,,

The Great Humble Maharajah

I have known Maharajah in white clothes in my picture for many years now , he plays the musical instruments at the Marriammen feast in the mornings before the animal sacrifice rituals ..and his music is very hypnotic ,, I once went into a trance and collapsed on the floor of the Temple .

Maharajah beckoned me into the Marriammen Temple .. but I was busy shooting outside , and later I entered the Temple with Ganesh the Butcher of Mother Marriammen.. I  follow protocol and respect of the temple ..though all the priests here know me very well.. as a photographer I maintain decorum try not to get carried away and take my photography for granted .. there rituals are primary my photography is secondary .

Later in the evening Maharajah helps the guys get their cheeks pierced , insert hooks in the back and inserting needles in the arms backs of men women kids from which limes are hung in clusters .

Women get their tongue pierced too by small needle like Trishuls ,

There is a Maha Puja to Goddess Marriammen on the beach , this Goddess of Fertility , Small Pox and Goddess of Peace Humanity ..

The animal sacrifice is graphic ,and very different , but as a photographer I am merely shooting it so you should use your discretion and not judge me harshly ,, as mentioned time and again I dont endorse my views on their rituals and because they trust me , they invite me ,, since 2005 .

And this is one of my favorite segments I have shot it passionately ,, and hope to pierce my cheeks with a  18 feet rod too show my moral solidarity with the Tamils my friends and fellow Indians .

I also hope to visit Salem to shoot the Mother Marriammen feast one day..when  I have more time and financial stability .