Monday, July 30, 2007

The Remnants of a British Vampire

This is the remnants of what remains of British honor.. graves seminally desecrated , couples humping , fornication and more..homosexuality everything as allegedly told to me by a photographer friend.
I stopped shooting the Residency , the very thought of the neglect of these ruins a poetic thought lichen bound .. the discharge of a light brigade.
I have written a lot on this site at my homepage and do not wish to reapeat myself here at flickrs..
This is my new set ...

Two Sides of a Coin

differences of race
caste color or creed
spring forth from the groin
god and man
two sides read reverse
of the same coin
head you lose tail you win
back to the soil
your ancestors
you rejoin
hero villian and heroine

2 Firoze at Chor Bazar

Firoze gold tooth is a Chor Bazar antique dealer , well versed,smooth operator and glib as they come...a good friend.

East Meets West

East Meets West
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
flatless phenomena
padded bras
stuffed smoothly on her chest
mini skirt uncovering her rest
while they in sarees
thoughts abreast
do protest
take this window manequinn
to test east meets west
toss a coin
to find out who is blest
birds of a feather
flock together
lay eggs in someone elses nest
a metaphoric midlessness on request

Muslim Beggars on the Street

salaam wale kum
they greet
as you pass them
muslim beggars on the street
their fate cursed they could not cheat
the blind boy of bandra bazar road..
a heart without a heart beat
a masjid has paid for his eye operation
so the old man begs on his beat
dust and heat blistered feet
the poor muslims have a raw deal I repeat

on bakra idd the ostentatious
buy goats rs 100000 a piece
but a showy sacrifice
that which the poor tease
build madrsas build new masjid
but poor life has a short lease
an empty stomach false hopes to please
going to mecca madina dreams that cease
dying standing on the crease
head bowed on bent knees
waiting for the final release
muslim malfunctional dysfunctional society
a cancerous social disease
floudering dilemma of
walking on a tight rope
of a treacheorous trapeze
the poor muslims of india
forget political parties
even rich muslims do not appease