Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hijra King Of The Traffic Signal

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traffic stops
to kiss her feet
neither man nor woman
a two legged animal
with human passions
on continuous heat
her fucked fate
she could not cheat
humped forever
bumped forever
her driving seat
credulously curved
offbeat smelly
sweaty but sweet
giving comfort
to the dregs of the street
a charpoy of passion
love aesthete
when death comes
she will face it erect
with a bit of lipstick
her gurus saree
as winding sheet
face to face
with a genderless god
when they two meet
her humility her earthiness
his heavenly conceit
she was fucked forever
the day she was born
holding to her
mothers twisted teat
clapping sounds
given away to the hijras
a file they could
nor erase
or delete
the hijra
before here
dead meat
a dead account
no refund
no receipt

i will not add hijras transgender transvestites cross dressers ladyboys as contacts at facebook or flickr come what may..i take a bow i take a break..orgiastic oscillations their angst on my fucked soul they fake ..hijras from india or any make ..

Barefeet Blogger Blessed By Lord Ganesha

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra Reclamation

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These are my back log of pictures I shot and could not post as something or other kept cropping up, even now I have kept the last part of my Lalbagh Chya Visarjan pictures on hold.

And I have lost track as I shot a lot of stuff , but of late I am going slow on my photo blogging.

Marziya has come back and has taken my camera to shoot my friends and the streets ..

Advocate Ashish Shelar who builds a replica of the Temples of Maharashtra as his Ganpati Pandal is one of the finest human beings of our area.

Helping everyone in our time of need including me and he has always stood by me and my family and so I dont miss an opportunity to show you his mission of Peace Hope and Humanity.

He is veyr fond of Marziya as I am of his son Omkar a budding sportsman.

But his wife who I call Bhabiji too is a helping hand to the needy and poor of our area...the poor women some victims of domestic violence always find in her a person to fight for their human rights and she is always there for them like her husband leading from the front.

The Shelars are a very low profile couple down to earth have seen life at grass root level and dont play caste politics.

That is why kids in our area chant whenever there is social cause base morcha Desh Ka Neta Kaisa Ho Ashish Shelar Jaisa Ho ..

I am a totally apolitical man anything human touches me and the good of my city my state my country is the core essence of my photo blogs.

Abhi Salman Khan Ko Sab Maska Laga Rahe Hain

Heading Home Barefeet Blogger

I Thank The GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala For Allowing Me To Shoot The Myriad Moods Of Their Lord In Humility and Gratitude

I Had To Bid Farewell I Was Politely Asked To Stop Shooting Pictures and Leave

The Hindu Director Who Carries Knuckle Dusters To Talk of Jehad And A Muslim Blogger Who Carries a Message of Universal Peace Through Pictures

Some Pictures Are Life Time Experience Caught On The Soul of a Memory Card

Sometimes Hinduism Lies On The Soul of a Muslim Man Provided You Have Eyes To See It

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A thought gives birth
born a man
but divided on earth
he is a hindu
i am a muslim
as our
respective worth
a mandir
a masjid
on the soul
of humanity
seeking a berth
i cry in shame
we both share
a single mother
the same pangs
of pain and joy
the same childbirth
if peace was possible
why do we seek
in our next birth
divided by a wall
by politicians
religious heads
vested interests
a buried treasure
at our
as they unearth

to a poet of sensitivity

The Myriad Moods of GSB Ganesha Wadala

Sometimes It Is More Than Single Picture That Tells The Story of God And Man

Could I Have Just Shot A Single Picture and Gone Away

The GSB Cool Dude

Beauty Lies In The Soul Of The Beholder

The Muslim Girls Right To Education Is As Important As Her Spirituality

I Came Here In Humility As The Lord Wanted Me To Shoot Him

The Lords Own Photographer

Shooting Hope Humanity And Peace In a Single Frame

Shooting Hope And Humanity In A Single Frame

I Can Only Shoot What I Was Destined To Shoot

How Could I Tell My Two And A Half Year Old Grand Daughter He Is Not a Dog But Man

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dada meaning grand pa
i want him as a pet she said
as we were in the ricksha
moving ahead i told
marziya shakir
my grand daughter
he was not for sale
or for hire he was a beggar
deformed he earned his bread
but marziya began to weep
she said i want this dog
with the mans head
she began too cry
her face went red
luckily from the path
of tragic faith
our ricksha had fled
the soul of humanity
dehumanized and dead
but rekindled by innocence
on my soul it spread

this is dedicated to both her uncles glenn and fred

A Snake In The CWG Village Such A Hue And Cry

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but yes the hospitality
of Indians to our foreign guests
should not be compromised
who cares if an Indian
with snakes in his stomach
hunger pangs lives or dies
on the soul of Gamesmanship
a poor child his mother the laborer
his father the mason sits and cries
a deadline is more important
at what price as time flies
god bless mr kalmadi for adding
glory universally making us famous
from the hovel to a a star status as we rise
faling bridges collapsible ceilings
'will soon be forgotten
behind corrugated lies
everyday a new item in media
to add more spice
Russian whores ready for business
in all size dressed in burkhas
a convenient disguise

GSB Lord Ganesha Wadala

The Only Place Where Jesus Made His Home Comfortably Without The Builders Throwing Him Out Is Bandra Bazar Road

A Muslim Blogger At The Court of GSB Gneshotsav Samiti Wadala

Without the cooperation support of the Mandal members of the GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala I would have not been able to shoot all this is my thanks collectively to all of them..

What Happens To a 20 mm Lens When You Walk On Fire

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The 20 mm lens was my cherished possession and I hardly use it , it was used on my sparingly used hardy analogue camera the Nikon F 100 that I sold recently for Rs 4000 with a 50mm lens to a dear friend.

I had once bought it for Rs 59000 and the AA battery pack cost me an extra Rs 9000 ..the 50mm lens 1-4 cost me Rs 8000,

And this is Nikon resale value for a film camera or its accessories.

The 80 - 200 Nikon Lens 2-8 I recently sold for Rs 15000 I had got it for Rs 40000.

The 20 mm lens has a damaged back element as I walked on fire with my camera in a Shia ritual called Ag Ka Matam or fire walk.

The heat caused the damage and I decided to use it recently on my Nikon D 80.. just to see what results I would get.

So I shot a long series of street pictures with this once prime lens.

The Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Community Wadala

GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala

GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala

The Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Pune

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This was shot by my very dear friend Pratik Koli and he has sent me this picture on request as I have never been able to go to Pune to shoot this and so on his behalf I share it with all of you.

The text I copy from the official website of Shrimant Dagduseth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati.

The Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Trust, based in Pune was established in he year 1893 and has thus been in the service of devotees since 108 years.

It was in 1893 when Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak gave a public form to the celebration of the festival of Ganpati and made it a genuinely people's festival. The Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati trust exists from the year of the inception of the sarvajanik (public) Ganpati festival and is the fulcrum of all sarvajanik(public) celebrations in Maharashtra.

The festivities of Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati festival attract people from all over India and now in this age of liberalization and globalization, from all round the world.

The goal of the trust is to make the celebration of Ganeshotsav based on the principles set out by Tilak and the path of devotion shown by saints Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram. To make it a celebration of morality and humanity and nationalism.

India is following the path of economic liberalization, which is bringing in many changes in Indian society, opening up many opportunities for those who are ready to learn and work hard. It is even more important in these times of change to sustain the humanity of human beings, the homeliness of our homes and the godliness of our gods.

In the last few decades, the celebration of this festival left a lot to be desired. The intelligentsia began pointing out to the malpractices that had entered the celebrations. The rituals and the sense of social participation was giving way to commercialization. It was felt that the direction of the festival needed to be changed. It was felt by many that it was only the shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati trust that could show the way.

The trust took up this responsibility and organized many seminars and camps and workshops to discuss and guide people about how the festival could be made more participatory and at the same time contribute to society. Various mandals from all round Maharashtra started coming to seek advice on topics like how to maintain a temple, how to use the contributions gained during festivities for public welfare etc. Based on the principles propounded by Bal Gangadhar Tilak the trust has guided hundreds of Ganeshotsav mandals.

GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala

The Selfless Workers of Lord GSB Ganesha Wadala