Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Katrine

Hello firoze.shakir
hello my dearest how are you and your family? hope you are fine,my name is Katrine,am 23years,am a Russian living in Spain,i will like to know much about you to establish a good relationship with you as am the only daughter in my family but my parents is late,please write back let me tell you much about me and also i have something special to share with you and also to send you my pictures. Katrine

dear katrine
please dont
fall in love
with me
for me 'love
is nothing
but a hole
in a latrine
a hole
i have been
when i once
fell in love with
a warrior queen
neither love
nor the whole
have ever been seen
love is a delirious sickness
that makes you green
affects the chromosomes
and the genes causes
gangrene liver heart and spleen
diseases unforeseen love
infects the imagination
the brain the heart the soul
the tool and the machine
love is unclean love
has no cure no vaccine
love is malicious no
katrine no more
love for me you know
what i mean
your feelings your tender
soul body flesh i wont
demean love is sexual messy
sticky very obscene makes
funny sucking noises
loss of protein no katrine
i am not keen i am very
particular of my bodily
hygiene and there is a
possibility you might get
fat bloated pregnant
a thought foreseen
spoil your nubile figure
now lithe and lean
you might end up
giving birth to a monster
like this bare feet bare
assed poet sweet namkeen
so please please i beseech you
to forget me katrine who knows
you might want to honey trap me
you might not be 22 only a pre
pubescent teen send me to
prison my head my balls guillotined
for you fucking poets might be
a thought routine dear katrine
sweet serene sheen sateen
sometimes i think i am much
safer fucking an in between
no children no menstrual machinations
just same bed only change of scene
she will look after my welfare
keep my houseclean her heavenly
over bursting tits her cleavage her ravine
a love pure pristine a dose of morphine
au revoir a bientot cher katrine

i could suggest a guy in montreal canada more virile more endowed gifted in all departments a photography dean..what say you katrine..

Over The Years Jesus Has Gone Pale

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as he sees life
on the soul
of humanity
every day
a new pain
a mothers
dried teat
the hunger
the child's
undying wail
as the philistines
on the other side
of the river
drugged out of
of their senses
dance fuck
fornicate regale
Sodom Gomorrah
the agony anguish
angst of the
some painted
faces garish
whorish dressed
as female
women reviled
poison exhale
trial tribulations
the unholy grail
legs spread wide
values impaled
jesus is disgusted
nothing but chaos

A Beggar ChildsTale

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born because
of a few seconds
of pleasure
her father mother
lovemaking in haste
through an inglorious
moment was born
her fucked fate
on the traffic signal
begging eyes shut
on another childs waist
life she will taste
benadryl cough syrup
to keep her quiet
on rent her body soul
waits to depart
in a tiny crate
two faced

Muslim Woman ..Wordless Poetry

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she sat here
her mother did
before her mother
sat here
her grand mother did
their pain
with a covering
their faces hid
they tried very hard
from one generation
to the next
their fate
in the noble
city of nawabs
they could not rid
a few coins
to fill the
empty stomach
of their kids
adab tehzeeb
shaan e lucknow
a poetic thought
on a reference grid

26 May 2011

I have added extra text today
wordless poetry my soul forbid

their future leave aside
man even god wont edit
muslim society
a curse a boon
just blew the lid
muslims killing muslims
neo Islam
power packed
hungry blood thirsty
on the path
of humanity
as it skids
the unborn muslim
child cursing his fate
another bloody eid
instead of goats
it is one muslim
another muslim
eunuch muslim society
as it was in karbala
with shut eyelids
yazid yaizidiyat
the soul of peace
terror terrorism
is home grown
a poetic thought
as life grows
barren acrid
one osama killed
will be born
the same old block
just a new kid

I Want Out

I Want Out, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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i am sick tired
in this fucked
crowded cage
held captive
on a her dead page
as birds of all
size shape
fluttering wings
fuck me
i age
with anger
with rage
i cant hit back
i have lost
my zing
my zest
my zenitude
doomed deleted
from facebook
fucked 'out phased
a picture
i have been
from her blog
duly replaced
dreams i chased
time outraced
from within
on the surface
a poet in a maze
dreams demolished
disfigured demystified
defaced disgraced
in time fucked space

Fight In The Slums For Water

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Its a very crazy situation in the slums water makes friends creates enemies she was waiting for hours for her turn at the public tap , than she had to rush call of nature guy in the cap usurped her place so catcalls fights not short of shadow boxing.. and woman power is huge in the slums .. if she tears her clothes shouts rape than he goes the Shiny way.. into eternal darkness for life..

God Please Give Me Death

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with hands
head bowed
would accept
it willingly without
grudge or grouse
away from color
blacks whites
shut down the
one last time
twitter flickr
i want out
the monitor
double click
fuck the mouse
fly away
from a
cuckoos nest
to another
good bye glenn
good bye kids
good bye marziya
goodbye girlfriend
good bye spouse

Sir Please Buy A Fan

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the poor
of mumbai
are unique
their wares
on the street
so to speak
fan sellers
comb sellers
dream sellers
dreamy eyes
caved in cheeks
noses like
parrot beaks
the soul
ever willing
the flesh
is weak
from dark
on your soul
they sneak
humble meek
a moments
in their
clenched fists
they seek
cosmic fate
on a

silence on the soul of humanity havoc wreaks as it rises and peaks

CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station Hill Road

The No Nonsense Senior Inspector Mr Samad Shaikh and The Blogger

The No Nonsense Senior Inspector Mr Samad Shaikh and The Blogger

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CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station Hill Road

I am a great fan of Senior Inspector Samad Shaikh and have known him since the time he was with the Bandra Police Station and the Crime branch..

He was a prominent figure along with Mr Amitabh Gupta Mumbai Additional Commissioner Of Police at the various feats festivals held at Bandra that I shot as a blogger barefeet.. both of them led from the front adding to the peace that prevails at Bandra..

Now that Mr Samad Shaikh has taken over as head and Senior Inspector of Bandra Police Station.. it has been a blessing in disguise for the residents shop keepers of Bandra..

He has bought in many changes more bandobast more policemen manning streets, street corners and sensitive accident prone area of Bandra.

Be it any procession or the recent fire at the Bohra Mosque or the Walkathon 2 peaceful walk protesting the demolition of crosses and holy shrines Mr Samad Shaikh led from the front walking along with the processionists adding confidence and making sure there was no uncalled for incident..

Bandra is proud of the peace and calm , even entering the Bandra Police station to lodge a complaint is no more the scary and tedious task as Mr Samad Shaikh himself sits on a desk outside personally handling complaints.. and the most important essence of policing law and order is humanity of the people by the people for the people ..cops have to be human, there maybe rare cases of rouge and truant cops not just in India but all over the world , we have to support the force and not demoralize them for the faults of a few.. in short policing is a two hand clapping job between the police and the public.

I shot this CC TV Project celebrations by fluke as I was heading home from work and Mr Samad Shaikh Saab saw me and invited me to partake of this moment of added security of Bandra on the whole.. and so as a blogger I shot this event and shared it with all of you on Facebook Twitter and

CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station Hill Road

CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station Hill Road

Mumbai Additional Commissioner Of Police Amitabh Gupta

One of the most versatile officers and not a angry young man our Amitabh Saab of the Mumbai Police force .. I have been shooting him since several years he is a very humble down to earth human being.. and like Mr Bachchan he is extremely photogenic too.. and even in anger he will never say Budha Hoga Tera Bap..

Shot at the CC TV Launch Bandra Police Station Hill Road

CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station Hill Road

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This evening 25 May 2011 was celebration time at Bandra Police Station , the CC TV project was launched covering vital roads junctions of Bandra under the jurisdiction of Senior Police Inspector the dynamic no nonsense Mr Samad Shaikh.. It is a very important project to kerb crime and road rage it was inaugurated by Ms Priya Dutt MP and as I came in late I shot these few pictures after all the biggies had left.. I shot Mumbai Additional Commissioner Of Police Amitabh Gupta as he was leaving in his car..

I shot the police force constables and the staff of this specklessly clean police station of Mumbai and one of the finest too.

In the picture Mr Clarence Gomes of Bandra Times diligently takes notes of the CCTV Project from Senior Inspector Samad Shaikh of Bandra Police Station.

Bollywood Struggler

He Bathes At Mithi River ..

The Mithi River Surrendered Pain and Poetry

And Back To Sucked System and Poriborton

The Common Mans Role In Democracy Push The Nad Cart of Dreams

Beating The Heat In Mumbai

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the ramp
in bandra
blond hair
sexy eyes
street fashion
street angst
thunder thighs
zero size
to lucky hotel
for maska brun
irani chai
love in mumbai

O You Are Still Alive

Because Presswallahs Dont To Shoot Hijras I Shoot Them In Humility and Gratitude