Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mohomed Bhai It Was His Aquarium Shop Where The Rs 1.80 Worth Of Arowanas Were Stolen

The case is under investigation and this unusual robbery took place at Kurla East Nehru Nagar .

Mohomed Bhai is an importer of exotic tropical fish and has the best quality Flowerhorns and Arowanas , so one morning at about 3 am the thieves entered his shop with duplicate keys and meticulously stole the Arowanas and escaped with putting the fish in plastic bags that were stored in the shop.. and the thieves knew the shop , and seemed to have done a  clean job.

I have known Mohomed Bhai for two years now a good friend and the person who introduced me to Golden Dragon Flowerhorns and Kamfas .. most of my Flowerhorns are bought from his shop..

I sincerely hope the cops solve this case and Mohomed Bhai gets back his stolen Arowanas .

Entire Story on NDTV

The Government Wants To Remove Beggars From Mumbai Streets ,,,

send them to beggar homes
fine them jail them wont do
any good .. teach them jobs
teach them to stand on their
two feet but they wont work
no good as they earn more
as beggars than white collared
folks they get money they get
food ..they dont commit crimes
unless you call beggary a crime
begging on the streets since
childhood ,, only begging is
what the beggar understood

Why Is The Congress In A Mess

a traditional
voter this old
lady from mumbai
was sad that
she always
voted for the
but this time
she voted
for change
for development
for progress
because the
leaders of
Madame Soniajis
party had no time
for people like her
she confessed
told me distressed
her problems they
did not address
the Congress and
the NCP leaders
fighting like dogs
for a bone caused
the states instability
put the Exchequer
in stress somewhere
something was wrong
but the think tanks
took the voter for
granted added to
the mess ..congress
free mumbai you
rightly guessed
this lady told me
tears in her eyes
of how to meet a
congress leader
was utterly impossible
with netajis chamchas
not giving her access
once she tried to meet
him on independence day
but he gave her the slip
seeing her poorly dressed
than she thought she would
catch him when he came
to hoist the flag on republic
day but he flew over the
cuckoos nest ..when the
results were announced
in her area there was no
congress but the ex minister
still a very rich man  wont ever
be hard pressed he has his
business his varied profitable
interests ,,, she cursed him
out of his office .. she tells
without any rancor emptying
out the pain from her chest

have they learned a lesson i
asked her ..she said politics
has destroyed the honesty
that existed before man became
a political candidate ,.she thanked
me for her picture wished me all
the best ..i was truly blessed

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