Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two Year Old British Artist in the Limelight

Two Year Old British Artist in the Limelight
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Young British Artists 'fools' Saatchi

A two-year-old boy has duped the art world by selling his work on the adult section of Saatchi Online.
For his first work Freddie Linsky used tomato ketchup, as he scrawled on the table of his high chair.
'Not since Titian has a single particular colour had such an effect on me, ' the gallery quotes Freddie as saying of the paint used in his work Leonard III. 'If Titian used blood for his reds, then surely sunshine was used for this yellow.'
His piece was striking enough to arouse the attention of a Manchester artist and collector, who bought one of Freddie's works for £20.
While the work is entirely the toddler's, the captions are composed by Freddie's mother, Estelle Lovatt, a lecturer at Hampstead School of Art and freelance art critic.
The artist Tracy Emin is already said to be captivated by this young prodigy - his mother says he's known among established Artists simply as Freddie.
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http: //www.orange.co.uk/news/topstories/30376.htm? linkfrom=feed_newsandweather&link=link_10&article=index

Saatchi online
A new star shining bright
Has a two year old British
Artist Freddie WR Linsky
In the limelight
“Grasshopper like strokes “
With ketchup alright
“Spot and blotch “
A Titian in the making
Says the Arty website
“The Best Loved Elephant “
to art collectors delight
so poem hunter poets
stop infighting
stop this black bashing by the white
stop plagiarism talk
do something original
take lesson from a two year old
artist Freddie in the lime light
a new poem of your sucked up life
stop denigrating senior poets
learn to be respectful
learn to be courteous
learn to be polite
if your name is chom chom
please go home
away from
the pristine poetic waters
of a drinking hole
called poem hunter
poetry and peace building site

Love poetry Hate racism

Does Lizzie Love Firoze?

Does Lizzie Love Firoze?
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She pretends she is angry with him
Each time says the chapter is closed
She gets uppity she gets morose
But in the crevice of her heart lives
The dark side of the Moon
Her beloved Firoze
The guy who walks barefeet
Wears Sufi clothes
Lots of jewelry
And a beak of a nose
A rose by another name
Or by four others names
Can it be Firoze?
Into her dream he crashes
With the silence that shows
Ratings of her heart
Only his heart knows
Love in Louisiana
From Mumbai blows
She loves me
She loves me not
As it glows
Oh Lizzie
My feathered *Cock crows
Good Morning in the forum
Fluid seminal as a thought
Of a doomed love flows

Cock is bird variety..

Love poetry Hate racism

In Defence of Aldo Crash

In Defence of Aldo Crash
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She hates my good friend Aldo
Who has neither robbed nor stolen her cash
Nor has he pilfered her poems
That is mostly recycled trash
She dreams that her
Dreams of reaching the top
Aldo crashed
Or perhaps
Victor or Vikram
Or Firoze
Their heads she would
Love to dash
With her culinary expert
Like dough mix and mash
She would love to bash
Their balls she would
Love with a borrowed
Wilkinson rusty Aids infected blade
Slash and Smash
Acid on their faces
She would like eau de cologne splash
This lady from Louisiana
Suffering from razors rash
Stoopid with her nemesis
The Titans of India
She wants to clash
2000 whip strokes
on their sun burnt asses she
would love to lash
she has now reset her
a poetic pause and a rehash
dust to dust
ash to ash

Love poetry Hate racism

Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze

Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze
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Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze
Don’t make any one of us your enemy
Or you will have a poetically broken nose
You let us live we wont step on your toes
You provoke us well what we will do
As yet we won’t disclose
Racism we take up the challenge
Up close
Sweet silent repose
What goes up most come down
Oh we love her raised eyebrows
Chim Chim Chum Chum Chom Chom
In our garden the best of India grows
through our heart and souls it shows
Mr Subbaraman dont you worry
That we are Indians an aggressive thorn
wthin the peaceful petals of a rose

Love poetry Hate racism

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