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The Danger of Adding Friends on Facebook

The Danger of Adding Friends on Facebook, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. This is a very serious matter , and it has happened to me can happen to anyone of you..

I get requests for adding a friend at Facebook, I add them as sometimes they are among mutual friends list, I have no qualms, as I always thought there was more transparency on Facebook..words and an opinion that I take back completely.

I think Fickr has the best format of adding a friend, more control more information, and through the persons choice of groups you know exactly what kind of contact you are adding it is your headache after Flickr I dont add people without a profile or an avatar, I dont add people into porn or semi porn groups..or religious mindset of hate..even if he is from my community or faith.

I got conned at Facebook, the culprit also from Bandra where I live ,who threatened to send underworld goons to my house implicate me in a false police case , get me beaten by the cops,, had…

Taken for a ride

Taken for a ride, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. After I finished shooting the Hijras at Andheri Versova Link Road I saw this enormously far lady unable to fit in a rickshah , there was another person in the ricksha too..she saw me with my camera ..wondered who the fuck I was...

So I thought
I would introduce myself to her poetically..

a pedestrian poet
a pain a passion
on the broken wings
of an angel in flight
painting pictures
of pain and pathos
in spectral light
a black ass
check not required
fragmented genius
a pain in the butt
of racists white
fighting for the hijras survival
hijras human rights
their endless struggle
their dreamless nights
their fucked existence
no social fire ignites
buried standing
tears on the soul of humanity
their last salutations
their last rites

Searching For Fred Miller Beyond Facebook.....

Searching For Fred Miller Beyond Facebook....., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Firoze Shakir

of Bandra, Mumbai has the approach of a
poetic soul and he rips it open, while hoping you won't rip
off his precious, personal mind-boggling collection. I intend
to tell you more about his tremendous achievements at a later
time - if that is ever possible - because I have yet to digest
the brunt of his prolific blogging, photography and outpourings
on Flickr, WordPress, Scribd, Friendfeed, Twitter, etc

Psychiatrist Dr Glenn Losack MD
of Manhattan, New York
is a world traveler, Musician, and a National Geographic-
calibre Photographer among other things. A true humanitarian
and a Renaissance man, he was introduced to me online by
Firoze Shakir....they are like two sides of the same coin,
having shot Mumbai street scenes in tandem.

Another great recent connection made thanks to untiring
Mr. Shaki…

Taken for a ride

Hijra Sex In The Rickshah

Hijra Sex In The Rickshah, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. i am the veiled
hijra of mumbai
she wailed
a god who had
made her male
a womanly emotion
bodily jailed
her hopes her desires
all failed
dressed as a woman
in the rainy nights
customers she tailed
going down
on her knees
in the ricksha
fat sloppy drunkards
jokers jerks
she regaled
not her body
but her sweltering soul
the bastards impaled
a draconian anti human law
article 377
on her posterior they nailed
her doomed destiny
wherever she went
her shadow it trailed

Dont Shoot My Pictures You Dick Head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont Shoot My Pictures You Dick Head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. dont shoot my pictures
she said
you demented dick head
i will break your poetic balls
your blogging flogging
head made of lead
go get all your facebook friends
glenn anthony lefty
nauman and fred
before they touch
me I will beat them
black blue and red
all of them will end up
in a swine flu infected
hospital bed
you spoil our business
with your fucked photography
let us earn our daily bread
or the cops will come for hafta
we will end up giving
them what we earn instead
the light has turned green
now asshole move ahead
as she lifted her saree
clapping her hands
showed me her cherry red

I Would Rather Commit Suicide Than Shoot Flowers

I Would Rather Commit Suicide Than Shoot Flowers, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Hijras are gifted, transcendental wisdom, and mind blowing hindsight, hijras are intutive, I had some work at Yari Road this evening, but I carried my camera as I was sure I would meet them at the Juhu Versova Andheri Link Road Signal..

I gave her 20 bucks before I began shooting, from my rickshah, this was a new lot, the older lot was on leave perhaps.

This one was charming with a dimpled smile, everybody watched me shooting her, these are rapid shots faster than the human heart beat, as the signal turns green, the hijras run towards the traffic island for safety..

The other hijras did not take kindly to my camera presence but I shot wildly like chasing dragon flies, though I comment on peoples post at Fickr I hate flowers insects cats and dogs, specially flowers with droplets they make me cry more than the staged flowers that I have seen on many a post..

I dont mind people not liking m…