Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reaching for the Skies .. Motto of all Politicians To Dislodge God From His Throne

BJP Rally In Support of a Citizens Candidate ..

Save Bandra Says Advocate Ashish Shelar ..

Advocate Ashish Shelar No Nonsense Neta of Bandra

Jesus Lives in Peace With All Communities ..But A Few Dont Let Jesus Live In Peace

You Can Remove Drug Addicts From Bandra But Not Bandra From The Soul of Drug Addicts

Mde In India Not Ready For Export

Grooming is Free

Grooming is Free

Rs 20 And My Hair is Taken Care Of

My Barber is a Common Man Like Me ..

Two Street Photographers Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Three Street Photographers of Bandra

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The camera gives birth to photographers ,we all three are bound by blood and inner vision , call it what you may, when Marziya was born I introduced her to the camera from the second day of her birth, and she shoots with a divine passion.

When Nerjis Asif Shakir my second grandchild was born I not only introduced her to the camera I launched her on Google+ as Google+kid .. that was almost six months and she knows the camera , though she prefers the feel of Canon 7D to the robust all time serving Nikon D 80..and the camera has been the chronicler of their birth their lives .. the camera that in my house holds a place of holistic respect,...my wife my daughter my son in law my sons my daughter in laws all know how to use the camera ...flawlessly..

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai

Nerjis Asif Shakir Learns To Walk 6 Month Old

in india women are also treated as beasts of burdens

Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Beggar Poets Float On An Astral Sea

On The Day Of Election The Rest of Mumbai Wll Be Asleep Too

He Decided Not To Piddle on Both Of Them..

Just Married Being Carried in a Hearse Sometimes Marriage is a Curse From Bad To Verse

My YouTube Channel of Peace

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