Monday, January 30, 2012

In My Mothers Womb I Discovered Karbala ..On Ashura Day

I Am Human Yes I am a Shia

I did It

Its True I Bleed ..I Piddle on the Soul of Yazid

I Write My Poems In Blood

The Shia Hindu..Dharm Karm Hussain

My Bleeding Blogs of Pain and Hussain

Yes I Am a Follower of Ali Lover of Hussain

Photo Blogger

Every photographer has a vision but not all visionaries are photographers .
Anselm Adam, Cartier Bresson did their time passed away, photographers dont die, they lives their images on the consciousness of mans impulsive soul...
Its not how old you are in photography that lambasts me, its how young and fresh, I owe my pictorial stature a little in all humility to young American photographers , poets of photography, prodigiously inventive, Doyou like it, Scarlet lark,Xris Taylor, Shadow Boxer, Rabbit and Crow, and here at Flickr Leirdasim.., to name a few,
I learn in a different way, I absorb their enthusiasm but not their style, I absorb their love for the final online print .
Yes I am a photo blogger man who writes pictures and shoots words.

zameen ke tare lawaris bechare

India Shining

far away
from the mother country
an Indian heart pining
searching for old memories
beneath a silver lining

An Indian is an Indian
wherever he is
it is through
his love
India shining

This is for Fred Miller Indian born Pune loving blogger , my dearest friend...

26 March 2010

Jine Naaz Hai Hind Par Woh Kahan Hain

Flagged Abuse

Unbegotten Happiness

even when life
is in a mess
365 days of the year
one dirty dress
the street is my home
fuck the address

the flip side of pain
unbegotten happiness

see this on a small screen
flickr blogspot twitter google+
facebook word press
as a blog access
poetic pathos

Zindagi Ki Ma ka ...Ghosla

The Naked Truth of Life

zindagi ki ad
main zindagi bitate hain
hamara ghar kahan hai
ham pata bhool jate hain
ham kapde pahankar bhi
nange nazar ate hain
apke chand sikkon par
apne pasine ki
mohar lagate hain
ham to bheek
ke mahutaj
sapne hame chukar
chale jate hain

We Beg So We Live ..Our Mother We Forgive We Have Too Many Fathers Oh Shiv

The Poor Miya is Fucked Before He Is Born

a beggar child
his life he mourns
people eye him
with scorn
he was his family's
first born
his legs afflicted
his pain inborn
like a wooden door
on the streets
a few coins
wont rehabilitate
his destiny
tattered and torn
the poor miya is fucked
much before he was born

Muslim Woman Unchanging Times

a pain
that wont
go away
a pain
of a lifetime
woman 'poor
on the streets
unchanging times
forced into
early marriage
her only crime
at her feet
after reading
this poem
you throw
a dime
i shoot pain
but it shoots
me sometimes

blogging the sucked
soul of humanity
a fucked pastime

Because We Exist God Exists He Is Poorer Than Us

Otherwise why would the rich man offer him all the wealth and riches

Wild Orchids in Bloom

on the road
a path
to their doom
they watch
in your car
as you zoom
weft and warp
from a broken loom
wild orchids in bloom
my blogs vying
for attention
despair and gloom
a cosmic poet
in a strange costume
rings on his fingers '
as heirloom
life a fucked showroom
tears of sorrow
manufactured from
a dying womb
a child buried
on a mound
of a tomb

We Beg So We Live

the man
dead drunk
who fucked
our mother
we forgive
we beg so
we live
if we die
our mothers
will outlive

Deformity Called Life

life is a circus
you enact
your part
without fuss
a deformity
called life
you wont see
on star plus
you rust
ashes to ashes
fucked dust to dust

Mother Fucker Get Ready To Work

He was bought to the world not as a gift of life..simple plain hardcore truth, in this beggar flower selling community , the early you fuck the better it is , the birth of a child is rejoicing, he gets to work immediately , there is no post natal care ..fuck you must be joking , no shots nothing , hand delivered beneath the Mount Mary steps protected by Mother Mary herself..they are all denizens of her kingdom at Bandra.

Now mind you I am not making this up, I have no story to sell, but I have shot this community for a very long time I film their pain with a still camera frame after frame .. I dont sell pictures , nobody really cares a fuck..unless you make a over hyped film and give it back to us as Slum Dog Millionaire .. we gave the West the art of making love we called it Kama Sutra , they gift wrapped and gave it back to us as Porn..

Yes western Porn sells , poor mans blogs dont..not me as the poor man but the poor I shoot as the poor man.

I could fill all my pictures with text but fuck who has time to read text...and honestly in all humility who has time to write text and Google and Facebook and Flickr and Twitter are laughing all the way to the bank for the free service a blog does fuck the blogger .. ha ha ha

Man is Man's Worst Enemy

man kills man
man is mans
worst enemy
nature kills
man too
animal kills
man too
but man
kills man
killing his body
his soul
even today
as he did

Fuck If Only God Had Made Me Blind

I would not have to see
corruption the malaise
in society a world unkind
i would not have
to read the times of india
the hot selling news
the rape of a 12 year
old child whether it
happened or did not happen
only a fuck makes headlines
human values dead
on the soul of a fucked
mankind sometimes
i really wonder if god
was in his senses
when as a cosmic poet
this world gone to seed
within a word he designed
man the sucker
the victim the hunter
the prey
devoid of godliness
within god you find

Fuck If Only God Had Made Me Blind
i would have not shot these pictures

a poem unsigned

Unpicked Flowers for Sale

on a fucked human trail yes it is humanity that its young one fails
emotions weak and frail worse if it is the cry of a little female
a fucked human tail wags wails only the rich and the mighty
new frontiers can scale a face of sorrow hidden within a veil
human misery wholesale fucking one world to another world we sail

the world is nothing but a dream in transit held captive in a jail

to romeo fraioli ...

sometimes sorrow hides beneath a thumbnail

God Exists Only Beggars See Him Everyday.... He is a Miser For Sure

Now If I Could Only Tell You Why The Fuck I Shoot Beggars .

And I dont sell pictures I distribute it free on the Internet I evangelize one religion .. the religion of pain of every fucked beggar on earth..

Born To Be Fucked Forever

Juton Se Judi Hui Duniya Hamari

ek tasvir main kaid he zindagi hamari
juton se judi hui duniya hamari
apke talvon ke neeche hamari nishani
hamari haqeeqat muh boli kahani

Our Lives enjoined to the Soles of your Feet

Nerjis Asif Shakir's Mundan Religious Tonsure And Akika

Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure  5th DayNerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure a Set At Flickr.comNerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakir Was Aware Of My Camera And Me
Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..More Honey Grand MaHoney Applied to the GumsNerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..
Honey Applied to the GumsHoney Applied to the GumsHoney Applied to the GumsNerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..
Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..Nerjis Asif Shakirs Mundan Religious Tonsure ..