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The New Wave of Hope And Humanity

The New Wave of Hope And Humanity

Maharashtra majha garaja Maharashtra majha

The Mumbai Mobile Photographers Association Zindabad

On Ganesh Visarjan Indralok Comes Down To Earth

Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha

Gauri Visarjan at Juhu Chowpatty

Maharashtra Tumcha Tumhi Kunache ?

Indian Children Are Born With The Gift of God and Humanity

Arti To Ganpati Bappa Morya

Arti To Ganpati Bappa Morya

Caught In A Dream Spun By Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Chowpatty

He Was Not Reachable For Once

Ganpati Bappa Morya Purcha Varshi Laokar Ya

Goodbye Ganesha Purcha Varshi Laokar Ya

Lady Of The Mount

The Passion and Pain of Jesus Christ

Mount Mary Feast A Message of Peace Hope and Humanity

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I shot this day before yesterday but shall upload the the rest of the pictures after the Visarjan set is completed at my Flickr site.

This Is a Blog Of Hope Humanity and Peace For All

Jai Dev Jai Dev Jai Mangal Murti Jai Dev Jai Dev

Building A Future on the Sands of Time Fate of the Indian Girl Child

My Favorite Goddess Gauri at Juhu Chowpatty

Gauri represents purity and austerity. She is the Kanya (young, unmarried) Parvati who had undergone severe penance in order to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Sita, the consort of
Lord Rama, had worshipped Gauri to fulfill her desire to marry Lord Rama.

Unmarried girls worship Gauri in order to get a virtuous husbands.

Morya Morya Mangal Murti Morya

Pride and Soul of Maharashtra

Arti to Lord Ganesha

DSC_0708, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Jai Dev Jai Dev Jai Mangal Murti Jai Dev Jai Dev

Ganesha Arti at Juhu Beach

Sukhkarta dukhharta varta vighnachi I
Nurvi purvi prem kripa jayachi I
Sarvangi sundar uti shendurachi I
Kanthi zalke mal mukta- phalachi II 1 II
Jaya dev jaya dev jaya mangal murti I
Darshanmatre mankamana purti I
Ratnakhachit fara tuj gaurikumra I
Chandanachi uti kumkumkeshara I
Hirejadit mugut Shobhato bara I
Runzunati nupure charni ghagaria II 2 II
Lambodar Pitambar phadi varvandana I
Saral sond vakratunda trinayan I
Das ramacha vat pahe sadana I
Sankti pavave Nirvani Rakshave survarvandana II 3 II
Jaya dev jaya dev jaya mangal murti I
Darshanmatre mankamana purti II Darshan.II

What Gauri Visarjan Means To Me

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Many years back I was a chronic alcoholic just could not kick the habit as hard I tried visits to the psychiatrist and what not including the usual dua tawiz and exorcising the devil called Alcohol by Tantrik bawas.

The day I decided to give up alcohol completely about 12 years back I had a fight with my wife the following morning in sheer failure of will power I rushed to Yacht the Bevdas adda for guys like us on the hard beaten Track , I drank myself to death.

I came home pissed and as I woke up after my nasha had left me I knew my drinking had begun , because a drop was enough to re start the cycle of pain to me and my family.

So at about 5 pm I took my camera I was just dabbling in photography those days and reached Juhu beach from the lane which is close to the Union Bank ..

It was Gauri Visrajan and I let myself forget booze the worries of the world , I was shooting film , so I shot sparingly and from that day till today I never ever touched a single drop of alcohol, I know more than any thing it was my wifes and my children s prayers but the day was what I have remembered and try not to miss shooting Goddess Gauri and come to terms with my sordid past and a struggling future.

So when I set foot at Juhu Beach last evening you can imagine the pathos poetry of pain that I would soon convert into pictures and blogs.

And those who knew me during my boozing days will know what I am talking abut ..

The Mumbai Police In Full Charge at Juhu Chowpatty

I Reach Juhu Chowpatty For Gauri Visarjan

Ganpati Going For Immersion Shot From the Truck on the Way To Visarjan

Fashion Goes Out of Style But Style Always Remains In Passion

Mumbai Maibap Shot From the Truck on the Way To Visarjan

The Barefeet Blogger in the Truck

Once the truck got ready to leave I shot a lot of street pictures and listening to the gossip of Bandra as narrated by Shahid the truck driver .

Sadness as Lord Ganesha Leaves For His Heavenly Home

I Shall Miss You The Most Lord Ganesha

He is the Pamaks pet dog and he looked lost once Lord Ganesha took leave of the hospitality of this house and this is pain and devotion too .. though the Pamaks dog would bark the loudest at me because of my attire , I shot a ot of pictures of the Ganpat pandals and house Ganpatis I have not posted at my set on Flickr.

And this is my favorite picture I could not have shot it but Lord Ganesha whispered in my ear to keep this one of his staunchest devotee.

The Pamaks Getting Ready to go for Visarjan Juhu Beach

I Went With This Family To Juhu Beach for the Immersion of their Ganesha on Gauri Visarjan day..

Gauri Visarjan Juhu Chowpatty 2010

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I am not a newspaper guy but I try to give you news as fast as I can before you see the usual crappy pictures in the rags of India tomorrow I do not have to appease the soul of a photo editor I shoot what I want where I want when I want.

I shot te Mount Mary Fair last evening this evening I jumped into Harish Pamaks tempo that was going for Immersion to Juhu Beach with their Lord Ganesha..i got off to shoot pictures and lost them in the crowds , I had come here barefeet and my feet are swollen in great pain too as I have been regularly shooting all this at long stretch almost every day since the day I shot Lal Bagh Cha Raja the Idd Namaz GSB Mount Mary and this is my new set at Flickr on Gauri Visarjan my favorite photogenic goddess of Peace Hope and Humanity.

All I had at the beach was two bananas and some prasad I drank water when I reached home from Juhu Beach walking till Santacruz Police Station and took a ricksh from there for home ..the entire JuhuTara Road was made one way you can come but not go back the same way for going back you had to take SV Road.

I shot most of these pictures on flash and am not happy with the results , my SB 800 Nikon flash too is not in prime condition.

On the way I shot the massive Cong I Ganesh procession of Mr Kripa Shankar Singh with Shia youth leader of Cong I Mr Javed Shroff a dear friend too.

GSB Seva Mandals Lord Ganesha Kings Circle

DSC_0786 GSB Seva Mandals Lord Ganesha Kings Circle

GSB Seva Mandals Lord Ganesha Kings Circle

The Lord Lies Beyond The Soul of the Flame

GSB Seva Mandals Lord Ganesha Kings Circle

The Awesomeness of Lord GSB Ganesha

Following the Heritage of the GSB Community

Following The Heritage of the GSB Community

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