Monday, February 6, 2012

Insan Ko Bedar Ho Lene Do Har Qaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

Thank You KB Sir

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shuru hota
hai ek naya safar
kuch bhuli bisri
yadein tasavar
apki duaen
hamare bachon
ke sar par
khuda khushiyon
se bhara rakhe
apka ghar
apka dil
sange mar mar
apka pyar
gehra samandar
apka yeh tohfa
yad rahega
zindagi bhar
har tasvir
ek naya
ka jigar

a salute to you
from a beggar poet
dam madar malang
a street photographer

Holy Shrine Fakhruddin Shah Baba Mahim And The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

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This is a small dargah on the main Mahim road , but is full of hope and expectations , it may not have the grandeur the opulence of the main Makhdhoom Shah Baba shrine but it is carved sculpted out of Humility .

You ask something here and it will be granted this I say with assurance I have seen the worst days of my life , my life and that of my family had come to a stand still I had lost almost everything , my house was on the block, and I had just one prayer on my lips to pay back my friends creditors who stood by me in my time of need I did not ask for a new lease on my butchered slaughtered life I had sold of my silver jewelery , my video camera my wife my daughters jewelery for my family's self respect..

I am a believer of Ali a follower of Ahle Bayt lover of Hussain , a Dam Madar Malang a Shia I have never asked at any Dargah.. but with Baba Fakhr I have a very unique relationship, and he likes me every Urus he draws me to his Shrine and I shoot it for all..

I shut my shop took up a high end job as a fashion consultant , and it hit me hard because timings at the new job are like those of a penitentiary.. locked up forever but a kind understanding boss let me off on Ashura Chehlum and on Athvi where I cut my head with a dagger shedding the tears of Karbala in Blood ..

And who killed Hussain , whoever it was he was the reciter of Kalma and the reciter of Namaz and so we will never forgive him .. so on Shimr Yazid and company our feelings can never change ..on the Dushmane Ahle Bayt.. period..

As a human being a lover of God I will never forget Karbala it is my first and last Sajda of Faith above all things..

So when I am around Mahim I come to this quiet Shrine , readjust my thoughts , I talk to myself and hope for a holistic touch , I pray for my friends , I pray for my present boss his family and for those who are pain and sickness ..

My life is changing it has almost changed I have aid back a few people but yet a very long lonely path before I can come to terms with quietude..

I dont know whether I will be able to go to Haji Malang this year I have finally been invited not as a photographer but by the Chairman Yunus Saab and Abdul Bawa of Kalyan .. as a full fledged Dam Madar come and partke of Haji Malang bawas benevolence and generosity ..

And I hope he calls me for just two days at least as my work is worship too.. and than I hope my feelings are heard by the Greatest Sufi Saint Khawajah Moinuddin Chishti al Sabri.. I hope I make it for his Urus too.. I have a birds body but I have lost the span of my poetic wings ..I became a DamMadar Malang at Ajmer I gave my Bayt my spiritual pledge to Baba Masoomi of Gwalior..

So such is a life of a blogger who shoots beggars hijras as universal pain , it is not easy , my head wounds have healed furrows of the daggers mark on my Shia spirituality ..

And I shoot all faith I walk barefeet in the blazing sun walking with Jesus Christ on Good Friday.. from Sacred Heart Church to Kalina Vakola .. shooting the 14 Stations of the Cross because I owe my education my upbringing to the Christians too besides my parental heritage..

And I walk barefeet by the side of Lalbagh Chya Raja every year I showcase the fidelity faith of the Muslims of Do Tanki who felicitate a Hindu deity with flowers and thereby seal the secular signature of living with Peace .. in Mumbai.. And I sy this in humility that Lalbagh Chya Raja personally calls me on the first day to shoot him in all his pristine glory I share his pictures with others online..

This picture of the Dargah I shot without motivation , I just shot it so those who have faith will read the writing on the wall a plea of a beggar poet for a Divine Sufi Saint Baba Fakhr..

And on the very end of the globe is a American Jew my dear friend Dr Glenn Losack MD psychiatrist photographer teacher of photography to my 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir the worlds youngest street photographer from Bandra ., who urges me to get ready to shoot the Allahabad Kumbh in 2013 .. he wants me there by his side but he also knows that I have a Naga Sadhu Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj.. from Junagadh I can go anytime but I know if it is Moharam .. I will not participate even as a photographer .. I am enslaved to the pain of Hussain this beggar poet of Mumbai..

Insan ko Bedar Hone Do Har Qaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain.. Ameen

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