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Jesus on sale at the antique shop

feverish outside the antique shop at bazar drenched to the bones
he waits watching people who pass him by this world a market place everyone busy involved caught in a rat race ..
people busy conspiring to grab another mans space no time for love pretentious platitudes no grace ..ugly rotten dream of wealth self glory they chase..
the phony husband thinking of his mistress in his wifes embrace humanity a dichotomous mask of deceit conceit on every face
lost illusions lost hope god and man have parted ways
man now is bound to his caste his religion his race
jesus at the antique shop a lost moment on display

Marziya Shakir Gift of Peace

Marziya Shakir Gift of Peace

Shooting the Soul of Madness

Perhaps I am a madman too
I meet them cosmically out of
The blue they wait for me at
Crossroads of the Mind old
And new ask a madman
What are you believe me for
Once he won't ever tell you
Whether he is a Muslim
Christian or Hindu
He is not a Jew ..
But metaphorically try
To step into his shoes
A drenching pain of sorrow
A dead tomorrow he has
No clue he lives from one
Mad day to the next a cup
Of tea is heady brew he does
Not bathe on the road he
Urinates defecates trouble
Him badwords he spews
They drive him away with
Stones at the public loo
Sleeping outside a shut shop
In the rains even his dreams
Are gloomy untrue ...
He could not fly over the cuckoos nest
He solemnly silently from this world of
Sane people permanently withdrew. .

As a photographer I poeticize the soul of my pictures ...what about you ...

The indomitable formidable International Tennis Coach Mr Venkat Iyer respected Guru of my Coach Surendra Pawar .

Life taught me a lesson and it has stayed with me all these years ..without a teacher or a guru you are a rudderless paper boat the mercy of the vagaries of the waves and the unfriendly shoreline of fate .
I realized one needs a Guru and I was lucky that I have several gurus ..two of my photo gurus passed away but they still guide me in the ethereal sense .
And may God give my photo guru living legend Shreekant Malushte a very long life .
I have a Naga Guru who is a male but during a certain feast he takes on the avtar of a woman I am told his form his voice all change he becomes a receptacle for a Devi ..and Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhara does ling kriya at every Kumbh before taking the holy dip.
I have a Chishtiya Guru Peersab Fakhru Miya Ajmer Hujra no 6 I am grateful for him to my tryst with Sufism Malangs Rafaees and Qalandaris .
He is the door that led me into green pastures of metaphysical thought and retrospection .
I have a Jesuit Guru Fr Jaun and I won't ever …

GSB Seva Mandal King Circle Visarjan day Part 2