Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These Are Kids That I Shoot

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they wait for me
on this route
grinning faces
smiling cute
with pictures
of their life
their world
i salute
a blog
to these
kids pays
the ultimate
my pictorial
a pied piper
a camera as
as his flute

Marziya Shakir Birth of a Street Photographer

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in the soul
of my camera
on the second day
of her life on earth
it was the wide
angle lens
she saw
spectral light
without flaw
clinging to
her Ma
at her Pa
her grand pa
a mystic baba
bejeweled rings
as claws
her celestial
her burkha
clad grand ma
her aunt samiya
saif her chacha
the jigsaw
in the wings
her uncle
who would
teach her
to draw
the birth
of the worlds
shock and awe
depth of field
angle of focus
circle of confusion
camera club
watching her
open jawed
blessed by
kg maheswariji
guru dronacharya
shakir v/s shakir
a magical
moment called

Jesus Lives In Transit

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not sure
when he
will get hit
to wit
to remove
him from
the streets
of mumbai
so read
this as
his obit
wont be
this world
of bandits
it is Jesus
who was
found guilty
by this new
gone to
the dogs
on the
face of it
they commit
now who
is the culprit
a peace
loving man
to his fate
a reprieve
for the
but not yet
given a
clean chit

Eruch Irani My Mai Bap Of Casbah Fame

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I used to booze at Eruchs joint Casbah at Bandra Hill Road opposite Iranis and New Talkies.. Irani beer joint New Talkies and Casbah are nothing but dreams , figments of my mind..all gone way to Try Me , Globus and extension of Metro Palace Pulse..

I used to drink at Iranis too but when it shut shop I moved to Casbah when Casbah shut shop I moved to Canara Shetty joint in the evenings and Yacht for Utara early mornings..

Till one day I locked up my minds drinking shop and turned a new leaf , not touching a single drop for almost 15 years now or more.

It was Eruch who saved my money and finally we bought our first house at Danpada Khar Danda., it was dirt cheap those days lacs and not crores.

So when Eruch accosted me on Hill Road we walked back memory lane and everyone who is who of Bandra Mumbai drank at Casbah.

Casbah did not have a juke box or it would been a super hit..

Eruch is now settled in USA with his daughters but visits Mumbai regularly I am one of his old friends Bidu crony whatever you may call it..

And a Eruch a restaurateur a bar owner changed my life to a great extent I owe a lot to him specially the roof over my head.

This is my tribute to him..

And the guy next to him is my fathers ghost.. in suit shirt and tie..

The Peace Loving Marathi People I Shoot

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when i meet them on my route
give me mumbai any day
keep your shanghai your beirut
for your petro dollars
your riyals dirhams
i care two hoots
gandhi in my pocket
scams corruption
its our leaders that
our beloved country loot
white clothes
'soul covered in soot
Rolex on their hands
Italian boots
the money making
tree belongs to them
we water it
we nurture it
they however eat
its golden fruits
a political system
by the people of the
people for the people
gone kaput
common man
ki ma ki ..... toot

toot as in : to cause to sound

: to blow or sound an instrument (as a horn) especially so as to produce short blasts

a poetic thought
to transmute

Now I Dont Know What Ruffled Him.. I Dont Look A Bit Like Shahid Afridi

Humility Thy Name Is Barber

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This is where I have my hair trimmed , he feels honored refuses to take money but I insist I give him Rs 50 / he returns Rs 35 back.

And I cant say anything to him as I am literally growing my hair that like this barber in all humility refuses to grow.

Because of the furrows of the kama matam , the ritual of cutting my head during Mohram , there is a bald patch in the front, but because I wear a turban most of the time it is not noticeable.

I used to wear the turban pathani style with the kulha but I stopped it there is a fear psychosis in society regarding people from the north west..and I have nothing to say.. a friend asked me whether I will ever visit Pakistan I said no never not for any reason simply I have no wander lust towards Muslim countries , I wont visit Saudi Arabia simply because my God lives In India and I am comfortably at home with him luckily my God is not under house arrest as he is out there.

I wont visit Iraq because if I do get a free ticket or a paid one I will give it to someone more deserving than me , yes my Hussain lives in India too... my birthplace is my Karbala too.My Hussainyat begins here and ends her too..without being restricted by visa emigration or geographical boundaries.

Glenn wants me to come to Manhattan , but I am happier in my own country and I am not into travel photography, and yes I prefer shooting the streets in Mumbai.

I dont drink I dont smoke I dont fornicate , poets hardly fornicate save in their imaginations, I dont sell pictures I was born broke I will die broke .. I have no savings I have not even saved what I have posted on the internet.

I am an impulsive mouse pusher and I poetize life after death on earth... heaven or hell dont interest me.

My religiosity is individually inclined I am not a congregational man , I am congregational during Moharam only , I am one with the Shia crowds I passionately shoot ..or during Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan I walk barefeet with him to his journey towards the sea I become one with my cultural inheritance I become one with a Hindu deity I passionately shoot for all my Hindu friends .. and I still cant repay for all they have done for me when I was undergoing bad times .. they helped me each time I fell so I shoot their faith I shoot the Christian faith and this is the least I can do as a photographer.

Why I shoot the Hijras is one query I cant answer perhaps its part of their Karma and my Dharma.

This barber shop is my hope beyond darkness I shoot him I am inspired by positive thoughts and hard as I try I always bang into Hijras on the street .. they cant stay away from me I cant stay away from them.

I shot a hijra beggar yesterday , and we chatted for sometime after I took 3 shots than I spotted an old lady with a jhadu, I shot her for kicks, and she entered a shop , the shop guy Mr Parmar of Advocate Tailors later told me she was a hijra she comes every Tuesday to his shop.

This was one hijra that did not look like an hijra at all.

In a few minutes I shall walk to my workplace through the slums, away from the internet and the computer that is the fulcrum of my surreal existence.

And away from a written word photographed as a blog .. read as poetry written as prose..

Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

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pain poetry pathos and passion

Touch Me Not

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her pulsating
quilted heart
red and rosy
for someone
else he made
love is
an illusion
color of her
eye shade
touch me not
she forbade
her beauty
in brocade
hand crafted
in light and shade
through her
i wade
a poet
the frozen
of a mermaid
my pain
in a cosmic ring
i have essayed
love an emotion
not for trade
as i wither
as i jade
a pain
self made
calling a
spade a spade
my fate
on the shores
of her
i could
not evade

Jesus Was Betrayed By The Very People He Came To Save

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he had
he gave
their sins
big small
he forgave
in a world
god made
so man could
be saved
with the weight
of all the sins
it caved
man once
a master
now a slave
the brave
the shores
of humanity
after wave

Kash Hum Juda Na hote

Kabhi Alvida Na kahte

on my poems soul
she engraved
sweet short waved
less is more
he craved

Mr Chand Sports Bandra Hill Road

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Death of his only young son Ravinder hit him very hard ferociously he could never be the same again ever...I spent a lot of time with his son , who loved to talk to me on all subjects and than one day it was all over...

Aur hum jhuke-jhuke,
Mod par ruke-ruke,
Umar ke chadhaav ka utaar dekhte rahe,
Karvan guzar gaya, Gubar dekhte rahe!

Walking Barefeet For Goddess Jari Mari on Gudi Padwa Day

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She walked with the Jari Mari Gudi Padwa procession barefeet , she works as a maid near my workplace, she was humble and shy so I shot her feet , her devotion , her feet are totally burnt by the long walk... and this Devi chi Shradha Bhakti.. need I say more ... jab dil mange more..

Walking Barefeet For Goddess Jari Mari on Gudi Padwa Day

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She walked with the Jari Mari Gudi Padwa procession barefeet , she works as a maid near my workplace, she was humble and shy so I shot her feet , her devotion , her feet are totally burnt by the long walk... and this Devi chi Shradha Bhakti.. need I say more ... jab dil mange more..

Our People Are As Beautiful As Our Country

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we are Indians
humble and proud
we are single
also a crowd
we are silent
we are loud
we are
anti violent
no doubt
we give
we demand
we accept defeat
as part of life
we are victorious
in every bout
we are
good bad
even ugly
if you think
so be it
we wont
we have
the gift
of the gab
we are not
big mouth
if you have
with the politics
of our country
its your look out
across the border
safe in your haven
in your hideout
you can say what
you want to say
than blame it
on words
by media
back out
fade out
our sentiments
you phase out
you mybe a
Muslim devout
but as a human
mr afridi
you are
but a lout
to be
washed out
a candle
in the wind
burnt out

Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha

Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha

jai jai maharastra majha garaja maharsatra majha

jai jai maharastra majha garaja maharsatra majha
devaverdha krishn koyana bhadra godavari
ikpanache bharti pani matichy ghagari
bhimtharichy chatanala chatanala
bhimtharichy chatanala yamuneche pani paja
jai jai maharastra majha garaja maharsatra majha

bhiti na amha tuzi muli hi gadgadnary nabha
asmanaichy dushanila jawab deti jihva
sahydricha shinh garajato
shiv shabhu raja
dari darituni nad gunjala
jai jai maharastra majha garaja maharsatra majha
kaly chatiwari korali abhimanachi veni
poladi mangate kelati khel jivgheni
daridrychy unhat shijala
nidhalachy ghamane bhijala
desh gaouravsathi zhijala
diliche hi tact rakhito
jai jai maharastra majha garaja maharsatra majha


jai jai jai jai .... Maharashtra majha garaja Maharashtra majha

jai jai jai jai .... Maharashtra majha garaja Maharashtra majha

Maharashtra majha garaja Maharashtra majha

Ma Durge Gudi Padwa Procession Jari Mari Bandra

Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman

Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman

Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman |

Mother India

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I bow to thee, Mother,
richly-watered, richly-fruited,
cool with the winds of the south,
dark with the crops of the harvests,
the Mother!

Her nights rejoicing
in the glory of the moonlight,
her lands clothed beautifully
with her trees in flowering bloom,
sweet of laughter,
sweet of speech,
The Mother,
giver of boons, giver of bliss!

vande mātaram
sujalāṃ suphalāṃ
śasya śyāmalāṃ
vande mātaram

śubhra jyotsnā
pulakita yāminīm
phulla kusumita
sumadhura bhāṣiṇīm
sukhadāṃ varadāṃ
vande mātaram

bônde matorom
shujolang shufolang
shoshsho shêmolang
bônde matorom

shubhro jotsna
pulokito jaminim
fullo kushumito
shumodhuro bhashinim
shukhodang bôrodang
bônde matorom

Ma Durge Gudi Padwa Procession Jari Mari Bandra

Ma Durge Gudi Padwa Procession Jari Mari Bandra

mera chana bana hai aala jisamein daala garam-masaala

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isako khaayega dilavaala chana zor garam
ki : mera chana kha gaya goraa-gora
kha ke ban gaya tagada ghoda
maine pakad ke use maroda
maar ke tangadi usako toda
chana zor garam
chana zor garam baabu ...

KRANTI - 1981 Movie Songs Lyrics


Ice gola

Ice gola, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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made in india
dhoni ne
dho dala
dil machal
ke bola
bham bham bola
dil dola dil dola
sweet syrupy
ice gola
than american
coca cola
or mangola
or pesicola
dil ka khola
har jeet
toh chodo
afridi ne
ulta seedha
kyon bola
ka sapola
musibat se
ham ko bachaye
akka maulah

jeet mubarak
ap sab ko
khao ladu
peda rasgola
dhoni ne dho dala
diil machal ke bola
dil dola dil dola

Rangoli At Shiv Sena Shaka Bandra Hill Road Gudi Padwa

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. They are decorative designs on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming area for the deities.[1] The ancient symbols have been passed on through the ages, from each generation to the one that followed, thus keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. Rangoli and similar practices are followed in different Indian states; in Tamil Nadu, one has Kolam,[2] Madanae in Rajasthan, Chowkpurna in Northern India, Alpana in Bengal, in Bihar it is called Aripana, and so on. The purpose of Rangoli is decoration and it is thought to bring good luck. Design-depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by women. Over the years, tradition has even made room for modern additions, that add some flair to this beautiful art. Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions such as festivals, auspicious observances, celebrations of marriages and other similar milestones and gatherings. Rangoli designs can be as simple as geometric shapes, deity impressions, flower and petal shapes that are appropriate to the given celebrations, but can become very elaborate with many people coming together to work on the designs. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour, to which Sindoor (vermillion), Haldi (tumeric) and other natural colours can be added. Chemical colours are a modern variation. Other materials that are now used are coloured sand and even flowers and petals as in the case of Flower Rangolis.

Alpana is one name of rangoli. Mohen-jo-daro and Harappa also had Alpana. Vatsyayan Alpana's work - the formula is described in Chausst arts (The most ancient folk art). The word 'Alpana' is derived from the Sanskrit 'Oalanpeen' ; Oalanpeen means to plaster. In ancient times people believed that these funds artistic painting the town and villages - are able to contain cereal is full of magical effects and reserve assets. This approach was Alpana art practiced on religious and social occasions. Many fast or worship, which is given the Alpana, Aryan is the era before. Swami Anand Kumar, who are called scholars of Indian art, modern folk art of Bengal's view that the direct link is from 5000 years ago the art of Mohen-jo-daro. Waratchari movement and Bangla folk art and culture scholar Gurushay generator according to Dutt, the lotus flower Bengali women make between their Alpanooan, at Mohenjo-daro of the lotus flower is a replica. Some other scholars are of the opinion that Alpana Astrik people in our culture, such as shaved species come from, which in this country many years before the arrival of Aryans were living. According to the ancient and traditional folk arts of Bangladesh's agricultural era standing. At that time some people believe that gods and had some magical effects, which in practice would have been a good harvest and Priatatmaaey had run away.[2] of Alpana Inspired by these traditional Aleknoan Acharya Awneendranath Tagore Santiniketan art building with other subjects of painting - this art also made a compulsory subject. Today this art are known as Alpana of Santiniketan. The blonde goddess in art will enjoy the memorable name of the mother are considered Alpana Santiniketan.

Rangoli is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. It is considered an important part of the spiritual process. why the various gifts and sacrifices in the 'altar' are created when creating the माँडने. Rural Anchaloan home - yard Buharkar Llypane still exists after the custom of making rangoli. Land - called the purification of the spirit and prosperity lies behind it. Alpana philosophy of life which symbolizes the impermanence of knowing with full enthusiasm and devotion present wished to live with Sumngl remains constant. The knowing that tomorrow it will be washed, which is the purpose, he wished to be the greatest. Additional house festivals - family occasions or just like any other Manglik say that the art of decorating rangoli is now not only limited to Pujagrah. Women with great passion and enthusiasm in every room of the house and make rangoli at the entrance. The hobby itself the basis of his fiction is already there, eternally - innovative creation is symbolic of the spirit. Rangoli created at the icons such as the swastika, lotus flower, Lakshmiji step (Pegalie) etc. are considered indicators of prosperity and Mangalkamn. Many homes today, ahead of Dewalyoan Rangoli is made daily. Customs - customs Sshajti - सँवारती The art has also become a part of modern families. Introduction of diversified interest in craftsmanship and artistic home - decor created for almost all except the few माँडणों माँडणे are a symbol of human spirit. And thus an important means to realize our cultural feelings are considered. Rangoli symbolizes joy and happiness Rangamayie expressions.

Rangoli art is an adornment or decoration that has different names in the different provinces of India. Uttar Pradesh in the square Purna, Rajasthan in the Mmandn, Bihar in the Aripan, Bengal Alpana in, Maharashtra in the rangoli, Rangavallie in Karnataka, Kollam in Tamil Nadu, ऐपण in Uttaranchal, Andhra Pradesh in the Muggu or Muggulu, HP 'Aroopn', Kumaon in the Alikhthap or Thapa, the Kerala in the Kolam, Gujarat in Saathiyo. There are many variations in these Rangolioan. Maharashtra Rangoli their homes on the door in the morning so create an evil force in the house so that they could not enter. India's southern Kerala settled on the edge Onam rangoli on the occasion of flowers used to decorate is. South Indian Province - Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the 'column' is some margin but their basics are unchanged. These are decorated in geometric and symmetrical मूल्यतः sizes. For rice flour or slurry is used. The back of the rice flour used to be white and easy availability. Between the thumb and forefinger of dried rice flour by putting a certain cast is dropped. Rajasthan Mandana the word was taken from the corroboration means is decoration. Mmandne various festivals, major festivals and ॠ can be categorized based on seasons. Different shapes depending on the size of it also can be shared. Kumaon 's "writing beat 'or in a variety of plotting symbols Thapa, artistic designs, Bellbutoan is used. Alikhthap of society apart - separated by different groups - different icons and art media is used. South Indian rangoli usually based on geometric shapes while at the north of the auspicious sign.

Rangoli India belong to any province, the folk art, so its elements are taken from the public are common. Rangoli is the most important element Utswdhermita. For this auspicious symbols are selected. Thus the symbol for generations as they are made - and is required to make these symbols. Traditionally new generation learns the art and thus our - my family keeps the tradition intact. Rangoli major symbols of a lotus flower, its leaves, mango, Tue vase, fish, different kind birds, parrot, swan, peacock, human figures and foliage are found in almost all India's Rangolioan. Rangolioan to be made on special occasions also undermines some special shapes such as Diwali Rangoli in the Deep, Ganesha or Lakshmi. The second key element is using rangoli incoming material. The same material is used which is easily found everywhere. Therefore this art rich - poor is prevalent in all homes. Normally the major ingredients to make rangoli - Pise rice solution, dried powder made from the leaves color, charcoal, burned soil was, wood sawdust, etc.. Rangoli is the third important element background. Rangoli for the background was clear floor or wall or Llype is used. Rangoli yard in the middle, corners, or as Bell is created around. Dehri gateway on the tradition of making rangoli. God's seat, depending on lamp, place of worship and sacrifice on the altar is the tradition of decorating rangoli. With time, imagination and innovative ideas in Rangoli art is also incorporated. Hospitality and tourism has also had its effect and it has been commercially developed. The colors also convenient because it places such as hotels is being built on its traditional charm, artistry and importance are still remain.

Rangoli is made in two ways. Dry and wet. Both a generous and is created by adding other points. The rangoli made by adding points to the first white paint on the ground in a particular size are made certain point then shaking the points is a beautiful figure takes shape. After creating the desired shape, there are full color. Freehand rangoli image is created directly on the ground. Traditional Mmandn make ocher and gray is used vertically. Rangoli rangoli colors to meet the market diversify the color can be made. Rangoli making trouble for those wanting the freedom to decorate your home Dehri 'Redimad rangoli' sticker found in the market, which desired pasting location for Rangoli patterns can be created. In addition, the market has emerged as plastic shapes but also get points, which put him on the floor putting up paint beautiful shape emerging from the ground comes. Rangoli is the practice of making these items can be used. See some of which cast the flour or colored powder that can be filled. There are small holes per sample. Slightly off the floor as they collide at certain locations Zrta colors and beautiful piece becomes manifest. Using plastic to make rangoli are also Steeansils. wet Rangoli rice water mixed up in it Peiskara crafted. The solution to the ऐपण, ऐपन or Pithaar called. Use this colorful turmeric is also used to make. In addition to the market to meet colorful rangoli posters, crayons, Febrik and are made from acrylic colors.

A newer trend of making rangolies involves using cement colours with marble powder. This is a rather precise method but requires some previous training. Beautiful portraits can be drawn using this method.

Rangoli Indian folk painting is the most ancient cultural traditions. See the painting of the three major - Land illustration, mural painting and drawing on paper and textiles. The most popular Land graphs, which is known as Rangoli or Alpana. For paintings of Bihar, Madhubani district and Thane Worli is a place called Famous. Their design styles and creative content is the same as Rangoli. Good marks on various occasions with a variety of decorations of the walls are paintings. The third type consists of drawing paper or fabric. ज्यूँति it in Kumaon, Rajasthan or Perchyean called Afr. ज्यूँति where Jiwmaatrkaoan and pictures of deities are made in the same Afr Lokdewatooan lineage of kings and is painted. Andhra - Pradesh and Orissa Pattchitr Kalamkari folk art of similar examples it shows that the tradition of folk culture painted by hand is extremely widespread and ancient. It is also clear that the Indian culture lies at the core of how artistry and elegance.

The artistry and elegance still frequently appears as a good change. With the growth of prosperity today to decorate it is not waiting for the arrival of the auspicious occasions but have made any important occasion is auspicious Rangoli arrange. Whether release of something or hotel promotions - to be spread, Rangoli decoration is deemed necessary. Rangoli Exhibition and rangoli contests addition Nowadays artists have also begun. Some रंगोलियाँ are such that even appear to see the pattern of an artwork. These comprise of modernity and tradition can be easily targeted. Arecardoan making rangoli competitions and also has amazing sequence began. Book World Record off Gineez Vijay Lakshmi Mohan was the first woman to deliver the rangoli, who in Singapore August 3, 2003 made this record. by 2009 the record is broken every year. Also record the make rangoli on water off the World Record Book Guiness have joined.

Gudi Padwa At Shiv Sena Shaka Bandra Hill Road

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I have a great equation with the Shiv Sainik karykartas and volunteers , I am very close to Sudesh Dubey and Sandip Metkar Shaka Pramukhs both , they invited me for the Gudi Padwa celebrations but I missed out on it unfortunately.

And through my pictures I show you Amchi Bandra my surroundings a peaceful suburb where all live in communal harmony reflecting the secular spirit of Amchi Mumbai.

Later while returning from work last night I shot the Jari Marii Gudi Padwa procession.

The Sweet Magic Of Taking Street Pictures

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When I return from my workplace kids of Chinchpokli Road Bandra wait for me , and all line up for a picture pose following me urging please take our picture uncle who have grown under my nose these kids are from indraji Nagar a nearby slums.. close to my house..a memory i froze..

in the soul
of my bandra blogs
a story board
through my lens
i demystify
young souls
young kids
who wait for me
to shoot them
going overboard
on the internet
as they unfold
bright and bold
time and tide
on hold
each part
of a frame
for prime spot
prime position
one the other
rusty moments
turn to gold
they forget
their homework
their domestic
their pain
their sufferings
a single frame
their stronghold
dreams on
in their
their future
i behold
calm serene