Monday, November 1, 2010

Latur The City Of Hope And Plenitude

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I was invited for a day to Latur by my dear friend and patron Mr Madhusudan Bhutada businessman and philanthropist and a few lines I penned on this city as my poetic tribute..

hindus muslims
live in peace
no fights no feud
latur home
to the multitude
16 roads leading to
the ganj golai
city of hope humanity
growth and plenitude
latur where people
are hospitable
polite not crude
latur where destiny
is in mankind's
utmost gratitude
latur gods humility
mans struggle
from an earthquake
a new dawn
he rescued
latur fate and fortitude
a place simple
down to earth no attitude
grace dignity godliness
embedded and imbued
latur a city of munificence
a blooming garden
of joy happiness beatitude
a sacred part of maharashtra
highly respected valued

Firoze Bhai Rastachap Photographer

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