Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Break Dance Of Democracy Has Begun

dance dont run
elections is mud
slinging ..beating
the other party
on the run..
dynastic politics
father mother son
someone has to get
elected or no fun
to the sucked up
voter the loser
they say after
being elected
mother fucker
thanks a ton
half won is well
begun ..ab phir
batorenge desh
ka dhan..from the
common man
everyone ,,
new laws to make
the rich man richer
or none ,,,,

The Desire To Get Inked ,,,

in its sleep
i think..
why vote
what will i get
as ministerji
takes away every
thing..mind soul
out of sync on
voting day the rich
out of station at
alibagh murud khim
partying dance drinks
the wrong man gets
elected as the nation
sinks ..dance of
democracy is back
on the rink..politics
what a stink...here
in india one leg
in the grave wants
to be elected again
from the battle ground
will not slink..party
tickets before being
sold out totally jinxed

The Muslim Vote

bade arman
se nikle teh
ghar se dene
vote ,, jis paksh
par lagaya thapa
khaiee chot
badkismati ka
alam ..dabe hont
har party ne toda
wada ,,garibon
ka gala ghot
ab jab jate hain
vote dene dil
kehta hai bhai
ghar wapas laut
hath main sab
neta ke hai remote
jab zor se dabaya
agaye note ..hamare
hath main babaji ka
thullu ,, aur dal mot

The Voter Is The Biggest Sucker In Democracy

after he has inked
his finger ministerji
back in power on
his fucked soul
will stand and pee
calling it a purifying
effect cleansing
hope humanity
five years more
for free ..agey
kya hoga we will
wait watch and see

Election Time- Dance Of Democracy...Begins

blaring of loudspeakers
every candidate worth
his salt wants to win..
take the voters the
biggest suckers on
a spin..promising
him heaven also
a bottle of premium
gin..but not voting
is a venial sin..
but after the chutiya
has voted his finger
inked throw the
mother fucker back
in the dustbin..
hands folded with
plastic smile your
doorbell they will ring
please vote for me
my party..dance
of democracy round
the cosmic ring ,,
once in power
your electricity bill
you water bill
we will reduce by
50% yes voter saab
madam you are our
queen and king
for you we will do
will pepper spay our
opponents throw mike
break the head of
the speaker ..bills
out of the parliament
we will fling.. your lyrics
your songs we will sing
satyamave jayate
truth shall prevail
we will never be
puppets on a string

I Was Fucked The Day I Cast My Vote

five years
down the line
nothing new
only remorse
pain increase
in cost of
living nothing
else to emote
my demons
i terrifyingly
fought ..my
life a sinking
boat ,, thrown
out by a wife
kids on the road
neither here
nor there in
a drunken stupor
afloat ..with my
own hands i
want to strangle
my throat ..

here lies a voter fucked forever as my footnote ...tears on the soul of gandhi on my currency note

If Votes Were Horses Politicians Would Ride..