Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memories of Mumbai Hassan S Shirazi


fucked, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

marwate aye they
marwate jayenge
sab ne hamari
itminhan se le li
ab duniya ko
kya muh dikhayenge

She Shot Me From Paschimi Express at Mira Road I Shot Her Too

Windows of my unfucked mind

for no fault
of mine
into blogs
like water
'into wine
street pain
street angst
the song
of the swine
on the roads
living dead
from nine to nine
to be or
not to be
for a sign

Lucky Hotel Dude Bandra Salaam Aga

Adab Tehzeeb Aur Patangbazi..

Bandra The Queen of Kites in the Suburbs

Kya Yeh Woh Pad Rahe Hain Jo Inke Mukadar Main Likha Hai

Kite Flying is Injurious to Birds But Fuck Who Cares

Now Public My Pain and My Encounter The Office Slut

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picture courtesy google images

The picture I have of the office slut is in the nude wearing a black tie and a coffee mug that says office slut , I will not post it here to hurt Flickr sensibilities and I am not sure whether it will upload as an image from my dreamless den of a poet begotten mind.. so read the poem dedicated to my brother the internet crawler cum genius Fred Miller of Virtual Poona Fame.

now public
the lashes on my soul
the welts the slithering
crisscross cuts
in memory of a
office slut
no ifs some tits
some butt
followed by her
boss the horny mutt
his you know what
stuck in a rut
because his wife
could not make it stand
he gave in to his libido
his unmanageable lust
all for a single gaze
of her pendulous ass
her glitzy bust
but there was a glitch
the office slut as
a spam on the internet
you do not flirt
as normally
she turned out to be
a woman
with a cock
hidden in her skirt
seminal soliloquy
as my thoughts splurt
pesky and pert
a transvestite
an office slut
7 inch..i mean heels
as she hits the dirt
call her instantly
she wont revert

You Would Drop Dead if You Knew Hitens Pain ...

Street Photography is Sense of Smell

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eyes closed
what the nose tells
a blog you cant buy
i dont sell
on the streets
living dead
in a living hell
the camera
the third eye
of shiva
doing tandav
magic spell
you the unseen
your past
if it rings a bell
the world in an
oyster pearl like
where i dwell
a thought
as an image
as it swells


Innocence Is Godliness

Adding Friends On Facebook is Only a Fad

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sometimes good
most of the time bad
fictitious faces
fictitious names
totally sad
a woman
beneath her dress
a consenting lad
over made up
cosmetic tits
a lot of pad
this poets dilemma
whom to ignore
whom to add
of my poem
my pathos
sometimes sane
sometimes mad

Jab Apne Dar Par Nahi Milta To Jesus Ke Dar Par Ate Hain

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kaie bar
masjid se
bhagaye jate hain
mandir se bhagaye
jate hain besahara
lawaris ham sab
ka jhuta khate hain
ham bhikari kehlate hain
dar dar thokre khate hain
jab apne dar par nahi milta
jesus ke dar par ate hain

khichi tasvir usne hamari
ham apke computer par
dikh jate hain ham bhikari
kehlate hain
ham bhikari kehlate hain
phuti kismet phuti kaudi
ko azmate hai hamara
pura ho na ho ham ap ko
dua dekar apko
uparwale se dilwate hain
ham bhikari kehlate hain

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....