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Dure Najaf The Power To Heal.. Holistically

Dure Najaf The Power To Heal.. Holistically, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
Dur-e-Najaf ,Dhur(quartz) al-Najaf(from Najaf) is a type of quartz which comes from Iraq. Specifically from
Najaf al-Ashraf. It is found in either the rivers or on land. the ones from the rivers are brighter.
The sight of Durr-e Najaf supposedly makes the heart of believers( male or female )happy and it cures pain in their eyes.
To look towards the Durr-e-Najaf, increases the happiness, It is helpful in the cure of all kinds of eye diseases and
is beneficial for everyone. In islamic lore it is said to cleanse it , rinse it in water and briefly leave it in the sun.

Why Wear Dure Dur-e-Najaf.

Najaf Dur-e-Najaf is a very religious stone for Muslims.

It is obtained from Najaf Al Ashraf, Iraq. Those obtained from the river are more illustrious than those obtained from land. It is good for ailments of the eye and it creates happiness in the heart. It is a gemstone full of spiritual, religious values a…

Supernatural Possession At Dargahs

Supernatural Possession At Dargahs, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
Some dargahs in India are famous for holistic healing of possessed people , people that have lost their mental balance , and shooting this segment is not easy, as a lot of people involved in this are frauds , charlatans deviously trying to make a fast buck and sadly the gullible naive fall prey easily ,,but than the pain of have a mentally unstable sibling partner relative is tough , I have seen and shot a lot ,and it is scary too the method involved , and this subject has fascinated me as a photographer .

I did try to compile all this documentary under a single set at Flickr but gave up, but you can see all this if you Flickr search my photostream with tags such as possession , exorcism, hazri, occult , shot at the various dargahs I visited in India.

Some pictures of the Hijra Shamans , The Moosa Suhagins healers , I have removed from the public domain..a lot of possession take…