Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Maharshtrian Manoos Begs For A Living ,, No Political Party Has Done Anything For Them

As A Photographer I Want Others To Shoot The Beauty Of India Culture Rituals Customs

People normally complain there is nothing to shoot , and spend a fortune visiting other places to search for pictorial content ..but they are the lucky ones with money time and the camera .

People like me use necessity as the mother of Invention , we may not have that surplus funds , or financial support or sponsor , but God gives us festivals seasons that are at hand to be shot .And one of them is Durga Visarjan after Dasshera ,

Most of the photographers rush to Shivaji Park to shoot the burning of Ravana , I used to shoot it once but more than that I loved shooting Ramlila at Shivaji Park the recital the performance and meeting the artists backstage.

But nowadays I go straight to Juhu Beach to shoot Durga visarjan or Immersion and this series I shot in 2012 ,, I am reposting it as Black and White ,,

It is not easy removing color from one of the most colorful feasts looking at the faces of the Bengali beautiful women on Sindoor Khela , looks better in color the bounty of red auspicious vermilion.

But art is beyond color too ,, it goes from one emotion to another and honestly I enjoy shooting Gods through the eyes of their people followers and believers .

Goddess Durga is the essence life breath of the Bengali as an amateur photographer I tried to capture it sensitively and diligently ,,hoping to inspire others to shoot her too.. dont let your camera rust .. let it live bring Durga home from the SEas through your pictures ,,

Bolo Durga Maiki Jai.