Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Storyteller s Tale

in a beggars wail
covered in her
hijab..her sweaty
veil..her hands
stretched out
in the rain sinewy
pale ..a muslim
lady with a child
on her lap ..
unfortunate female
still imprisoned to
her mothers womb
an eternal jail..
is this a woman
god forgot failed
dreams doomed
dreams derailed
a picture i shot
in my minds camera
that leaves behind
a sorrowful trail.

searching in the wastelands
of despair remorse the holy grail

dedicated to mr randhir behl

Raju Ear Cleaner BW Bandra Talao

Raju Ear Cleaner BW Bandra Talao

Pitru Paksha 2015 Religious Tonsure Barbers of Banganga