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I Would Believe In Modijis Digital India Provided A Man Is Not Lynched For Eating Beef

killed murdered
on the basis of a
rumor a thought
that stinks silence
on the soul of our
politicians who
divide hindus
muslims yet want
our fingers to be
inked to vote them
to power when such
a barbaric incident
happens they go
silent their eyes
dont blink ..
this is certainly
not the good days
they promised
think netaji think
humanity on the
edge of a brink
as we become
inhuman into
a fathomless
abyss we sink

Me With The Mahatma Gandhi of Delhi ,, Ashraf Ali Abidi

He was my mothers favorite nephew son of her step brother , my mother loved him like her own son ..she called him Huzoor Miya and she would pamper him when he visited Mumbai when she was alive ,,she was equally fond of his sister Hamida ,,
Huzoor Miyas dad was seriously ill when she was young , and he stayed during his illness at the house of the Durannis , it was here she served him ..and would talk about the old days her aunt Phupi Jan sister of her father erstwhile Daroga Nabban Sab of Thwai Tola Imliwali Gali Pata Nala descendant of poet Mir Anis ,,
Daroga Nabban Sab had married his brothers widow .Nazmi Begum she had one daughter from his brother and three children from Nabban Sab.. my mother Begum being one of them.
My mother held to the past firmly till she was alive , and her fathers first family relocated to Pakistan but her mother and some members remained back in Lucknow ,, my mother kept in touch with her step family in Pakistan..
Huzoor Miya was the apple of my mothers e…

As Photographers It Is Our Moral Duty To Create Hindu Muslim Amity ,,

Why do I shoot pictures ..what does one see when one views my Flickr timeline the source river bed of all my pictures ..I shoot all religions faith that make up my composite collective ethos of India I as a Muslim would never shoot a picture to hurt my Hindu brother or my Christian brother ,and this does not come because I am a photographer but because my parentage my upbringing respected culture ,, my mother would never call another person a kaffir we are are products of that mother ..and this applies to my brothers sisters too .

My sister in law is a Hindu and my mother treated her on par , but with more love as she honored us by accepting our family ,we did not ask her to convert ,,this was the beauty of my mother ..she bequeathed us a love that was unique .

I have been shooting Hinduism since the time I first took the camera in my hands and my Hindu friends invite me to their feasts and Devendra and Velu the high priest of Marriammen Temple Juhu Nehru Nagar  never forget me and I…

My Textbook Of Photography Has Been Lord Ganesha

I made sure my granddaughter Marziya Shakir and Nerjis Asif Shakir shot him too , while he was being sculpted , and both were 2 year old respectively ,they could barely hold the camera but I guided them.. the most important aspect of photography they learnt was placing the camera strap round their neck before taking the camera from me ,
Marziya is 7 Nerjis is 4 ,, both have shot the Ganesha pandals and the eyelids of the third eye of Shiva are Ganesha and Parvati ,, I use Hindu interpretation symbolism.. and for me that is the essence of my photography and all my 3 Gurus were Hindus ,, most of my photographer friends who pushed me deep into photography were Hindus ,, and so I promoted Hinduism through my images and my Hindu Blogs as Hope And Hindutva a Message of Universal Peace ..I am a victim of the 93 Hindu Muslim riots but it has not come in the way of my life ,.. it changed me certainly , it made me wary of politicians of all communities , most politicians only use the divide in…

Flickr On Twitter Needs To Grow Up ,,,

Such juvenile poor choice of pictures that it makes me throw up, and there is a galaxy of some of the most profound prolific photographers ..and we learn from them.. I am disappointed with the curator on Twitter ,, he or she needs to be a photographer or is it a robot ,, like their customer care ,,, I hope they recover and I am not in the league of those photographers stalwarts veterans .. I have been pimping my Flickr timeline much before Flickr came on Twitter , I promote Flickr too  my Twitter timeline is photo based and mostly with my links from Flickr ,,


My Twitter 

The Quintessential Earcleaners of Bandra Talao

I was returning by bus from Santacruz,, and when the bus dropped me at Bandra SV Road I decided to pay a visit to my friends Kassim Bhai Nabi bhai .. earcleaners both brothers have been cleaning wax from the ears for 40 years .

In the early days of their career as earcleaners they used to charge one anna ,,, now they charge Rs 20 but sometimes they are happy if they get Rs is really bad they were telling me ..between them they had 5 clients ,, so I sat with Nabi to get my ears cleaned and shot two videos ,,

My earcleaner videos are the most viewed on You Tube ,,

I gave both of them 20 bucks each and listened to their tale of rising prices , hardships , they are originally from a farming background , but failure of crop and hard times made them earcleaners like their father a farmer turned earcleaner ,.

Kassim Bhai is the eldest his sons were into farming but now they word as kadia ,, masons at a construction site in Karnataka close to Gulbarga ,, one of their relative t…