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St Peter Church History Bandra

The Old Church: The foundation of the original St Peter’s Church was laid in April 12, 1852, by Bishop Hartmann. The Church was completed in September 1853. It measured approximately 100 by 75 feet. In 1867 a second storey was added to the old top floor.
The storey above the Church was at first used as the priests’ residence and parish school. In 1855, the Jesuit Seminary was transferred from Surat to Bandra, and the seminary and the parish schools were merged. In 1863, the seminary was again transferred to Bombay, and the Boys’ Orphanage from Bombay came to Bandra. This was the beginning of the St Stanislaus’ High School.

The New Church: As far back as August 1887, the then Archbishop of Bombay issued the following appeal: “The poor parish of St. Peter’s Bandora, numbers with the orphans (boys and girls) 2215 souls and has for a church the floor of the boys’ Orphanage. This place is much too small and is ill-suited for divine service. A new and more spacious Church is much needed an…

Eton College Chapel Choir Rehearsal At St Peter Church Bandra

The heat was giving these kids a real bad time but this disciplined polite lot represented the spirit of their College Country and Jesus Christ.

They were dedicated and with their music touching the hearts of peace and humanity ,,they were focused and watching them added joy to my photography I wish I could have shot each face and their emotional ecstasy and their passion.

This new series is my humble tribute as a Muslim photographer to the parents of these gifted members of Eton College Chapel Choir at my favorite Church St Peter Bandra where God actually peaks in through the colorful stained windows .

About Eton College Chapel.
Eton College Chapel is the chapel of Eton College, an independent school in the United Kingdom.

Never completed owing to the Wars of the Roses, the Chapel should have been a little over double its current length; a plaque on a building opposite the West End marks the point to which it should have reached.[1] The Chapel is built in the late Gothic or Perpendi…

The Eton College Chapel Choir At St Peter Church Bandra

These kids from the elite Eton College were at the Church rehearsing their music for their performance at the Church after 8 Pm Mass,, Much as I wanted to go and shoot it but I was with Linda and did not go for the same .

But at the rehearsal I shot two videos and loads of images . I hope the English kids who were having a tough time to coping the Mumbai hot humid weather will enjoying seeing these as sweet memories of their sojourn in Mumbai.

And for me even as a Muslim St Peter Church adds to my inner peace and my Church memories of my old school and the exquisite Wodehouse Holy Name  Cathedral at Colaba .

St Peter Church used to be my escape and I shot Jesus his followers his clergy and the Silhouette of the Holy Spirit plying hide and seek with me near the marble statue of Jesus Christ.

And Fr Jaun the Vhurch pastor has been my friend teacher mentor , this Spanish Priest who speaks fluent Marathi has spent 63 years in Mumbai.. he too had met Mother Theresa that is why I had bough…

Once A Street Photographer Always A Street Photographer

This ends a backlog I have another memory card to go...I have had a tiring week, a tiring day and I slept ..and this series are pictures in and around Bandra Bazar  Road close to where I stay and after using Facebook to be connected to my friend I finall shut it down I am not much into likes and pokes and hugs .

I guess I dont have the required time or patience to use Facebook but it is nice to get back to your friends I was out of Facebook for almost one year and now I dont know when I shall go back to the loony bin.

Well man must live with good memories only .. I enjoyed revisiting places that perhaps would have never visited on my own.. I feel emancipated in spirit .. now I have to get back to my work to my walking routine and getting back to controlling my blood sugar .

Ever since I began strenuously walking at MET I have no appetite and for last three days I have not gone for my daily walks ,, I will start again from tomorrow ,, people who dont have much money consider time thei…