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Ghame Hussain Ka Mausam Kareeb Hai

ham gurbat main karbala ko camera ke seene main utar lete hain..

The Andhra Police Are Human And Considerate ...To Our Pain Called Ghame Hussain

I Wear a Press Card - Because The World Has Yet To Know About Bloggers

Bhai Gala Sambhal Ke .. Philal Ek Hi Hai

Kachra Peti Donon Pair Khol Ke Leti

Main Kachra Peti Elake Ki Najayaz Beti

Zindagi Bhar Sath Rehne Ka Wada Nibhaya ,,Tel Main Gayi Mohabat Sirf Mundi Aur Paya

Shadi Ke Palang Ka Bahut Bura Hal Hai Biwi Hai Maikhe Main Aj Naya Sal Hai

waqt ka taqaza kismet pe tale ..pairon pe chale

The Muslim Man Has Gone To Sleep

A Clothesline Poem (Anonymous)

sourced from the net

A clothesline was a news forecast, to neighbors passing by.
There were no secrets you could keep when clothes were hung to dry.
It also was a friendly link, for neighbors always knew
If company had stopped on by to spend a night or two.
For then you’d see the “fancy” sheets and towels upon the line.
You’d see the “company tablecloth” with intricate design.
The line announced a baby’s birth, from folks who lived inside
As brand-new infant clothes were hung, so carefully with pride!
The ages of the children could so readily by known;
By watching how the sizes changed, you’d know how much they’d grown!
It also told when illness struck, as extra sheets were hung;
Then nightclothes, and a bathrobe, too haphazardly were strung.
It also said, “Gone on vacation now,” when lines hung limp and bare.
It told, “We’re back!” when full lines sagged with not an inch to spare!
New folks in town were scorned upon, if wash was dingy and gray,
As neighbors carefully raised their brows, and looked the other way…
But clotheslines now are of the past, for dryers make work much less.
Now what goes on inside a home is anybody’s guess!
I really miss that way of life - it was a friendly sign;
When neighbors knew each other best by what hung on the line.

taken from

Good Morning Bandra Garbage Queen of the Suburbs

Two Measely Bins For An Entire Area .. Thank You Bandra Municipality

Shooting Garbage Made Me Sincere To Myself And My Surroundings

“For me, the future of journalism is blogging. ” – Mary Jo Foley

Life a One Way Lane

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school girl
in a rush
going to school
to enhance
the gloomy corridors
of her brain

poor muslim
beggar woman
her impoverished child
life's tutorials without gain
lifes report card filled
with pain
life going going gone
under the drain
acid rain
karmic chain
life a one way lane

suspended in misery
your soul remains
unless you are
hit by a running train
cutting your wrists
without complain
a death certificate
without money
you cant obtain

Muslim Beggar Lady at Crossroads

for a few coins
from your miserly pockets
she sits and waits
Muslim community
builds houses of gods
madrsas ..
she a demolished
house without gates
oh to see them begging
everyone hates
in silence her pain
of being a Muslim
destitute she narrates
while the jihad continues
killing of innocent people
in the name of Islam
wont abate
eunuch silence
just diatribe and debate
a suicide bomber
on the soul of humanity
has sealed his fate
virgins in paradise
as his soul mate
the mullah frowns
a question mark
that time negates
another pawn
hate only
more hate

Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa

Over the years my visits to the few dargahs I have been to during Urus time I met a lot of weirdo bawas , kinky bawas crazy bawas , but none like the sauve sphisticated Hassan Ganda bawa.

He is delight to watch and shoot , his encounters with women who pursue him in the nights in the fields to sleep with him , just to father a child is unbelievable , but Hassan does not lie and man woman nature has its shortcomings too..

Hijras he keeps at arms length , he is a peacock a conceited pigeon , and because I listen to his stories that he has repeated so many times he likes me.. we bond well ..

He is a perfect model for the kind of pictures I shoot.. I told him I would take him to my shop dress him in an Italian cut suit and he was furious as though I had insulted him..he cooled down immediately...the bawas are like little children you handle with kids gloves.

He has taken my visiting card and come what may I am as crazy as he is I will shoot him in a western suit...ha ha

Having lived with wild animals in the jungles all his life he is as wild in temperament and thought..I have never shown him a single picture of his and one day he told me at the Dhuni - Ye Bhenchod Internet kya bala hai..

.I have promised to take him to a cybercafe and show him all his pictures via Google Search..

And Glenn Losack has promised to give him big green backs for lifting a 50 kg stone with his member.. ha ha

A Message of Peace Through Pictures

The guy standing next to me is Shakil Bhai he owns this prime place and the dhuni too, he organizes the Ali Maulah Dagah urus with a committee ..

He was a pefect host , offering me tea and dinner too.. but I was just interested in shooting them , unfortunately their sandal procession was on 5 December and I missed it.

I shot this dargah on 9 th and 10 th December.

I prefer this place , Dharavi its quaint lanes and kind and friendly people.

And my orange clothes have been put to rest for 2 month eight days , I wear only black no whites no grays.

Because I am very close to my inherited Hindu culture and because I am a Shia ... they began calling me the Shia Pandit..and it does not offend me at all, I take it as my pride of being born a Muslim in India..

I am what I am in the eyes of the beholder , a Muslim mam once asked me if I was a Hindu, I said I was much as he was a Muslim..the strange thing is we are so devilishly condemned as Hindus and Muslims that we have stopped being human completely.

I have eaten food with a beggar on the road , I have begged alms with my Guru at the Nasik Kumbh .. and that moment taught me the purity of humility..

I have met the Aghoris but did not partake their meals ..the only time it was a matter of choice rather than humility..

I sometimes wonder at Facebook, people add me as a friend because I shoot Hijras or because I am a Shia or because I am in Bollywood perhaps only on the periphery..very few add you as a human being with a message of peace though pictures.

Clawing My Way Out Of Madness

the normal world
is a house of madness
in which we live
we just take
what is not ours
pain sorrow hate
in return
we give
like Prometheus bound
to karmic chains
we are held captive
to destroy
this planet
our collective motive
a heritage of our
doomed fate
our children may
masters of their destiny
no more submissive

to randy my best friend

Flickr is My Lifeline On The Internet

of my world
into your world
I try to get
photo blogs
as sets and collections
blood tears and sweat
pedestrian pain as poems
my one and only
creative outlet
Flickr is my lifeline
on the Internet
crossblogging to
dont forget
liquidated luminosity
a barefeet
in your debt
hopes fears
anguish my angst
caught in a
fisherman's net
before you
send a man
on Mars
for the sake
of Humanity
Free Palestine
Free Tibet

Hassan Ganda Rafaee and Dam Madar Malang Blogger Dude

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One thing is for sure had Hassan Ganda Rafaee not invited me here to Maulah Ai Dargah at Dharavi , I would have never made it here on my own.

Several years back I shot a procession here when Handi Sai was alive a few guys remembered me, actually if you come from Sion station its in a lane close to the leather shops of Dharavi. Everybody knows it so you wont get lost, the people of this area are kind and hospitable there is a Chila of Ghaus Pak close to the Dargah very crowded on Thursdays..

I liked this place for its simplicity and the friendliness of the residents and members of the Dargah Committee , one of the guys presented me a pearl necklace I wanted to refuse but was obliged to take.

Hassan Ganda Rafaee and Me

106,662 items / 691,485 views

One thing is for sure had Hassan Ganda Rafaee not invited me here to Maulah Ai Dargah at Dharavi , I would have never made it here on my own.

Several years back I shot a procession here when Handi Sai was alive a few guys remembered me, actually if you come from Sion station its in a lane close to the leather shops of Dharavi. Everybody knows it so you wont get lost, the people of this area are kind and hospitable there is a Chila of Ghaus Pak close to the Dargah very crowded on Thursdays..

I liked this place for its simplicity and the friendliness of the residents and members of the Dargah Committee , one of the guys presented me a pearl necklace I wanted to refuse but was obliged to take.

I Have Shot The Maximum Sleeping Shitheads Of Mumbai

The Word Tinsmith

This is for Xris Taylor and Randy Der Joel ..two people who call me a wordsmith .. I use the same words over and over and over again..

I began writing verse at Buzznet its been a journey in and out of began in August 2005 ..

I am perhaps the only unpublished cyber toilet poet on paper, .my poems were inspired on the hot seat of wisdom most of the time .. earlier of course, as the way I write poems now you might think I have the runs..falling in love makes you a better poet than a photographer and falling out of love makes you a great photographer than a poet .. I am struggling anyway..

words with a hammer
in my head
I hit left and write
words that are silhouettes
black and white
words that in the deepest
darkness of remorse
become a tunnel of delight
words that invariably
hate to love , love to fight
words like flamingos
wingless flight
words my mornings
my evenings
my facebook nights
words uploading
the poetry of my plight
words walking a tightrope
fear of heights
words my body covered
with her love bites
words sexually airtight
words of a goddesses
thoughts ignite
words I did not
need to ghost write
when she flew from me
in perilous fright
calling me a shia thug
instead of a shiite
a blog of a word
my birth right
words words
shining bright
as pedestrian pathos
beneath street lights
google searching
for love
on her website

Faruq Baba and Me

I knew Faruq Baba from Mahim and he was a constant visitor there at the Dhuni, but he had warned me not take his pictures , this was many years back.

I met him at Kurla Sunni cemetery , I had come to a burial of a friends mother , and my hand was hurting because of a sword cut during Moharam, Faruq Baba called me , he is a mind reader ,, he took my hand applied monitors oil that we Indians call Sand ka Tel..

We became friends and he is a historian on dargahs in Mumbai, I did not carry my camera , but than he gave up all reservations and whenever I meet him he will request me to take his picture..

This was on 10 December my birthday I am barefeet , we hitched a ride on a tempo and came to Mahim dargah..

He carries a snake stick that he gives milk each morning.. he is a scary guy no doubt , he does hardcore exorcisms too..

The Chilla of Ghaus Pak at Dharavi

from wikipedia
Abd al-Qadir al-Gilani (Arabic: عبد القادر الجيلاني‎), (Kurdish: Evdilqadirê Geylanî, Persian: عبد القادر گیلانی‎,Urdu: عبد القادر آملی گیلانی Abdolqāder Gilāni) (also spelled Abdulqadir Geelani, Abdelkader, Abdul Qadir, Abdul Khadir - Jilani, Jeelani, Gailani, Gillani, Gilani, Al Gilani or Keilany) (born the first day of Ramadan, 470, Naif, District of Gilan, Mazandaran Province, Iran, died 11 Rabīʿ ath-Thānī 561 AH, in a small town of Gilan Province, 1077–1166 CE), was an Islamic religious figure, teacher, preacher and writer to whom Sunni scholars refer. Abdul Qadir is a patron saint of Kurds and is also held in veneration by Muslims of the Indian subcontinent where followers may call him "Ghaus-e-Azam".[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Al-Gilani was born in the latter part of the 11th century, CE. His father was Abu Salih Musa al-Hasani, a descendant of Hazrat Imam Hasan, the eldest son of Ali, Muhammad's first cousin, and the husband of Fatima, Muhammad's daughter. Al-Gilani's mother was the daughter of Abdullah Sawmai, a descendant of Imam Husain, the younger son of Ali and Fatima. Thus, Al-Gilani was both a Hasani and Hussaini.[9]

[edit]From Father
Abdul-Qadir Gilani son of Abu Salih Musa son of Abi Abdullah son of Yahya Zahid son of Muhammad son of Dawud son of Musa Sani son of Abdullah Sani son of Musa al-Jaun son of Abdullah al-Mahaz son of Hasan Musanna son of Hasan ibn Ali
[edit]From Mother
Abdul-Qadir Gilani son of Um-ul-Khayr Fatima daughter of Abdullah as-Soma'i Muhammad son of Abu Mahmood Muhammad Tahir son of Abdul Ata Abdullah son of Abu Kamaluddin Isa son of Muhammad al-Taqi son of Ali al-Ridha son of Musa al-Kadhim son of Jaffar al-Sadiq son of Muhammad al-Baqir son of Zayn al-Abidin son of Husayn ibn Ali

Within Al-Gilani's full name, al-Sayyid Muhiyudin Abu Muhammad Abdal Qadir al-Jilani al-Hasani wal-Hussaini, the word Sayyid denotes his descent from Muhammad.[10] The name Muhiyudin describes him as a "reviver of religion".[11] The phrase, al-Jilani refers to Al Gilani's region of birth.[12][13] However, Al-Gilani also carried the epithet, al-Baghdadi.[14][15][16] referring to his residence and burial in Baghdad. The phrase al-Hasani wal-Hussaini affirms his lineal descent from both Hasan ibn Ali and Hussein ibn Ali, the grandsons of Muhammad.[3][17]
[edit]Paternal heritage
Al Gilani's father was a sharif.[18][19] He was respected as a saint would be, by the people of his day and was known as "Jangi Dost", (one who loves God), thus "Jangidost" was his sobriquet.[1][20][21]
[edit]Maternal heritage
Al Gilani's mother, Umm al-Khair Fatima, was the daughter of Sayyid Abdullah Sawmai az-Zaid and Zain ul Abideen[17][22][23][24] Abideen was known as,
"a great saint of his time and a direct descendant of Hazrat Imam Husain, the great martyr of Karbala."[25]
Abideen professed his greatness as a Sufi scholar,
"I am Hassani and my abode is my cell,
And my feet are on the neck of each Saint.
Abdul Qadir is my famous name.
And my ancestor is one possessed of an insight Perfect."

Al Gilani spent his early life in Naif, the town of his birth. In 1095, at the age of eighteen years, Al Gilani went to Baghdad. There, he pursued the study of Hanbali law. Abu Ali al-Mukharrimi gave Al Gilani lessons about Fiqh. He was given lessons about Hadith by Abu Bakr ibn Muzaffar. He was given lessons about Tafsir by Abu Muhammad Ja'far, a commentator. In Tasawwuf, his spiritual instructor was Abu'l-Khair Hammad ibn Muslim al-Dabbas. After completing his education, Gilani left Baghdad. He spent twenty-five years as a reclusive wanderer in the desert regions of Iraq.[26]
[edit]Later life

In 1127, Al Gilani returned to Baghdad and began to preach in public. He joined the teaching staff of the school belonging to his teacher al-Mukharrimii and was popular with students. In the morning he taught hadith and tafsir, and in the afternoon held discourse on the science of the hearts and the virtues of the Qur'an. From 521 to 561 AH.
During this period hundreds of thousands of people converted to Islam because of him and he organized several teams to go abroad for dawah purposes.[citation needed]
Al Gilani was also the teacher of Ibn Qudamah. Al Gilani made Qudamah a Caliph of his Sufi order. Qudamah later fought as a general in Sultan Saladin Ayyubi's army which took rule in Jerusalem from the Christians.
Al Shaikh Gilani was the great scholar and a heart touching author. His books "Ghuniyat Attalibeen" and "Fatooh ul Ghaib" are very popular among the Muslim religious circles.
[edit]Death and burial

Al Galini died in the evening on Saturday 1166 (11 Rabi'us sani 561AH) at the age of ninety-one years (by the Islamic calendar).[27] His body was entombed in a shrine within his madrassa in Babul-Sheikh, Resafa (East bank of the Tigris) in Baghdad, Iraq.[28][29][30] Worldwide, the Sufi orders celebrate "Ghouse-al-azham day" on Al GIlani's date of death.

Al Gilani continued the spiritual chain of Junayd Baghdadi. His contribution to thought in the Muslim world earned him the title Muhiyuddin, meaning, "the reviver of the faith". Al Gilani, along with his students and associates laid the groundwork for the society which later produced stalwarts like Nur ad-Din and Saladin.[citation needed]

Al Gilani took four wives. He had forty-nine children, twenty-seven sons and twenty-two daughters.[citation needed] Among his sons are: Shaikh Abdul-Wahab, Sheikh Abdul-Razzaq, Shaikh Abdul-Aziz, Shaikh Isa, Shaikh Musa, Sheikh Yahya, Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Muhammed and Sheikh Ibrahim. Since Al Gilani's time, his sons and grandsons have travelled to the Indian sub-continent to preach Islam by his method (Arabic=Tareqa,طريقة).One of the most famous descendents is Syed Abdul Razzaq Nur-ul-Alyn who is the nephew and Sajjada Nasheen of Ashraf Jahangir Semnani starting the Qadiriyyah Ashrafiya Silsila. They have reached North Africa, Morocco, and parts of the Horn of Africa. These areas include Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. In Somalia, the Qadiriyyah order is dominant although there are small areas where Ahmed ibn Idris' order is found. Again, in Somalia, the order is divided into the Zaylaiyyah order and the Uwaisiyyah order. The daughters of Syed Jalaluddin Hasan(Retd.Forest officer) (Anees Khan,Raees Hasan,&Farees Khan) are the custodians of Al Gilani's namaz (prayer) cap (the "Kulhe Mubarak"). A ziyarat (pilgrimage) is made for Al Gilani each year.

Dam Madar Malang And The Rafaees

Shooting The Rafaee Culture At Dharavi

Sufism is much closer to Sunnism is what I saw in my years of associating with them simply because the common Muslim who comes here hardly knows what Sufism is all about , and if it is Ajmer Sharif they come because of the Humility of the Greatest Suf Saint Kwajah Garib Nawaz.
Hindus Muslims Dalits they come for peace of Mind and to attain Hope.

The Sufism of the common man is very different from that of the Trustees of a Holy Shrine and I hate to say it at some places the heads of the Dargah are absolutely arrogant , dictatorial and million light years from the message of the Holy Saint.

And the same thing on a larger scale in Universal Islam with its headquarters in Wahabbi Salafi Saudi Arabia , peace and brotherhood has been pushed aside the way I see it personally .

I like the Malang way of Life approach, no spiritual barriers no casteism of rich poor , so I became slave of Imam Ali Haq .. I became a Dam Madar Malang.

At Dharavi it is the Hindu Maharashtrians that take care of this dargah called Maulah Ali.. and it is in a tiny winding lane , the Hindus and the Muslims .. live in peace goodwill.. and during the Urus here it is celebration time.

I have not gone there since this one visit..and the guy next to mein white lungi is a crazy Rafaee ..during the Urus of Fakhruddin Shah Baba he was very high and in his Junoon he slashed my stomach with a sword , my tshirt tore but his blade did not touch my skin...this is the Art of the Rafaee I was not scared and stood my ground , he hugged me wept and this is the life of the Rafaee .

I have not met him since .. and it was all this body piercing that attracted me to the Rafaees ,.. I decided to document it ..

The Butter Tea of The Rafaees is The Most Exotic Heady Drink

Because it is made on the Dhuni on logs it tastes different, it is sweet milky but it gives you a kick and I felt perhaps the tea leaves might have been touched by ganja .. but it is out of this world .. while it is boilng dollops of butter is put into it ..

Than it is first served to the Murshad who sprinkles it on the fire and invoking Imam Ali and the Ahle Bayt it is served to the Bawa class.

I was a special guest so I was given the cup from the hands of the Murshad Amanat Ali.

Chandrakant Bawa of Dharavi

Chandrakant Bawa is a Hindu Maharashtrian , he is a florist with a tiny stall at Sangam Gully in Dharavi , I met him for the first time , he is touched by the simplicity of the Sufis, and preaches humanity as a message of peace,he is beyond caste or state politics ,he feeds the bawas with the money he earns , he feeds the poor and this is Amchi Mumbai, this is the soul of Maharashtra the land of Hospitality..

He was having his picture taken with me , and it meant a lot to him, he kept pleading with me to give him a copy, and my eyes are moist as I write this..yes I am crying this is what photography is all should touch the core of your existence , it should touch deep down .. this is pure undiluted love..and Chandrakant Bawa thinking I was some very big sage bent down and kissed my hand yes , by that one act I was touched by divinity the god in him touching the man in me..

Yes we are all poets and crying is our birthright the only aspect that proves above all things that we are human.

The Kashmiri Beggar's Plight

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memories of the land
of her birth
forever out of sight
on the mean streets of mumbai
the Kashmiri beggars plight
her children her husband
begging all night
her doomed destiny
politicians wont fight
their world heavily guarded
their children protected
everything alright
a fragrance
a child's cry
in wilderness
on my website

Rashid Hijra Bawa of Haji Malang

Rashid Bawa is a transgender , a classical dance teacher who has taught the top old heroines of yesteryear ...he is a very beautiful humanbeing , well known among the hijras and one of the seniors but some hijra groups destest him because he refuses to dress up as a woman , he is more masculine in his attire than them.

Rashid Bawa and I have been good friends because we are both close to the Rafaee culture , Rashid Bawa is an exorcist too he sells gemstones and nobody wears gems like him...

I have shot over 20000 hijra images and among these images is a segment on the hIjra bawas and the Sada Suhagins brides of Musa .. or Musa Suhagin they are not transgender , but dress up as women but are nor cross dressers , they have beards are men but adorn themselves as women.

The hijra bawas are very close to the Malangs and ever since I became a Malang I met a lot of them who come to pay obeisance to my Peer Baba Masoumi.

Shooting Rashid Bawa is learning photography his movements all dance like are ver fast and I have shot him extensively all over the Dargah circuit.

My best hijra documentary was shot in 2012 that I have kept hidden from public view I dont intend ever making them public... as a documentarist I shot the angst of the hijras and as these pictures were being stolen misused I decided to shut the doors to this set at

I have shot hijra children, hermaphrodites all as a study in genetic disorder and the apathy neglect of this community by society.

The Plight of The Kashmiri Beggars

106,820 items / 691,919 views

They come in large numbers to Mahim during the Urus to beg , migrants of despair and remorse away from the Valley and their loved ones , .. and their story is a set on my Flickr photostream.. to awaken the leaders of their state to their Plight..

Documenting The Chancawalli Rafaees ...

I followed them barefeet from one Dargah to another , from Makhdhoom Shah Baba Urus to Fakhruddin Shah Baba Urus and this got over to Ismail Shah Baba Urus Parel, than to Gaiban Shah Baba Andheri and they were the one who introduced me to Haji Malang Baba .

I followed them to Ajmer Khwaja Garib Nawaz the Greatest Sufi Saint , I was pulled to Nizamuddin Shah Babas Dargah .. and all to document the Rafaee lifestyle.

But I was not spiritually or mentally inclined to the Rafaees Handi Sai now dead and buried at Kota .. came to my shop wanted me to get initiated as a Rafaee but I politely refused .. I was not into body piercings as I do the actual thing in memory of Imam Hussa every year ..bleed real cut real.

But as I am updating this post now , two years back I became a Dam Madar Malang...seamlessly .. and I still meet the Rafaees but now they call me Malang..

The Blogger Bawa of Mumbai

living in bandra
who the fuck
needs dubai
or hong kong
or shangai
mother earth
a nasha
some high
a shia born to cry
a camera strap
as neck tie
a vision
by shiva's
third eye

The Street Photographers of Bandra

The Shakirs of Bandra

Blogging Is Pure Vanity

Meri Ma Ne Pal Pos Kar Bada Kiya Bheek Mang Kar Mujhe Do Pairon Pe Khada Kiya

My Kama Matam.. Ya Hussain

The Shia Blogger

Shiasm a state of Mind

Shiasm a state of mind
through our weeping blood
the story of Karbala unwind
in our parched hearts
Mashke Sakina find
this metaphoric moment
memories 1400 year old
pledge to Mother Fatima confined
cannot be seen by those with blinkers
or those corrupted eyes and still blind
terrorism is anti Islam
shedding innocent blood
they just woke up to remind
mother of all invention
fatwas inclined
the tragedy of Hussein
the greatest act of terrorism
in their lexicon remains undefined
a black page in the history of Islam
cowardly attack from behind
Lanat on Yazid and Yazidiyat
A fully throated curse determined

Aankho’n K Sahilo’n Pe Hy Askho’n Ka Ek Hujoom Shayad Gham-E-Hussain Ka Mausam Qareeb Hy ..