Monday, May 3, 2010

Kabhi Kabhi Zindagi Main

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kabhi kabhi zindagi
main aise bhi mod aate hain
hum jine chahte hain
woh hame chod jate hain
yad rakhne ke liye
sirf bhuli bisri yadein hain
kismet ke tat pe toote
hue irade hain
jhoote wade hain
zamin par nak
ragadti hui faryade hain
ek boj jo ham apne
kandho pe lade hain

In Praise of a Gale

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she was a hurricane
in a hurry a garrulous gale
a effervescent woman
she had more balls
than a 100 males
her profile pictures
a 100 thumbnail
i shall miss her
also her curious
punishing pony tail
a social photographer
they the sanctimonious
screwed up assholes
misunderstood her
she was impaled
her passage
nice jewish girl
guts determination grit
a part of flickr fairy tale
with tears in my soul
i search for her trail
she is hidden forever
an enigma unveiled
memories of her musky
presence my poetry inhales
a woman photographer
for showing truth
by a male macho society
blackmailed crucified
her pictorial soul hung
to a frame she was
once more captured hung
upside down nailed
only god knows
how and when
truth shall prevail

dedicated to her memory..a street photographer bewails

Street Urchins Life Auto Driven By Fate

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making limbu mirchi wired to coal
to ward of evil it serves its goal
hung from houses shops taxis rickshas
fate nasib kismet goodluck in control
but the street urchins life as a girl child
auto driven by fate seen
through a cameras eye hole
if she is lucky street smart
she might be saved the ignominy
of falling in a sink hole

Building a Path of Dreams

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for my barefeet
a new path
is being
built a path
that wont wilt
no gutter water
soil or silt
my affections
to her only her
i dont tilt
in agony
in love
my only
lasting guilt
on the hope
of my survival
i have spilt
pillow talk
in quilt
hero no zero
to the hilt
time likes
to jilt

resurgence of a renegade whose soul is rebuilt

The Hijra At The Booze Shop

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I can spot a hijra from a mile, and I can sense the presence of the hijra, it has become a part of my nature as a street photographer shooting the hijra ethos.

This was near my workplace and after taking this shot I waited for her ,it turned out she knew me , most of the Bandra hijras know me and most have seen me at Haji Malang amidst hijras.

Very few know that I am a disciple and friend of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and last night she called me we were to attend Sakibs wedding at Juhu , but I reached the venue late she had already left for Thane.

I carried my camera shot a few frames of the is because of Sakib I met Abhijeet Ketkar one of the khadims of Haji Malang , who puts me up in his lodge without charging me a single cent.

Even my food is free and Abhijeet and his brother Kumar are now like my extended family.

I document the hijra as a genre of social photography too, I dont have a sponsor or a grant from any social organization so sometimes financial constrains do not allow me to move out of Mumbai and shoot hijra events.

Heen Hijra from Peela House had invited me many a time but I could not go and she would bear the expenses she told me , but I said no.

Heena's guru is a hijra lady called Laxmi and is connected to Ma Madhutrima a top Hijra person head of hijra affairs of her community.

Ma Madhurimas guru was late Naik Ragini whose pictures I shot a few months before she died.I also attended her Chalisva function at Park Site .

Baby Guru of Park Site Vikgroli is the chela of Ma Madhurima.

My dear friend activist social reformer Santosh Shetty is the foster son of Ma Madhurima.

I am invited to various hijra conference outside Mumbai , but I politely refuse I dont have time and the work I do requires my presence too.

If Someone Wears a Hijab Why Does it Bother You !

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In Defense of the Burkha

you call it a garment of oppression
because you dont wear it
if someone wears it willingly
you still cant bear it
so you raucously
call for an unnecessary ban
burn it or tear it
for gods sake
why dont you spare it

you dont like muslims
the burkha gets hit
let the burkha live
a garment of modesty
just an outfit
be magnanimous
give it a clean chit
make it legit
a woman in a bikini
you permit but
the burkha
you write
its final obit
your venom
you racist bigotry
on the burkha
you spit
it is not the burkha
but your narrow mind
the actual culprit

Business is Bad

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once upon a time
not long ago
business was good
hope was his launch pad
but of late his life
doomed business is bad
his wife ran away with the
vegetable vendor
he has been fucked had
a monitor of sorrow
a dickhead of a mouse
on the the mound
of her keypad
poems written
on a bus ticket
by a poet nomad
nari gandhi
a friend
i could add
but he is dead
building houses
in heaven
making god
the builder glad
a poet who
shoots pictures
makes people sad

My God Was Born Poor

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my god was born poor
a thought indeed
man made him rich
building opulent houses
that he did not need
man made god
like himself
wealth grandeur glitz
that man envied
so god was
held hostage
god had to yield
god who would
rather live like a fakir
in humility as part
of his creed
so standing in long lines
to see god held
it was decreed
gold silver money
in the donation boxes
by the moneyed
god became god
of the rich man
forever dirtied
gods wealth
that they emptied
my god died young
i wish him god speed

this poem was born though a chat with a facebook friend sudarshan pandey..he inspired me and this is another aspect of a poets pain as it bleeds when life through the lens of a camera he reads , humanity a necklace of broken beads ...let me be what i am impotently god pleads

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

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