Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Would Never Use A Nikon Even If You Gave It To Me Free .. I Am A Canon User

And its a fact I have been taken for a big ride by Nikon during the formative years I used it , we were forced into Nikon because of its re sale value those days ,, and I sold my Nikon F 100 with 1.4 lens for a mere Rs 4500.

I have forgotten Nikon forever ,, I d rather use my mobile phone than a Nikon grandchildren are Canon Users too.

I Shoot Time And Space ..I Am Not Part Of This Rat Race

I Thought It Was A Flickr Photo Walk

she looked at me
our eyes locked
she was supposed
to be taking our
picture this was
a great cultural
shock seeing me
shooting her
her eyes stony
rock i also
wondered if they
were on Flickr
photo walk
i desperately
searched for
the leader of
the pack
the prolific
mr thomas hawk
whose pictures
with my poetic
comment i stalk
i also searched
for the impressive
prima donna mrs th
among his flock
i wanted to invite
both to my humble
house the same
evening at 5 oclock
my grandkids would
shoot them chips
of this old blog
who learnt photography
taught them too shooting
garbage shitting dogs
cleaning mumbai
a humongous task
a man spat out at
my feet my soul
he mocked ..
while juggling
with words my
poem through
a picture talked