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Page Cannot be Displayed

Page Cannot be Displayed
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 These are catfish, they were caught near the sea shore by the Koli fishermen that catch them in their nets, put them aside in a turquoise basket. I think its the first time that at Bandra Bazar Market I was given a dubious quality mackerel last afternoon, I ate one , and felt funny so I gave the other pieces to my crows, who hang around near my shop, later wife sent a pulao with Saif that I could not eat.

And I have been at shop, fighting and shouting my lungs out at the state of my flickering Internet connection, its like a premature ejaculation, and the words that scaringly say

Page cannot be displayed,

Server cannot be found,

He was fucking

And got swallowed

in a vaginal mound,

Hand and feet bound,

Iqara broad band

You Telecom tried

to make it hand raised,

but finally succumbed and got drowned,

now I might have to find someone else

to masturbate me online

on the rebound....

Poem Hunter Pretentious Poet Crabs

Poem Hunter Pretentious Poet Crabs
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Message sent to Ask at Poem Hunter

I take my hats off to you and women like you , to enter the dragon poem hunter forum requires more than a testicular attitude , the forum as I see it has nothing to do with poetry, just using Ginsberg, Bukowiski as a cover up to beat other poets even if their writings ar mediocre.. Posthumously they might attain their three minutes of fame.
Kicking Ted Sheridan’s butt is not poetically ethical, it is a bias of male hate for not having what Ted has down below and what a lady poet might not have up above..
I think the forum is a Jacuzzi all naked but still wearing clothes..
I have just two words Fuck Forums.
I tell you one thing very strongly you want to improve someone’s nascent poetry, send him a private message; he will become your friend for life.
A lady posted a poem but there were a few spelling mistakes I sent her a polite message she responded, poetry according to me is …

Distempered Delusions

Distempered Delusions
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Distempered

Ill tempered

Bad tempered

Puss in boots

A silver studded camera

Pouted lipped

A goddess


And she shoots

Euphoric Rhetoric’s

Journaled jingoism

Heroics heroism

Home buoyed

Devoid of love

She loots

Poets and deflowered poems

She cares two hoots

She and her sacerdotal


In cahoots

Ejected dejected

From her heart

A heart beat

In the safety

Of this

Poetic parachute

Kitten pawed

Leopard clawed

Beauty unflawed

Razor like tongue

Hack sawed


Me and my Divining Rod

Love her Hate her

By God

Puss in Boots


On my designer ass


Hunched like

Notre Dame

Feline menagerie

Radio humped

As an animal farm

a ricocheting reverie

A Gandhian echo

Hey Ram

Shia Thug

Iraq Afghanistan

My Lai

Memories of Vietnam

American Imperialistic Hegemony

A storm miscalculated politics

To destroy a global calm

The person I am alluding in this poem is a part of a Gitmo syndrome..

Silence is a Poetic Pause

Silence is a Poetic Pause
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Silence

Is a poetic pause

A love bound

To a hidden clause

She who profits

Through my loss

A rolling heart

gathers no moss

just flaws and

broken laws

Love a loaded coin

I lost the toss

my karma

my dharma

in her open jaws

a dying mouse

in her kittened


Puppets of a Lesser God

Puppets of a Lesser God
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Two glasses of water, free no charge to beggared souls, the rickshahs black and yellow blurr add to the ambience of our Bandra Bazar Road surroundings . This outside the Pahelvi Hotel, where I have Brun Maska ..buttered hard bread.I gave them also.

Dont ask me , but this is a picture of Hope my favorite, the eyes say it all, I reiterate that the little kid is mesmerized with my rings, my attire. Yes it is these little kids who treat me as Photographerno1.

Like two peas in a pod
childhood slip shod
these are the
children on a string of life
puppets of a lesser god
spare the child spoil the rod
hopes dashed on the shores
of a desecrated destiny
rough shod
turner road
traffic signal squad

Mourning on her Mound

Mourning on her Mound
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 battered bald faced

incarcerated thoughts

habeas corpus confound

rigorous imprisonment

hard labour

isolatory confinement

cellular cell

weather beaten wishes

mountainous hopes



on her mound.

tears that gush out

from a bleeding stream

a seeping source

a weeping source

buried underground.

an untalking heart

heart beats




mumbai, hot and humid

archived betrayal

inbox envy


soulless soliloquy


trackless backless thoughts

trespassing temerity


as the worst

of me


in leaps and bounds

American Resurgence

American Resurgence
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I stayed awake all night

9 determined American Gladiators

Led by Claudio Reyna

And an incredible fight

Shell shocked Italians

A match unfixed emotions

And their accursed plight.

And I have never seen such

A Samba in Soccer and American Pride.

Alessandro del Pierro can go back to Roma by the next flight

The American goal post Kasey Keller and delight

Kept the Italians puzzled and a winning goal out of sight.

Said the American Resurgence to the Italians,

Forget soccer go back learn to fly a kite.

The most enjoyable Soccer and a most enjoyable Night

Who The Fuck Cares ! Who the Fuck Cares!

Who The Fuck Cares ! Who the Fuck Cares!
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy Baptist Press News.

Asinine asymmetrical warfare

A heart of a bush and a soul a blare

Fuel fortune seekers claim their share

While you know a world eunuched body

Watch and stare .Who the fuck cares.

A new ideology asymmetrical warfare

A soul of a bush and a heart a blare

Scriptured pages of humanity they burn and tear

And their sins on the heads of terrorists

They wash and wear .Who the fuck cares!

A New Mantra asymmetrical warfare

A bushed in heart and sold in blare

A counterfeit Saddam duplicity unbare

A sartorial Karzai..the Taliban dare

And al Qaeda bomb and scare.

Who the fuck cares!

Who the fuck cares.

Its the loot that matters..

Who the fuck cares.

Who the fuck cares!

Rehana's Rosemary's Baby

Rehana's Rosemary's Baby
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is a picture that Rehana my kid sister sent me of Sherizade the Persian Calico Princess, before I went to Bangalore, its a bit fuzzy, a feline quality found among felines and females..
Women are human impersonations of cats, they have all cat like qualities, their fluffy bodies, womn body hair has its own intrinsic unique quality, that they shed such is the vagaries of their female sex hormone, women if you dont have a blocked nostril have feline musky smell, it gets stronger and all pervading if they have their periods, in my drunken days and my over morbid sexual stupor I did sleep with a Goan feamale who thought bathing was robbing away the essence of her womanhood..I can assure the fragrance or that love making on the wet bottom of a car in the monsoon still remains an unforgettable memory..Goan women stink and the stink is very heatish and touches the core of mans sexual divinity..She wanted to mar…

Upside Down World Of Photographerno1

Upside Down World Of Photographerno1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 When she says I love you
Fools are slaughtered
Where angels fear to dare
She will lead you
Up the garden path
Your gonads in her snare
She stoops to conquer
You penile dick head
Oxymoron orangutan
Your testicles from
The roots she will tear
No remedy no repair
Eunuched sucked up sorrow
Now that you have lost your pair
Aaaaaaah Buzznet Memories
Washed away seminal tears
No more sadness to spare
Forgotten chapters
Dog eared unread
Walter de le Mare
Upside down..
Sprawled on all fours
Follicles of rain washed
Pubic hair
Reaching out
When you are
Almost out there
Going down in a
Tunnel of eternal despair
Computerized agony
Corrupted CD
Flaccidly unhardened soft ware
My adult poetry
For above 18
Sexual innuendoes
Choking the best of me in mid air
Words Words Words
Erotic emotions
Surrendered sorrow
God this one time
Answer my prayer
Trembling trepidations
Of a human heart
Like a Genie in bottled glassware.

April 6th…

Lab Pe Ati He Dua ..

Lab Pe Ati He Dua ..
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Every morning at 8.30am sharp Allama Iqbals poetic rendition in the sing song voice of little kids from a nearby madarssa enters the echoing caverns of my heart..
Lab pe Aati he dua.. I sitting on the impoverished throne of my toilet seat almost go into a trance… I think the beauty of these translucscent words is in the watery feel that washes my face lyrically.
This would be lost in translation.And for the new person that has added joy to my self exile
A Total Nobody
I offer this as a Tribute and my love for her chirpiness, as I told her in a message that I would die a million times and be born another million times to be her friend..or whatever her destiny seeks from me.
And do I always have to fall in love with Mothers. I give up.
Love online and of the Mind goes beyond… far into the Horizon.. touching untouching..
My 800th Blog I offer to my New Friend A total Nobody from Florida.
Yes I am doomed to love American women.

A S…

Lord Siva Goddess Kali Cosmic Gods

Lord Siva Goddess Kali Cosmic Gods
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 O Mother-Fire! Thy storm-eyed ken
Tortures my eyeless fate.
Before me shine all wonder-ways
Of thy immortal Gate.
The face of rapture thy stroke unveils.
Matchless forever Thou art
To make us reach the Peak unknown,
The One’s all-embracing Heart.
The fount of Power at thy Feet abides.
Thy cosmic dance of Noon
Throws fast on earth the nectar-floods
Of snow-white fire-pure Moon.
- Sri Chinmoy
Maha Kali

In another aspect the Mother Divine is called Mahakali. In this aspect she is the warrior Mother who is fighting all the time against the hostile forces, against human imperfection, limitation, bondage and death. At the same time, she is all Compassion for the sincere seekers. In all Her divine aspects, the transcendental Mother is full of Compassion, but in this aspect she is undoubtedly the Mother of supernal Compassion. Mahakali has more Compassion than the oth…

Lord Siva

Lord Siva
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Picture shot by me at Vasai Fort


article courtesy

by Jayaram V

If Brahma is the creator, Vishnu the preserver, Siva is the quintessential destroyer. His duty is to destroy all the worlds at the end of creation and dissolve them into nothingness. Modern theories of space do suggest the possible ending of the physical universe after some billions of years through the expansion of a gigantic black hole devouring the matter from endless galaxies. Perhaps Siva would be the black hole performing this task.

However this does not mean that Siva would remain idle till the arrival of that time. Before the worlds really come to an end, Siva has many things to do to keep the worlds going. His first and foremost task is to destroy many things in order to ensure the Rta or the order of the universe. Siva’s destruction is not negative. It is a positive, nourishing and constructive destruction that buil…

The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 “I’ve never done this with anyone before”
she said breathlessly to the alpha male
his engorged penis by which
hung an ancestral tale
simian sadness and travails
tweaked thumbnailed
viagra induced
to impale
sweating both lay
on the sandy cushion
of a beach ..
love making unveils
tormented sea waves
he who was wearing
ladies underwear
mascara gloss
manicured nails
winds flapping billowy
ship sails..
man born alpha
to seduce

April 11th, 2007

Gambler Meri Marzi

Gambler Meri Marzi
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This was a suit I styled completely out of newspaper for a Hero No 1 of that time Mr Govinda, and the film was called “Gambler “directed by Dayal Nihalani and produced by Dhirajlal Shah and Pravin Shah of Time Magnetics.

This dress was for a song sequel called Meri Marzi and choreographed in a unique style by Chinni Prakash lyrics by Devang Patel.

This dress was the first of its kind totally newsprint and it was my tribute to Media but Mr Khalid Mohamed of Bombay Times and Film Fare who did no like me much for reasons unknown to me , pasted Times Of India on a dress that had had pages of all the prominent newspapers there were not too many newspapers those days just Times Of India , Indian Express and Midday, and Screen , one could only see that Times of India took undue credit without even assigning me the courtesy of a credit line.

So I hibernate on this part of the net away from Indian journalistc jalopies .

Govinda was t…

Indians Love Shitting in Public

Indians Love Shitting in Public
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I love shooting pictures of people shitting, this as creative as creative one can get, shitting on the beach on the rocks is fine art , aptly tuned, as we drop blobs on the fucked canvas of our lives day after day , night after night , till we choke and the shitting , even the bull shitting stops for good.Shitting is a spirtual enterprise hold center realease like the laughter thing near Joggers Park.
Just try it out at the Carter Road, this is Bowellian Therapy
In the rains wear a raincoat, facing your ass towards the promenade looking into the eyes of the horizon do your stuff.. the feeling is one of orgiastic ecstasy.Nirvana .On your own terms.
You live long, see the Kolis , the Maharashtrian fisherman, bow legged with all the squatting, but tough, barrel like torsos , longevity guaranteed .This has nothing to do with people who eat fish dont die young.
At least in case you guys don’t agree, the fishermen wil…

Nitin Manmohan Mukul Anand and Me

Nitin Manmohan Mukul Anand and Me
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 October 11 th will be late director Mukul Anands birthday .And to the left of him is his best friend Nitin Manmohan together they made Insaaf, Mahasangram and Army with Sharukh Khan and Sridevi.And I remember when Mukulji died of a heart attack at Pune we waited for his body to reach Juhu where he stayed with his wife and two kids.

And he was a brilliant director I worked with him on Khudah Gawah on Danny Denzogpas costumes, Agneepath , Hum.. and he was very fond of me..And than later I worked on his ad films for Mad Entertainment..

And today in all humilty I confess I owe my pictorial creativity to this legendary David Lean of Bollywood Mukul Anand.

And I also owe much to Mr Nitin Mammohan the film producer with whom I worked at his fashion studio Prachins, for whatever I am today..and today Mr Nitin Manmohan has become Mumbais most powerful builder..

December 27th, 2006

Bade Miya Chote Miya

Bade Miya Chote Miya
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 These are costumes that I designed for Big B Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda , David Dhawan was the director and Vasu Bhagnani of Puja film was the producer..Bade Miya Chote Miya was a Bollywood Block buster .

I worked for Mr Nitin Manmohan the producer who had a fashion store called Prachins.

Later I went on my own and it was Govinda who gave me the title of Bollywoods Most wanted Designer No1.

My Acting Stint Ranjish

My Acting Stint Ranjish
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Rahul Anand younger brother of Mukul Anand was producing a serial Ranjish directed by Mukul s chief assistant Shahjahan, and I was given a role , and had to wear the clothes that I wore normally.. It was an unforgettable experience..but arc lights were not meant for me ..I was a failure as an actor , I think.. now in retrospection..

Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Sallu Bhai

Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Sallu Bhai
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

On the sets of Nitin Manmohans Chal Mere Bhai which I did both their costumes.. Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan .

This was a fun film directed by the king of Comedy David Dhawan and produced by NitinManmohan of Neha Arts called Chal Mere Bhai and I had styled the costumes ., and I am seen with the two dashing heroes Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan.

I used to work for Nitinbhai at his fashion store called Prachins, and it served as a great forerunner for utilising my talent in setting up my own studio, Bollywoods Most Wanted Designer No1.

Nitinbhai s company and film banner was the most envied, and I have been associated with Nitinbhai since Insaaf directed by late Mukul Anand .

And than Bol Radha Bol , Army , Eena Meena Deeka, Laaadla Deewangi and so many others including Dus .

And I keep in touch and hope that Nitin Bhai revives his…

Neelu the Entrepreneur Hijda from Delhi


Neelu the Entrepreneur Hijda from Delhi

Neelu the Entrepreneur Hijda from Delhi
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 She took a liking to me spoke about her struggle among the eunuchs the pitfalls, how she barged into a mans domain to become an entrepreneur, the scary competition, muscle power that wanted her out , as she did not belong to the male dominated system.
The transport mafia , all that.
A lot of wounds a lot of hurts was the indomitable spirit of a fighter Neelu the Hijda

Neelu the Entrepreneur Hijda from Delhi

Neelu the Entrepreneur Hijda from Delhi
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Neelu does not go to Hijda Sammelans , can get any guy under the covers at a click of her fingers , they thirst for her, she is independent , free a businesswoman, she is a owner of three STD phone booths, a couple of autorickshas a few tempos her own accomodation in Delhi.
She told me she could make a fortune in prostitution, or as a bar dancer , but she was not interested in all this..took up business as her means of survival, she is scared of no one dares to smoke chillum publically .

The Hijdas of Matunga Road

The Hijdas of Matunga Road
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 On Matunga Road
Outside their shanties
Hijdas Chakkas
They stand
Their soul mates
Time wont expand
Supply and demand
Fishes out of water
un breathing
on dry land
karma crushed
dharma wavers
unplanned ..
destiny destroyed
strands of
pearl like tears
weeping on the sands
feminine frailty
feminine frivolity
feminine joviality
in no mans land.
A funereal march
Sepulchral silence
Shenailess no band.

shenai is a flute like musical instrument played at funerals and weddings its popular exponent was Late Bismillah Khan..who played the shenai , walking barefeet on Ashura the 10th day of Moharam.

April 26th, 2007

All Alone ..Hijda Among Men

All Alone ..Hijda Among Men
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I forgot her name, as I normally do end up giving fictitious names to names that are actually fictitious after all, I never carry pen or paper , never, I cannot see without my glasses diabetes is not the best soul mate of a person tripping over his own creativity, prior to this I never wrote at all, all this scribbling started when I was seduced by the Photo Blog , the attraction for the Alaskan Fern my disastrous dementia to leave all for the Northern Lights , aurora borealis, a few hundred poems later I realised I was no more young, a married man , and diabetic dysfunctionality not the best arsenal for wooing a woman on the net, common sense seeped in the dry areas of my deplenished mental faculty, I extricated myself offline to a realistic outmoded unromantic marital bead spread, till I was crushed under the Wheels of a Chariot like Dumper resounding waves of a Radio Humper ..
And so intrigued by the Diva the …

The Hijdas and Tantric Photographerno1

The Hijdas and Tantric Photographerno1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Leaving aside Laxmi Narayan Tripathi , who speaks her heart out on Hijdas , the others that I met keep a low profile each one terrorises the other, every where in eunuch groups one would find internecine politics,..its a power equation race, jealousies , favorite chelas, ugly ducklings, the basest human nature at work among eunuch groups, I saw much of this at play at the All India Hijda Sammelan, my friend Laxmi Narayan Tripathi had not taken part, she is feared for eloquence based on Truth Justice and Individuality of freedom for the Hijda , she was the one who told me to go and visit the Sammelan, I had never attended one in my 53 years, the kindness of Mr Santosh Shetty organiser of this grand event , who accompanied me among the various groups of Hijdas allowed me to take pictures, it was a one and half day affair, shooting time would be less than 6 hours altogether, I watched observed a lot, mad…

Rayomand Framroze My Childhood Friend

Rayomand Framroze My Childhood Friend
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 keith kanga
vimal patacharige
rayomand framroze
a christian
a buddhist
a parsi
a muslim
very close
some living
one dead
this is life
i suppose
that even time
could not oppose
kieth kanga
in an unmarked grave
in eternal repose
jony castle ground floor
granny fufu mmemories
cut short to woes
a thorn by another name
bears kinship to a rose
nostalgia a breath of suffused thoughts
behind closed doors
one day i too
will sail away
a message in a bottle
searching for shore..

rayo stays ar colaba we keep in touch.. keith kanga passed away , vimal is in sri lanka no news of him.. me … well i am all over word pressed..

April 5th, 2007

Babita The Queen of Hearts

Babita The Queen of Hearts
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Babita is the heart throb of Najafgadh.
A very charming Hijda lady, more lady than the ladies that are born ladies biologically.
She is the foster mother of Mona the child eunuch.
Her life partner is Gopal Bhai Haji.
A very sincere kind human being.

Its a pity I never got to meet them , as they dont miss the Urus of Ajmer Sharif.
I miss the Moti Katra area the watering hole of all the Hijdas.
I miss Basanti, Sohel, Zeenath, Kajal, and so many others that I met last year.
Even Laxmi Narayan Tripathi has removed her presence from my lifes horizon.
I took a domain name for my Hijda site but have not found a home for it..
I am also fortunate that web site surveys on the Hijda ethos take cognizance of my contribution in my writings on the Hijdas.
I met a lot of them on the train during my Bangalore trip both ways but shot no pictures.At Gulbrga a Shrine of a Holy Saint in Karnataka where the train halted I met the beggar varity …