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The Event Comes To An End

730 pictures shot by me of Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest , at my Flickr photostream..

I Am Proud Of Being An Indian Shia Muslim She Says

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where my religion
my faith is intact
in every way
i do matam
i do azadari
of hussain
by the way
my rights are
i am not just
a shia muslim
but a proud Indian
all the way
with my neighbor
Sunni Hindu Christian
we stay
hope harmony
on display
our children
their children
at play
we are one
bound to
the soul of
the nation
Mother India
a garden with
flowers of
different size
color creed
in a single
hope humanity
at our doorway
in our culture
wont go away

The Blogger and the Bahraini Students

Signing The Petition For Peace and Humanity In Bahrain

Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest

Rally in Mumbai Supporting People of Bahrain and Yemen

Rally in Mumbai Supporting People of Bahrain and Yemen

We The Shias Denounce Saudi Agression and Terrorism on the Soul of Bahrain

Because The Media Is Pro Wahabbi Such Events Dont Make It to the News

The Media Was Here But As An Event It Did Not Make It As News

Hey Khalifa , leave those kids alone.

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All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

United In Pain And Compassion Students of Bahrain In India

World Without Borders on the Human Heart

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Happy Birthday Laurent

This is my tribute to Laurent Designldg a Flickr photographer and friend ..

He wrote a testimonial on my profile that touched me immensely..

"Firoze is unique, there is no one like him.
He is a genuine artist, a poet, a journalist, a witness of his time and his work is a beautiful legacy for all of us in order to, not only undesrtand modern India, but also understand the deepest part of our soul, whoever we are, wherever we are...
This generous "magician" must love life more than anything and he manages to share his passion for Humanity through his images.
Bahut shukriya Firoze for being what you are...

I thanked him he sent me a reply its this reply that is his poem to all of us a world without borders on the human heart.

Thank you for your kind words dear Firoze.

I am in Paris tonight and I alreday miss "mere India" so watching at your pictures is as if I was still there now.

I really wish to meet you one day and to know you better.

It is so rare to see someone with such a free mind when the world is becoming so narrow minded...

My moto is that we are all brothers and sisters, even if we speak different languages, even if we worship God in several ways, even if we don't have the same colour, same culture, same sexuality, same social backgrounds,...this is what I am trying to show with my images and I think that you are doing the same.

Showing our differences allows to see what we share.

I think that the more different we are, closer we can be.

Your pictures opened my mind to a few things I didn't know or had a small knowledge about like the set concerning Chehlum.

I really learn many things with your work and not only about culture but also about the human soul.

Thank you again for your kind words.

Have a nice day,

a world without borders we seek
human love humanity at its peak
without being called colored
or natures freak
a single language
of human love
to speak
peace to all
the mighty and the meek

Now for those who don't know Laurent a bit of his Flickr profile

About designldg / Laurent

I am a designer living in Varanasi and Paris.

My camera is always in my pocket and the first thing which makes me draw it is a color combination.
Colors are guiding me on the path of life.

I love the oldest living city and I am trying to share it through those images.

I am also willfully leaving stardust everywhere, I am addicted to dark bitter chocolate and I am fighting for Human Rights,

Hey Sagle Mumbaikar Ahey Freedom Loving Shias of Mumbai

Shias Are Persecuted Because They Believe In Humanity Unlike The Rulers of Arab States

Tribute To The Missing And Martyred In Bahrain

Bahrain Zindabad Yazid Murdabad

Bahrain Zindabad Yazid Murdabad

Bahraini Students Narrate Their Story of Pain

Bahraini Students Narrate Their Story of Pain

Please Dont Under Estimate The Power of The Blog It Reaches Khalifas House Too

Bandh Muthi Yazid Khol Nahi Paya

We Are With You People of Bahrain

Jab Kisi Par Afat Ati Hai Woh Hamari Afat Ban Jati Hai

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woh hame sahas dilwati hai
ek dusre ka gham samjhati hai
hosla badati hai jahan jahan
hain hussain wahan hamari
chati hai bache ki pyas hame
yad ati hai ek chhidi wi mashk
bacchi ko behlati hai jab kisi
par afat ati hai woh hamari
afat ban jati hai par ham par
kyonki ham maulah ke
chahnewale hain woh
hawi nahi ho pati hai
woh sab ko darati hai
maulie ko dara na pati hai

I Promised The Bahraini Students At Azad Maidan As A Blogger I Will Do Justice To Their Cause

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from the day I came back
from the pro Bahrain rally
my computer or my spirit
has not taken a pause
for thier cause is also
my cause your cause
because liberty justice
freedom has inhumanly
gone for a toss the human
soul is very cross
Saudi terrorism
aggression riding
a high horse
America and Zion
unleashing an evil force
without mercy or remorse
return of Big Boss
Only Profit Fuck the Loss

Through The Camera I Narrate Another Mans Story of Pain

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Long Live
Rise the People of Bahrain
A flag that weeps
with a blood stain
Akka Maula Hussain
Save Them Now
from this hell and pain
Liberty Equality Justice
they must regain
tortured beaten
battered murdered
a genocide
by Saudi Thugs
Wahhabi Watchdogs
heartless empty brains
the Media the Muslim
world a eunuch
silence insane
people of Baharain
manacled in Saudi chains
Yazid returns
from his grave
today tomorrow
yet again
Akka Maula Hussain
Save Them Now
from this hell and pain
Ya Hussain
Ya Hussain
Ya Hussain

We Bleed Our Flag Bleeds Say The Bahraini Students in India

Bahraini Students Narrate Their Story of Pain

Bahraini Students Narrate Their Story of Pain

Watanparast Shias of Mumbai

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Hindustan Hame Ja Se Pyara Hai
Ham Hussaini Hain Yeh desh Hamara hai
Rom Rom mai is desh ne hame sawara hai
Ham Aliwale hain yeh desh hamara hai
Sari duniya main yeh ek sitara hai
Bharat Desh Hame jan se pyara hai
Jai Hind Jai Hind Ham Sab Ka Nara Hai

Proud To Be Shia Proud To Be Maharashtrian

For Once Think of Muslims As Muslims And Not Shias Or Sunnis

Hee Fakt Majha Hero Ahey

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Maulana Noor Ali Abidi from Pune spoke in Marathi and his voice reached the soul of Maharashtra.. Mala Garv Ahey mee Maharashtrian ahey..he woke up my Marathi Asmita..he woke up the cosmic consciousness of pain suffered by the Bahrainis .

And it is not Shia v/s Sunni it is simply Good v/s Evil.

Khalifa and his Saudi goons are evil terrorizing the legitimate rights of the people of Bahrain , they ask for peace better human rights they are clubbed felled by shotgun, and the entire Muslim community in eunuch silence looks the other way.

Mind you I am a blogger a poet the only unpublished poet of India I write for the internet without profit or gain, I am a Shia who metaphorically calls himself a Hindu Shia because I love my country the same country that Imam Hussain wanted come to, it had one thing the Arabs never had Hospitality and Humility.

I am not a political activist I shoot all faith and this makes my own Faith stronger and while these pictures were being posted in the morning at 4 am I walked with the Christians of Mumbai from Bandra Reclamation to Mount Mary , though the Christians had walked from Cross Maidan in town last night and reached Bandra I saw them from my window and barefeet walked with them and shot their pictures till the 5.30 am mass got over.

This Walk pictures will be my next set at Flickr after I complete this protest documentary I shot over 700 pictures of the Bahraini Rallly and protest.

I love Marathi as much as I love Urdu my mother tongue ..I love my culture I love Chatrapati Shivaji Maharj and so when this Maulana spoke of Shivaji Maharaj and the priide of Maharashtra I became his instant fan , and such is the humility of this Maulana he simply slipped away into the crowds I tried hard to find him and genuinely kiss his hand..

I hope he reads my paean to him...

Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha

The Voice Of The Bahraini Student Reaches Far And Wide

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they need
not fear
they are brave
of brave mothers
shia samurais
they have ali
they have hussain
on their side
in bahrain
shias and sunnis
there is no divide
good governance
they need very
hard they tried
but a spineless king
got the Saudi goons
on whom he confides
Wahhabi watchdogs
besides the souls
of the bahrainis
terrorized only
Muslims love
killing Muslims
a thought
you cant hide
as it is a reality
on the soul of Islam
freedom liberty justice
gagged manacled
battered bruised cried
a eunuch silence
the world has not realized
the pain the sufferings
the hardships they have
to silently abide
a healing touch
love compassion
is the need of the hour
their house burglarized
everything sacrificed
for petrol the soul of bharain
America and Zion
would love to slice
they are getting
fuel for free
why pay full price
doomed destiny
loaded dice
power is a dangerous
self exploding device
politics a game of cat
helpless mice
yazid with all his power
could not crush freedom
hope humanity we call
hussain to be concise
a lover of peace
to be precise

Weapons of Mass Destruction In Iraq You Could Not Find

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you who champion
the cause of humanity
human rights big brother
America power thirsty
the entire
peaceful world
with your intervention
with evil
you have maligned
whether it was iraq
afghanistan libya
now bahrain
you are power blind
only oil for you
your matrix of evil
cartel of crooks
you want to find
choking the soul
of hope and humanity
you policy of imperialistic
with saudi and zion
defined you
take the entire world
as a bunch of fools
your agenda of hate
on the soul
of mankind
bleeds the soul
of arab countiries
as it unwinds
sadat hosni
your puppets
that looted
their nation
you watched
such was your
evil design

Bomb Libya Send Saudi Troops In Bahrain.. Kind Courtesy USA

You Bomb Libya To Save The People From Gadaafi And To Save Khalifa From The People You Send in Saudi Troops ..American Policy of Divide And Rule

Hands Off Bahrain Down With Saudi Terrorism And Agression

People Of Bahrain We Are With You..

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when America
enters the arena of war
with the saudis or the jews
than it is evil all the way
through and through
destroy destroy
iraq afghanistan palestine
libya bahrain
a thought to rue
history says this
absolute power
a heady brew
control of
the midde east
of the petrol
is what they
need as
an excuse
nothing new
the human soul
by a few
mr obama
is like
anyone too
he swallows
he chews
in one gulp
when he
to rescue
the flesh
the body
the soul
on the soul
of humanity
all are busy
with the work
they do

muslims love killing muslims
is it untrue...the only issue
a poem by a shia hindu

The Spineless King On A Saudi Swing Broken Wings

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a healing touch
love peace
is required
when you
are enthroned
as a king
important thing
on your rule it
has its bearing
but when you
oppress your people
suppress human rights
saudi forces bring
you lose self respect
clip your wings
a thought damning
a protest such
you your throne
out of the palce
the public
will fling
so be human
be humane
do the right thing
to absolute power
please do not cling
says the shia spirit
oh death
where is thy sting
long live liberty
down with the king

You Get What You Deserve Is A Law of Nemesis

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backed by
america and zion
you crush the hopes
of people
not your own
on their human rights
as is where is
than you
are treated by
with shoes
with slippers
exactly like this
your royalty
your pompous
your power and bliss
as you wonder
what is amiss
when your cheek
even your friends
wont kiss
there will come
a time
when you
too will bite the dust
soon be dismissed

Allaahu Akbar We Are With The Shias of Bahrain

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Allaahu Akbar
We are
with you
in spirit
in thought
in prayers
of Bahrain
in your sorrow
in your sufferings
in your pain
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
despots tyrants warlords
children of yazid
will no longer remain
on your children
guns they train
martyrs all
on the soul
of aggression
tortured slain
with saudi
wahabbi hate
for all shias
what do they
gain the world
watches in
no constrain
a blot a bloodstain
as it drains
on the flag
of bahrain

our holy domain
a world without
borders a world
without chains
our refrain
we are human
we are humane
proud to be shias
simple and plain
friendly equation
with all religions
we maintain
hussain is humanity
a sacrifice
every land is karbala
every day is ashura
a thought ingrained
our blood sweat tears
this pledge contains
from one generation
to the next our
soul sustains

ya hussain
ya hussain

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