Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bleeding Blades

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a moment
in memory
that never
ghame hussain
in the shia
soul inlaid
from one
to the next
we wade
he gave
his head
but his faith
he did
not trade
Islam from
a fiefdom
of accursed
he saved

its a pity
a part
of Islam
to accursed
is still
a path
with bombs
with killings
of innocent
people paved
as terrorism
hussainiyat lives
yazidiyat caved

Ali the King of Kings

the magic of my rings
a poem on broken wings
hither tither
slithering spiritually a it clings
ali the king of kings
nade ali
words without borders
to the helpless succor brings
najahul balagha
words of wisdom
among all good things
live like ali die like hussain
the spirit as it sings
karbala ashura
two pillars of Islam
certainly says something

Ham aap k seenay pe to Matam nahe kartay???

Kehtay hain baray fakhar se hum gham nahe kartay…

Matam ki sada suntay hain matam nahi kartay…

Woh log bhala samjhein gey kya Ramz-e-Shahadat…

Jo Eid to kartay hain Moharram nahe kartay…

Keon aap ka dill jalta hai? keon jalta hai seena???

Ham aap k seenay pe to Matam nahe kartay???

Sunni Maulana Hamza Ashrafi of Malegaon At Cafe Sahil Reciting Majlis

Kon kehta hai, K pani ko tarste the “HUSSAIN”,?

~ Un K honton ko, tarsta raha pyasa pani…

~ Selaab dekhta hon, tu Aata hai yeh ‘Khyal’,

K pani bhatak raha hai,
“Talash_e_Huseen” men.

Hassan Kazmi of Cafe Sahil

Hassan Kazmiis the owner of Cafe Sahil Mumbai Central a Irani born Indian I love as my own brother it is Hassan who promotes Sunni Shia amity in a predominantly Sunni locality.. he is a humble soul a devout Shia and a great human being..
He leads from the front and is an asset to our Shia community ..

Sunni Shia Amity In Mumbai..

Shia Sunni amity is what keeps the city of Mumbai in everlasting peace unfortunately and I hate to say it the only repercussion comes from Wahabbi hate for Shia ideology or Shia pain , the skirmishes at Imamwada shame us all.. I mean why cant the Shias advocate their pain in public.. a heritage of pain that is part of the Shia way of life.

I distance myself from any sect of Islam that promotes and encourages secraian strife in Mumbai.. Mumbai is the city of my hope and my destiny and my childrens destiny too..
That is why I am in a comfortable zone with the Hindus Christians of Mumbai.. I shoot their religious feasts customs as passionately as I shoot my own I dont shoot Ijtimas or gatherings where Salafist tout inter faith and hold their own ideology as a way of life.. I done believe in tele evangelists that spew hate on others ..

Yes now you know why I am happy if you too call me a Hindu Shia.. I would rather be called a Kafir or a derogatory name than be a member of a sect that spares no other religiosity save its own..
I am happy with the Sufis too.. the Malangs the Rafees and yes the Naga Sadhus and dead meat eating Aghori Sadhus too.

The Sabils Are Reminders of a Pain Called Karbala

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the thirst
was not
it was values
love of allah
of respect
of the holy
of his
only daughter
that yazid
for lust power
to slaughter
he gave
his head
not his
as the winds
in karbala
he gave away
everything did not
keep a quarter
watering pots
that symbolize
ghame hussain
bleeding hands
of the potter

Photos of Dr Glenn Losack MD

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Posted as Facebook Note

Meeting Dr Glenn Losack MD is about Fate and how it brings two like minded people within the periphery of long drawn subject of pain.. we both shoot pain , but he shoots it more convincingly impressively than I do.. he has been a photographer much longer than me and has traveled extensively to shoot pain.

Dr Glenn connected with me through the Internet and came down to meet me from Manhattan New York..he wanted to shoot Moharam in Mumbai and we became close almost family , my wife kids all took a liking to this Man who was rekindling the flame of Ghame Hussain with his pictures in the West.

Glenn shot the Kurla juloos 2008 and the Mumbai Chehlum too.

He climbed the Malangad , the first American to shoot the Holy Shrine and the Hijras along with me.

He was not a great fan of Flickr those early days but allowed me to showcase his pictures at my Flickr photostream, it was a great honor for me , it has garnered over 3000 views from 656 images.

I wrote poems on most of his pictures as I was able to understand the metaphor of his shots and the essence of street pain..

We are very close perhaps he is my only friend , my mentor and Guru of my 3 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir who shoots with a Nikon D 80 which Glenn gifted to her as a Hanukkah present..

Glenn is an American Jew I am a Indian born Shia.. hardly matter he is lyricist I am a poet of sorts..

About Dr Glenn Losack MD

A physician, psychiatrist, musician/composer, world traveler, seasoned/award winning photographer, international medical lecturer, charity worker, cynical, sardonic, wry, usually pessimistic and a great lover of Indian food, Guinness and the Beatles. After 15 years on the couch & headed for his second couch he is still nonplussed about this absurd,preposterous,cockamamie life we all lead. Home base is in the East Village of Manhatten ( where else?), when he is stateside.

Realizing life is short & getting shorter, wanting more than "just being a doctor" making money and living in a fish bowl, like his colleagues, Dr. Losack semi-retired from his medical practice at the ripe old age of forty to pursue his true passions: Circling the globe many times east and westward,living a good part of the year in the third world, and doing things his colleagues say they 'will do' but never do.

He considers himself lucky to have travelled in over 50 nations but is honored & humbled to have had the experience of photographing India and other third world nations thousands of years old.

Now he has his own Flickr presence

MTNL Broadband The Most Fucked Experience of a Life Time

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My net is giving me
sleepless nights
i have nightmares
the moment
i switch of the lights
internet wires of
doom and gloom
with my bloggers
terrestrial soul fight
black becomes gray
gray becomes white
my soul spectral bright
up close up tight
gm saab mr tewary
on a month half leave
my net my sorrow in flight
my pain my despair
my poetic plight

Some Dreams Die Before They Are Born

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Mr. Garry Moore.

My associate has helped me to send your first payment
of $7,500 USD to you as instructed by Mr. David Cameron
the United Kingdom prime minister after the last G20
meeting that was held in United Kingdom, making you one
of the beneficiaries. Here is the information below.

MTCN Numbers: 6096147516
Sender First Name Is = Johannes
Second Name = Davis

I told him to keep sending you $7,500 USD twice a week
until the FULL payment of ($820000.00 United State Dollars)
is completed.

A certificate will be made to change the Receiver Name as
stated by the British prime minister, send your Full Names
and address via Email to: Mr Garry Moore

You cannot pickup the money until the certificate is issued to you.

Mr. Garry Moore.

dear mr gary moore
you are bent on
rubbing salt
on my wounds
well that
i am in debt
broke very poor
but honest
sincere pure
your money
is a prevention
but the poetry
of pain a deleted
dream wont cure
i am sure
why are you
trying to con
a beggar poet
with your fucked
overtures allure
i have already
been conned
in love
by a young lady
cute pretty demure
that i hopelessly
sucker poems
of love and delusion
my pain
sanity endure
you cannot
be my savior
are you a Nigerian
by the way
hiding from
the law at
mira road
selling me
dreams of grandeur
come on be frank
dont be so fucked
in love
a witless
a poet
no more
cock sure
she my
fairy princess
seeing me broke
returned to
her ex lover
took a swift
her rosy cheeks
her body made
of velour
she is safe
sound secure
as for me
in cow shit
cow dung
rich manure
nothing but pain
i have to buy
in order to procure
that keeps me alive
my dysfunctional
love labor lost
time and tenure
do send me
the certificate
your company's

The End of My Chemical Romance

10 Apr 11, 3.11AM PDT

i will
never disrespect you

never 'never never

10 Apr 11, 2.29AM PDT

please forgive me being human i got carried away..

Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
Be silent.

khuda hafiz

PLEASE Please Please Please Please Please Please dont say sorry

I AM SORRY :(( I seriouly am feeling so so bad


i blew it
the mirror
as it gave me
a glance
was it
my chaotic
an aborted
a deleted
dream '
that collapsed
as i furtively
the souls
last defiance
a failing stance
a crumbling
in the soul
of my poetry
her protruding
lance a wishful
on a vast expanse
my last gasp
of breath
end of my
chemical romance
beggar poet
a cosmic trance
from the fire
in my mind
a posthumous

Dard Aur Saza

pain and punishment

10 Apr 11, 3.10AM PDT

you are a pathan
you guys are volatile
it is the sacred beauty of your race

time and space

the end of a chemical romance

this will be my next poem
i have blanks instead of words

my demons
i fight every
dying night
the soul
of early
morning light
gives way
to white
a bubble
that burst
in mid flight
as it fell
on the soul
of my poetry
from great height
out of mind
but not out of sight

Why Do Poets In Love End Up This Way

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on the soul
of humanity
a price
they pay
she came
she saw
she went
his muse
was more
they say
she was
the life
of his poetry
but not
his word play
she was gilded
a pearl in an oyster
he was nothing
but a broken pot of clay
fate threw him out on the roads
by the way he tried to slit his wrist
hung himself from a tree tried
to drown himself but death spurned
him like a leper all the way
he would have saved this ignominy
if if only he had been born gay
making love to his own kind in the hay
but he was in love with a woman ..
who accidentally fucked him so to say

Because MTNL Broadband GM Mr Tewary Is On One And a Half Month Leave My Internet Problems Wont Be Solved

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I am plagued with a faulty WIFI MTNL Broadband connection innumerable complaints open letters on the internet to Mr Tewary GM MTNL Broadband has not helped firstly because erstwhile GM saab is on a month and a half leave and he or his staff dont surf the net at all.

So I keep sending messages for help to Mr Shyam Sundarji Mr Jony Saab Div Engineers MTNL Broadband St Martins Road Bandra. but they too have been helpless in resolving my continuous constant internet problem erratic fluctuating connection that causes my page to disappear and my upload crash.

So I have a faulty weekend ahead of me thanks to MTNL Broadband Nightmare on Demand.

Thank You Bhai Facebook Pe Update Ka Shukriya

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Now whatever you think or dont think about Marc Zuckerburg he too is a poet in love , its his love that seminally splurted out Facebook on the soul of cyberspace and Facebook is horrendously larger than life Google Yahoo or Microsoft or all three put together.

What you post on Facebook ends up on Google search has nothing to do with this blog..

But my lover goat is product of good parentage he knows I have blogged his story on Flickr but it will be read by the world on Facebook..

So to thank me my unique lover Goat from Bandra slums sung his favorite number to appease my soul too

ye maanaa main kisi qaabil nahin hoon in nigaahon mein
ye maanaa main kisi qaabil nahin hoon in nigaahon mein
buraa kyaa hai agar, ye dukh ye hairaani mujhe de do
buraa kyaa hai agar, ye dukh ye hairaani mujhe de do

tum apnaa ranzo-o-gham, apni pareshaani mujhe de do
tumhen gham ki qasam, is dil ki veeraani mujhe de do
tumhen gham ki qasam, is dil ki veeraani mujhe de do

He knows the power of a Facebook update on the wall of doom and despair..he was on Facebook under a pseudonym , but was duly deleted blocked forever...and even unborn children even those out of wedlock send me friend requests dont laugh this is a fact...

So a blog encapsulates another mans pain as your own pain , even if it is a male goat , a love sick goat..male menopause has nothing to do with it being in love is what makes death all the more sweeter when it comes.. death is neither male no female death is androgynous on the soul of man or goat too..

And even if a goat is castrated can any one stop him for not falling in love with a spectra beauty of a blue eyed goat.

The Singing Goat of Bandra

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Now please dont laugh or ridicule the nature of this unique goat ,he is a sacrificial goat with limited time for love or domesticity , he is neither a Sunni nor a Shia but yes in a way because of his karma you can call him a proxy Muslim goat.

He is in love with the neighbors blue eyed goat , but she is a cock teaser no pun intended , she is enamored by another goat a more virile horny furry goat.. from the mountains.

Our goat is Mumbai born a pucca romantic , he tries to serenade her with old Hindi songs, and he tries his level best to woo her passionately and methodically but there is no method to love , he is old as compared to the female goat he is in love with , but love is immortal it sees no age no such does not mean because you love you will be loved but being in love even before the butchers blade ends the poetry of his the beauty of primal love..

And mind you this goats love has nothing to do with sex or copulation angels in love dont fuck at all they consummate love through the poetry of this goat inspires me , he adds a dimension to my own pariah life of a pedestrian poet sucked in the poetic soil of mediocrity..

And I shot him on a day when this singing goat was having a bad day a very bad day, the younger goat respects him calls him Sir.. but she is in love with the other goat..a candle kind wick at both ends..and mind you whether you take my piece as a satire or an allegory or a funereal message of love this is a hawkish mawkish macabre tragic one sided doomed deleted love story..

The song he is singing touched me it is an old number ...Na Ro Ae Dil Kahin Rone Se Taqdeerein Badalti Hai from Udan Khaola..

The other song he sings and makes me more sadder is this

wo dil jo maine maangaa thaa magar gairon ne paayaa thaa
wo dil jo maine maangaa thaa magar gairon ne paayaa thaa
badi shai hai agar, uski pashemaani mujhe de do
badi shai hai agar, uski pashemaani mujhe de do
tum apnaa ranzo-o-gham, apni pareshaani mujhe de do

Now what hits me hard on my propitious testicular tragedy is that he is going to be slaughtered on Bakra Idd he is a Dulha in waiting for the butchers blade , death is imminent and I am going to shoot his last moments come what may , I will rush from the Bandra Station namaz just in time barefeet and see him give himself up on the altar of religiosity , to appease the soul of those who nurtured him cared for him who will sacrifice him for the greater glory of God..

I have requested the family in polite terms not to send this lovers goat meat to my house.. I cant imagine having him as Biryani no way..

So this is the story of a sucker goat lost love and delusion...the next picture he thanks me for writing these few lines about him , we share similar pain pathos and poetry has nothing to with our cosmic fate I die everyday..simply because poets die every day before they are reborn the following day on Facebook.

The Slumdog Caterer Ikbal Bhai

He makes terrific stuff , unlike other bhatyari guys he cooks himself, his stuff is ordered by up end restaurants and hotels too.

He makes Hyderabadi Dum Biryani , Moghlai Chinese and vegetarian stuff .. because I shoot him he allows me to sample his stuffs , he will give me a kebas or a packet of biryani once in a while I have no clue whether he will ever see his pictures on the net..but he is dream merchant hard work grit and determination..and most of the caterers or bhatyaris are from the same village in the North.

They have adjusted themselves comfortably to Mumbai life and most of the bhatyarris are Sunni Muslims.. one of my Shia friends has married a bhatyaris daughter a quirk of fate , he was not happy with the match but he had to give in.. the boys is excellent loving and a devout Shia his wife has converted to Shiasm too..