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Shri Eknath Shinde Shiv Sena Leader At Malangad For Durga Arti

Holistic Healer Abdul Bawa Of Haji Malang

Marc And I Are Both Dam Madar Malangs With Kumar Ketkar Hindu Khadim Of Haji Malang

The Horn Blowing Malang - Haji Malang

Once The Funicular Comes To Haji Malang The Palki Carriers Will Be History

A funicular, also known as an inclined plane or cliff railway, is a cable railway in which a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope; the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalance each other.

The basic idea of funicular operation is that two cars are always attached to each other by a cable, which runs through a pulley at the top of the slope. Counterbalancing of the two cars, with one going up and one going down, minimizes the energy needed to lift the car going up. Winching is normally done by an electric drive that turns the pulley. Sheave wheels guide the cable to and from the drive mechanism and the slope cars.

Bottom towrope[edit source | editbeta]
The cars can be attached to a second cable running through a pulley at the bottom of the incline in case the gravity force acting on the vehicles is too low to operate them on the slope. One of the pulleys must be designed as a tensioning wheel to avoid slack in the ropes. In this case, the winching can also be done at the lower end of the incline. This practice is used for funiculars with gradients below 6%, funiculars using sledges instead of cars, or any other case where it is not ensured that the descending car is always able to pull out the cable from the pulley in the station on the top of the incline.[2]
Gravity plane[edit source | editbeta]
Funiculars used in mines were sometimes unpowered gravity planes, also known as self-acting inclines or brake inclines. The weight of descending loaded wagons was used to pull the empty mine wagons.[4]


At the moment the palki carriers charge exorbitant rates which is paid by the rich and the very rich hijra gurus , too old to climb the Malangad mountains..

The rate can be from 4000 to 7000 one way I am told but it is a tough job mind you , and if you have the money than this is the only way to reach the Haji Malang Holy shrine as there is no motor able road to the top.

It takes me over 3 hours to reach the top as I tire easily ,being a asthmatic and a diabetic too and I climb and come down the mountains barefeet..

I Climb Up This Mountain Barefeet...

my tryst
with destiny
a holy saint
i entreat
haji malang
baba i meet
a long trek
over rocky
i wont retreat
diabetic barefeet
with his blessings
flesh becomes
concrete ..the spirit
over zealously upbeat
the hijras clap their
hands shout out
greet ..o malang
pray for us at his
court they repeat
moment i capture
on the emulsion
of the cameras soul
even time or tide
cannot delete ..

humility the essence
of my poetry ..
trampling conceit
my ego died a long
time back..arduous
human my feat..

Dam Madar Beda Par

dam madar
beda par
do pairon
par sawar
haji malang
ka intizar
apni badkismati
ke sirf ham hain
zimmedar ,,malang
baba ka ashiwad
ek nayi tandurusti
ek nayi umang
ek naya auzar
bure waqt se
hoshiyar ..
jeet hi jeet door
bhag gayi har
ek nayi raftar
unka karam
unka pyar
na koie nirash
na koie bimar
choo lein toh
beda par
beda par

Haji Malang Holy Shrine ... 2013

Haji Malang (Thane) Haji Malang, is a 300 year old dargah at Kalyan, in Mumbai, where Baba Abdur Rehman Malang has been buried. Malang was a Sufi saint who came to India in the 12th century AD from the middle east. Haji Malang, in true syncretic tradition, was one of the few dargahs where a Hindu vahivatdar (traditional priest from the Hindu Karandekar family) and a Muslim mutavalli (claiming to be distant kin of the saint), had both been officiating at religious rituals.

Haji Malang Urus Palki .. 2013

Marc Malang At Haji Malang Urus 2013

Haji Malang Urus .. Palki 2013

Was It The Camera Or My Dress.. With A Smile She Expressed

a tribal girl
of haji malang
simple means
simple hope
no stress
when her
time comes
her parents
will get her
to a farmers
help a shepherd
in the same
locality no
change of
gold plated
a nice 9 yard
saree her
bridal dress
soon god will
be kind a nice
mulga he will
bless domesticity
simple life
yes yes yes

Life Is A Journey Into Time And Space ,,

Life Is A Journey Into Time And Space ,, by firoze shakir photographerno1

trudging along 
i lost the race 
tired of this 
long winding 
chase ..at 
my legs weak 
not in pace 
the lift broke 
down 5 floors 
i walk up down
the staircase 
gasping for 
white faced 
the residents 
all broke 
the lift wont 
my adopted 
city as my 
karmic bhoomi 
i embraced 
mumbai now
my children
grand childrens
a path 
the grave 
i trace 
hope died 
in its sleep 
my destiny 
under the 
i retrace 
in the 


Once Upon A Time At Behrampada ,,, After The Fire Memory

My 99001 Tweet .. Fire At Garib Nagar Bandra East - A Memory

Garib Nagar Fire in The Slums Bandra East

When Garib Nagar Went Up In Flames ...

Once Upon A Time At Garib Nagar ..

Fire At The Garib Nagar Slums Bandra East

Rubina Ali Slum Dog Millionaire Star ..Garib Nagar Fire Bandra East

I hate shooting fires disasters , and even if I shoot it is the following day after the fire or disaster , as I feel and this is my personal view it is more important helping them them than merely shooting pictures ..it is tragic to see people lose everything .

I shot the aftermath of the Behrampada fire , the aftermath of Garib Nagar fire I shot the rebuilding too , the pain the pathos and the poetry of life .

I shot the recent fire at Lal Mitti slums as it was close to my house ..

So I deliberately did not go and shoot the Afzal Mansion collapse at Mahim.. though I visit Mahim regularly and my heart goes out to Mr Rizwan Merchant whom I respect and hold in the highest esteem , he lost his family members .. and it is a irreparable loss of a lifetime.

As a street photographer one has to moderate ones vision before you shoot pictures , I believe my pictures should not hurt people , and distort facts ..here I shot Rubina because despite losing her house she had courage a smile on her face in time of adversity ,, and she was one with the people she lived with.

The Garib Nagar and Behrampada sets are reluctant photo assignments ,,it was sad disheartening shooting all this , but I shoot document hope in the slums ,,,

The Most Famous Lal Mitti - Bandra Reclamation Slums

The land mass here is slums slums slums and this is the precious vote bank, predominantly Muslims , and mind you there vote matters , they can make you win or lose even by 1600 votes ,,,I am sure Advocate Ashish Shelarji wont forget that if he stands for elections this time ..this is the power of politics , every politician nurtures them , and he does it through his chamchas , his hang ons , and it is a state of survival..the living conditions here are downcast misery , two fires but life goes on , more slums keep coming up, under the nose of the cops , and you dont mess with the vote bank.. Mumbai is better than a transfer to Gadchiroli..

Now at the moment there is quietude , lassitude but come elections freebies , money will change hands and election time is great photography time too,.

Once Upon A Time In Slumbai - Mumbai

This is Four Bungalows ,and the slums is sitting on prime land behind DN Nagar Police station.. this was shot many years back.. perhaps there are buildings there now , ironically it is the poor mans slum that gives way to a rich mans condominium ...most of the towers barring those on mill lands are built on slums ..the builder lobby and the politician patronage the mafia element housing bureaucracy profit in the end..

Yeh Safar Bahut Hai Kathin magar, na udaas ho mere humsafar

O Jaanewale Ho Sake Toh Laut Ke Ana .. Gone With The Winds

Once They Paid Homage To Lalbagh Chya Raja When He Passed This Way ..

Now they are all gone this stretch at Byculla has been completely demolished both sides of the road..they were the Agris migrant Kathiwadis and Gujrati scarp dealers many I knew personally as they came to the Kamatipura flea market and Chor Bazar on Fridays .. all gone only a deathly funereal silence prevails ..

Once Upon A Time In Slumbai - No Dobara

This is a set of pictures I shot of life in the slums , mostly from the cab,and the sad part is you cannot shoot this again , or bring this back to life unless you are duplicating a film set ..as this entire stretch of illegal slums has been demolished , one day the tractors came along with the bulldozers and dreams died young..some may have got relocated , but it is worse than a natural disaster , and most of them slums were allowed to proliferate by the authorities themselves , when they came up no action was taken as allegedly money changed hands in the form of protection charges to the local hoodlums mafia and the cops and municipality...the corruption exists in the soul of our ethos and even a million Anna Hazares or Arvind Kejriwals can never remove it ..bribe is the essence of life lived on the edge..
I have documented a lot of these slums , I have documented fire in the slums at Behrampada Garib Nagar Bandra East .. and the Nargis Dutt slums recently.

When an extension is made in the slums , eveyone is paid , and everyone knows about it including the neighbors public..and corruption sadly is part of political patronage , most of the chamchas , supporters of local political bigwigs end up getting free housing perks for services rendered , the malaise extends to burning down slums to grab land and it is not part of my documentary or social agenda , I am a street photographer my genre is pain .. within and out .. but it saddens me nothing has changed in our country even after 67 years of Independence ..we are slaves even today , shackles on our souls and the saddest part is crime incest in the slums , the recent case of a grandfather raping his 3 and a half year old daughter hit me real hard .. where are we heading , living in cramped quarters , no privacy, adults young all living in a single room anything can happen..

I live close to slums and I shoot the upper layer of pain , happiness , I shoot their feasts , marriages ,and the pictures of the Arun Gawli stretch of slums near Byculla pains me , they have disappeared but a few strive to re build again , defiance is the key , and after losing it all what more can you lose.

There are a lot of slums Dharavi , and shooting it during the Ganesha festival , when hospitality is god , is the time to see how they host Lord Ganesha , in their tiny pigeon hole cubicles the love for this endearing deity , and the discipline required to host him is what dreams are made up of in Slumbai.Mumbai.

Mind you rich people live in slums too much happier than the middle class denizen in his flat or apartment and he lives happily comfortably and when a builder eyes his space , at times he strikes gold like the slum dwellers of Bharat Nagar in Bandra East who a few have bought houses worth more than a crore in Bandra West.. what more can I say..I am a picture man and a poet so long boring pretentious thesis is not me , but this explanation is nothing but an Introduction ..to the slums of Mumbai.

Nerjis Asif Shakir Feeds Me

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

jesus holds you by the hand
leads you across ...he is
life resurrection
hope on the cross
being human
essence - ethos

Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 Year Old Learnt Charity On The Streets..

she knows
even with
Rs 12
the poor
on the streets
will get nothing
to eat ..no dal
no misal no usal
forget chicken
or meat..but
than our
with foot in
the mouth
should give
a common exam
licence for politicians
essential before
they graduate
compete ...politics
too has become
a bussiness .
i repeat ,,
con and cheat
buy votes
gather power
victory is
greater than
defeat ..

this poem
by a tweet

Fishing Nets Carter Road

Waterfront - Carter Road Bandra

For My Grand Children A Visit To Mr Rajesh Khannas House Is a Pilgrimage And A Blessing- Ashirwad

Nerjis now 2 year old remembers Kakaji by name and calls him Uncle Rajesh Khanna , and Nerjis learnt to walk in Mr Rajesh Khannas house with his blessings ,,,

Marziya now 5 visited Mr Rajesh Khanna with me more often , and whenever Kakaji was depressed or felt lonely he would ask Bala to call me and make sure I bought Marziya and Nerjis.

He gave them chocolates talked to them , and would be transported in a different world , so whenever I take the kids to Carter Road a visit to Bala is a must.. and both are very fond of him.

This was shot last year on Independence Day..

On World Photography Day I Pay Tribute To Urchins Beggars ..Who Helped Me Become Humble As A Photographer

I am a street photographer and my indulgence is pain , on the street and in the heart and souls of people I shoot , I came into photography very late in life but a short stint in the 80s with Mudra Communications Court House Dhobi Talao ,rubbed off the emulsion of photography on me .. I never can imagine I would ever become a photographer , photography those days was tough , painstaking I think, but I had the opportunity working as a co ordinator for the Vimal suiting campaigns as a stylist and so the Kabir Bedi shoot with Mr Suresh Sheth was a great experience at the Taj Mahal Agra , it was to be shot by Pablo Bartholomew , but Pablo got busy with his photo journalism.

I met a lot of great photographers and would not like to name drop, but a few helped me a lot , late Suresh Cordo, Mr SS Oberoi Daulat Building Post Office Colaba, Nadish Naorojee , Adrian Stephen , Chin Win Lee , Pankaj Shah Urmilla Deshpande ,Shantanu Sheorey and many others ..

I left Mudra came back to my own field and than met Mr Shreekath Malushte who taught me basic photography , joined PSI Mumbai met my next guru late Mr BWJatkar and than my ultimate guru Mr KG Maheshwari.

I met Mr Girish Mistry Vinay Parelkar , Mr Panje , Mr Jothady , Bhupesh Little Anil Risal Singh and many others than came the Internet blogging and I got another Guru Dr Glenn Losack and I began shooting beggars and their poetry of life ..

Flickr has been my school , my college of photography, it groomed me gave me shape form and poetic dimension , and today I am a hardcore fan of Ms Marissa Mayer of Yahoo.. who has revived Flickr in more ways than one.

I met some great photographers on Flickr and seeing their pictures made me student all over again , and all they gave me I gave and nurtured my grand daughters Marziya Shakir now 5 shoots on Canon EOS 7D and 2 year old Nerjis Asif Shakir with my help in holding the camera shoots on Canon EOS 60D .. Zinnia Fatima 21 month old my third grand daughter can shoot too with my help..

My wife my sons my daughter all are good with the camera .. it is an integral part of our familys ethos ,, it gave us hope peace harmony .. it has not given us money does not matter , we are amateur photo lovers ..

So once again Happy World Photography Day to all of you ..
I learnt photography through some great photo journalists too I have mentioned Pablo my dear friend , Mukesh Parpiani, Anil Bhartiya , Gautam Singh , KK Suresh , Nitin Sonawane , Satish Malavade , Gautam Dada Sahara Samay.. to name a few ..

My nephew is a famous hotshot Reuters photographer Adnan Abidi.. an excellent human being and a loving person...If I have forgotten somebody please forgive me I am a diabetic and my memory is in very bad shape.. I am still learning from all of you my friends on Flickr ..

#WeStandBySalmanKhan..Because He Stands Supports The Poor Slum Dwellers Of Bandra East And West

The Death Of Our Mangroves Off Carter Road Bandra

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

Carter Road Dhobi Ghat ..Ladki Ko Rocks Par Lejane Ka Rs 1200 Fine Aur Dat

kam karte karte
agar high tide
agayi toh lag
gayi puri wat
in the deep sea
with the devil
you are caught
adhe adhure
shot ..camera
bhig gaya ..
broken heart
agar bach gaye
toh phir re start
love is an ocean
orgiastic waves
only a poetic part

ladki bholi
ladka chalu

Freedom from hair fall worries

his final
will come
when he
is buried
from the
of this
the corrupt
govern make
break the rules
our country lead
ask not what
you want but
what our leaders
need .. more
malls colleges
hospitals hotels
oil fields
sand mining
free petrol
more lust
more power
more greed
this election
more crooks
the parties
will field
a new crop
better returns
in the coffers
yield ..the
law with a
is there
to shield
hurt get

The Children Of The Flag...On 26 January Our Republic Day They Will Be Back..

dirty disheveled
in rags ..selling
hope some more
flags ..their
fathers drunkards
mother old hags
a constant children
machinery ..more
children to tag